This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 063 – Working Together

After putting on pants, Vidello-san scooped me up after I had collapsed on the floor from seeing my own reflection in the mirror. 

Oh, I’m being carried like a princess! But then again, when I looked back in the mirror, we looked like a father carrying his sleeping child to bed. 


Vidello-san carried me to the table since I still hadn’t snapped out of the shock I was in. 

Then, he patted me on the head and put me down on a chair, and huh, wasn’t he already treating me like a child!? 

“Wasn’t there anything about side effects written in the books?” 

He asked, standing beside me while patting my head. I sighed and opened the description column of [ Small Growth Activator ]. 

“…Uhm, it says, ‘Overuse can produce a reverse effect’…”

“It looks like that’s it.”

While I was reading the description in a dumbfounded manner, Vidello-san nodded as if he was convinced. 

But if it was a reverse effect, anyone would imagine plants withered away or their growth stunted!

And yet, I’m back to my young self!

It’s true about the reverse effect, though!!

I plopped down on the table and shouted my thoughts out loud. 

“I thought I could have a great time with you after so long, but this! How did it end up like this?” 

All of my murmuring and frustration came out like that of a grade schooler’s voice and this hurt me even more.

Then, Vidello-san laughed cheerfully. 

“Love isn’t all about physical contact. Let me have my fill of the young you today. We won’t have many opportunities like this in the future.”

“But I don’t want to go out looking like this. If it’s about the things I can do right now, there’s…!”

And I suddenly remembered something. 

There’s that piera tart recipe Tream-san taught me. 

Anyway, I can’t go out, but that doesn’t mean I can’t flirt with him either. 

“Maybe today’s the day I can raise my cooking level.”

I already had someone who would taste my food standing beside me.

When I looked up at him, he patted my head saying, “Now, that’s my Mac.”

I opened the recipe and took out the ingredients from both the storehouse and my inventory. 

Then, I put them all on the table and looked up the instructions.

I made him carry a bowl and a whisk and now we’re set. 

I stood up on the chair and looked at Vidello-san. 

Even when I stood up on a chair, I still had to look up at him. 

I’m now wearing a shirt, having given up on wearing trousers. A shirt looked like a dress on me and I don’t know how many times I had to roll up my sleeves, but there was a thick layer of material above both elbows. And this shirt… this wasn’t Vidello-san’s, but mine, so it’s making me more self-conscious of the changes and… damn. 

Anyway, I pulled myself together and picked up the knife. 

“Vidello-san, put this honey in and stir it until it becomes white and creamy.” 

“Yes, sir. Ah, I’ll handle the knife.”

“I can do it! I’m fine! I’m not a child!”

“But you’re a child right now.”

Every time I asked him for something, he patted my head and the moment I held a knife he had that worried look, so I’m all but a little child in his eyes right now. 

I know that it can’t be helped with me looking like this.

Furthermore, if someone were to look at us from the side, we’re like a perfect picture of a father and a child during a cooking lesson. The teacher was a child, though. Are we fine like this?!

But it’s a bit fun! No, it’s not a bit, it’s quite fun to do this kind of work together with Vidello-san! 

Am I really fine with this?!

Setting aside all my troublesome thoughts, the piera tart was near completion and all that remained was to bake it in the oven. 

There were events like when I tried to adjust the heat, he stopped me and did it in my stead, but all in all, we managed to safely make the piera tart and it was now displayed in full glory before our eyes with its freshly baked, delicious aroma. 

“It’s amazing. We really made it.”

“Yes. It looks really delicious.” 

“Yep… I’m so happy to be able to make something together with you.” 

I don’t think I’ll be able to recreate the same taste I once had at Sette’s plantation. 

But the fact that we were making something together brought me joy. 

To celebrate our success, let’s appraise it a bit. 

[ Piera Fruit Tart 

A tart carefully made using piera fruit. 

Eating it will increase your health. 

Max HP +5

Dexterity +10

Luck +3 ] 


I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

I’ve never seen an item that can increase maximum HP. I’ve seen players increase their HP by changing equipment or raising their level, but I’ve never heard of increasing HP by consuming items. I guess this is because my cooking skill level rose to a high level and, unlike my alchemy items, this won’t become something I can’t give to others, I hope. Or maybe this is because of the effect of the fruit itself. 

Anyway, it’s a big welcome as long as this will make Vidello-san stronger, so I’m gonna make him eat a lot. 

I cut the tart into four pieces, took a piece for myself, and put the rest in front of Vidello-san. Then, he nodded as if he understood. 

“You want me to feed you saying, ‘A—H’, don’t you? You’re so cute, wanting to be spoiled.”

“It’s not like that.”

Somehow, he must be having fun purposely treating me like a child, isn’t he? It’s fine as long as he’s having fun, though. 

We quickly took a bite of the tart facing each other on the table.  

Delicious! It was so delicious!

The taste and aroma, like that of a pear, were so good, and the soft flower-like fragrance of the butter used in the tart complemented the rich taste of the fruit. The addition of honey on top of the fruit made it shine with a gel-like texture and the sight of it was so appetizing. It looked like this was a great success!

All it took was a single bite to make him look this amazed. 

“It really is delicious. Somehow, this feels like it’s giving me strength just by eating it. Mac, you’re gonna become a good wife.”

“Hehehe, am I?”

He might have said it as a joke, but when I gave him back a quick response, he narrowed his eyes laughing happily. 

Looking at his smile, I can’t help but feel that an arrow struck my heart. I truly hope that his happiness-filled smile will last forever. 

I love you so much. ❣️

Holding this wish in my heart, I took my portion of the tart with a fork and gave it to Vidello-san saying, ‘A—H’.

In the end, we parted ways, saying goodbye to each other with me still in my child form. 

He told me not to go outside while I was like this, as I might get caught by those kidnappers, and he turned around to look at me again and again as if he was reluctant to leave me behind. 

Maybe he wasn’t just having fun with me being a kid, but he felt that I really became a kid. 

I used [ Small Growth Activator ], so if the normal effect and side effect had the same duration, I might return back in half a day. 

I couldn’t help but smile when I remembered the worried look on his face when he went back. 

I also didn’t feel like going out looking like this, so I started making potions, fully utilizing the newly added +10 dexterity, replacing some of the potions I used while I was on the mission and then I logged out. 

“Yuuta, I have something to tell you.”

During our lunch break, after I confirmed that no one was around except me, Yuuta, and Masuda on the rooftop, I purposely lowered my voice. When the two of them stopped eating their lunch, I started saying, 

“I got my hands on some awesome fruit in Sette and I made some amazing food with them.”

“Awesome fruit?”

“Never put this info on the bulletin board. Probably, there can only be a few who can get their hands on the fruit, and even if they somehow get the info, it’ll just be an inconvenience to Tream-san.”

When I whispered this info, Yuuta tried to make a joke with a strange face, “Wha?! You, again!”1

“Kengo, how are you able to get all those strange things? There was also this map to the elves’ village.”

“I wonder and I don’t know why either, but rather than that, don’t you want to hear more about it?”

“Kengo-sama, please share with us your wisdom.”

Just as I was about to speak, Yuuta was kowtowing. Next to him, Masuda had a wry smile looking at him.

Satisfied with seeing his kowtow, I quickly started my story. 

“It’s about the tart I made yesterday at my workshop, after eating it, it increased my max HP by 5!” 

The moment I told them that, both of them were making faces like they didn’t understand a single thing I was saying.

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