This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 113 – Quest from Sage-san

Sage-san, who had entered first, was staring intently at the notes that had been scattered all around.

The ancient magic language was so difficult that I couldn’t read it at all, but I pretended to read as if I understood it all and picked up the next one.

“It’s not finished… Oh my god…”

After reading most of the notes, Sage-san was disappointed.

The one that was attached to that medical kit was also a failure.

“Hey Mac, do you have any of those books around here?”

“I have them. Should I have not brought them out?”

I wondered if it was a bad idea after all, so I asked Sage-san, but he shook his head, “No, let’s take what we can. This is one of the places I was looking for. However, since it hasn’t been completed yet, it doesn’t mean much.”

“Is it a resuscitation drug?”


I guessed Sage-san also had someone important that he wanted to revive.

Let’s hope we can get the perfect resuscitation medicine.

“Hey, Mac. That diary, can I keep it for a while?”

Sage-san gathered all the notes and held them in his hands, then looked back at me as he lit them on fire.

Wait, was it okay to burn them?!

As I stared blankly at the paper burning to ashes in Sage-san’s hands, his lips lifted up.

“As expected, if I release those notes to the world, they could be misused, so I’m going to get rid of them.”

“Oh, I’ve got the books, the medical kit, and the equipment here.” 

“I think it’s alright for you to keep them, Mac. You can use them, can’t you? You can put them to good use, and I will make use of this diary. I might ask you to show me the books you found here from time to time, is that okay?”

“Yes. Is it okay if it’s at Crash’s store?”

“Yes, please.”

The wooden frame built into the wall was also burned, and even the desk was set on fire and reduced to ashes. He even burned the chest.

He had Crash carry anything that could be taken back. Sage-san really was like a father.

When the hidden room was completely empty, Sage-san overwrote the magic circle that appeared through detection by placing his own magic circle on top of it. Ah, it was Sage-san’s circle that appeared when I used my detection again.

“Well then. Let’s go. Grab on, the three of you.”

After saying that, he held out his arm to us, and when we grabbed it firmly, the scenery changed in an instant. The movement of the landscape is too hectic today.

When we teleported to the familiar sight of Crash’s shop, I immediately took out the [ Old Books ] and put them on the counter.

“Crash, is there a place where you can keep these? If Crash has them, Sage-san would be able to read them whenever.”

“Oh, you have a point. Let’s clear a shelf in the back room. You can also come in and read whenever you want.”

Crash looked to the back door as he picked up the stack of books.

I was thankful, but like the diary, I could barely read them. It was like when someone who can’t read kanji but can read hiragana reads it. Let’s raise that level by reading lots of the ancient magical language.

Sage-san, who had glanced around and peeked at the stack of books, called out, “Ah, hey, Mac.”

“If you can find the recipe for this resuscitation potion, could you please make one for me?”

Along with Sage-san’s voice, the quest column flashed brightly.

H-huh? Why did I feel like I’d been asked to do something very important just now?

A request so important that it became a quest.

I was sure that I still lacked the personal level, job level, and everything else to be able to make the resuscitation potion.

Even if you brought me the recipe right away, I felt like I couldn’t even gather the ingredients for it.

“I… don’t have the skill or the strength to make it.”

My heart was pounding as I spoke, and Sage-san narrowed his eyes and smiled. It was a face that said he already knew.

“I’ve been collecting clear orbs for a long time. That’s because having 7 of them is really important. But even now, after 15 years of searching, I have only collected 4. It was only after the foreigners came here that I was able to start getting clear orbs. I’m not in a rush. There’s still a lot of time. That’s why, someday. I’m hoping that when I’ve collected 7 clear orbs, you’ll be strong enough to make one. Even if I had you make it right away, it would be too much for you to handle.”

Sage-san shrugged his shoulders, and his gentle smile made me think that there was probably someone floating in his mind that he wanted to revive.

“I understand. Until then, I will do my best to improve my skills.”

My pharmacist level, alchemy level, and personal level as well. I wanted to increase my strength to the point where I could go to the elf village to collect materials by myself.

“Anyway, you’ve been collecting them for 15 years… Sage-san, have you been diving into dungeons since you were that young…? Eh, wait, the strongest toddler?”

The moment I muttered that out of curiosity, the three of them burst out laughing at the same time.

Sage-san teleported away with the diary in his hand while still laughing.

Emily was laughing so hard that she was having a hard time recovering, and Crash burst into laughter whenever he remembered it, so I was so mortified that I fled out of Crash’s shop.

With that in mind, I decided to go to the guild and accept the bird’s nest removal job. I wanted to be a part of it. Still, I wouldn’t be able to see the chicks. Because I couldn’t go to the Bluetail’s place anymore. I wanted to see the chicks. They were definitely going to be cute.

When I was leisurely walking to the adventurer’s guild, for some reason there was a crowd of people. As I got closer, there were so many people that I couldn’t fit into the adventurer’s guild.

I asked an old man running a food stall nearby, “What’s all the fuss about?” The old man turned to me in surprise the moment I called out to him.

“What’s this, boy? You missed it. Everyone came to register for nest removal, trying to get lucky with the bluetails.”

“To get lucky…?”

“Yea. Have you ever heard that the bluetail is a bird that brings good luck?”

“Oh, yes.”

When I answered, the old man explained carefully.

“Bluetails usually leave their feathers in their nests. That feather has the effect of increasing luck. If you get lucky while removing the nest, you can get some feathers. Also, the reward is quite good. It’s a popular job. So there might be no space available anymore.”

“Is that so?”

I guessed it couldn’t be helped if the job slots were full.

I gave up, bought two skewers from the food stall, and returned to the workshop without registering.

Then, I opened my quest tab.

“Huh? Did I accept 3 quests?”

There were three unfinished quests, so I tilted my head and opened the details.

One was the Prime Minister’s quest.

And on top of Sage-san’s quest in question, there was another quest that hadn’t been opened.

“『【NEW】Bluetail Nest Removal Work

A rare species of bluetail has built a nest in a waterfall in the upper Mezzo Valley.

After the chicks hatch and leave the nest, remove the nest to restore the water level in the valley.

Clear reward: LUCK value plus correction, Bluetail Feather, 3 days worth of free tickets to the Adventurer’s Guild cafeteria (1 drink per meal x 3 days, including 9 drinks worth of drinks, equivalent for minors)

Quest failure: Not involved in removal work, no LUCK value correction. 』”

When I opened the quest, I found out that it was the nest removal job. Eh, was it okay even if I didn’t register?

Looking at the quest failure column, it seemed like if I wasn’t involved in the removal work, someone else would have removed it. I wondered if this appeared in the quest section of the people who were there.

The specifications were such that there was no harm even if you didn’t get involved. On the other hand, I guessed it felt like your luck would increase if you got involved. Let’s get actively involved. I also wanted to raise my luck level. I wanted the LUCK value for both Vidello-san and me. Was that greedy?

Then, when I opened the most important quest from Sage-san.

“『【NEW】Let’s Refine the Resuscitation Potion

A fragment of a recipe for a resuscitation potion was found.

Connect the pieces one by one and use them to create a “Resurrection Potion” and use it on someone who needs it!

Clear reward: “The Principles of the World” Alchemist, Permanent Peace of the World, The Study of Time

Quest Failure: Resuscitate Refinement Recipe Not Obtained, State of Resuscitation Needed, Alchemist Disappearance, Demon Resurrection, Complete Disappearance of Time 』”

As I read it, I couldn’t help but gulp.

Wait, this was a very important quest.

But, there was no deadline set and it was still grayed out.

Then, as a polite note, it said, [ You cannot accept this quest yet. ]

I wondered if it would turn white when I reached a level where I could accept it. I guessed the fact that it was in my quest section meant that I should do my best to reach this goal.

Would this be too much for me to handle alone? But making full use of what you can meant that it wasn’t just medicine, but also alchemy. It also meant that there was more than one recipe. When it came to the fragments, you had to get a lot of them. And I hadn’t gotten one yet. I guess that’s why Sage-san traveled around.

I couldn’t help but sigh at how the story had progressed.

At times like this, I really wanted to talk to Yuuta. He was logged in now. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be able to meet up with him, so it was probably a good idea to ask him to log out.

I closed the quest tab and opened a chat.

After taking a deep breath, I sent Yuuta a message asking him to log out if possible.

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lol? With just one quest he has the fate of the world and all living beings (not yet) in his hands x’D

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)