This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 066 – The Finished Product is Different After All

I received something more amazing than I had expected. 

When I got back to my workshop, I took out [ Sara’s bag ] from my inventory and laid everything out on my desk one by one.

All the items were things I had never seen before. 

I wondered if all these were lying everywhere in the village. 

I’d like to go there…

I took out my alchemy recipe book and checked to see if all these materials were recorded in the book. 

“It’s amazing. Everything is written there.”

Then, my eyes came to a stop at a medicinal soup recipe, where all of the materials required were shown as collected in full and available in my inventory. If I remember right, previously two of its required materials were missing, but it now looked like the list was completed with my newly added Sara-san’s belongings collection.

Let’s try to make it! I need to take this to the magic shop if I successfully make it. 

But first.

I opened the quest column. 

[  Let’s Bring Back the Quick Horse 

The quick horse that was lost in the forest was found again in the desert city.

It’s in his disposition to not accept a new job until he completed a quest he had taken. 

Let’s bring him back to Tre’s adventurer guild to fulfill his mission! 

Clear reward: ???

Quest Failure: A condition in which you couldn’t bring back the quick horse, The guild’s possession of one quick horse loss. 

【Quest Clear】

Able to safely bring back the quick horse to Tre’s adventurer’s guild!

Clear Rank: B

Clear Reward: Sara’s bag ]

Whenever I saw the quest column, it always was reassuring to see the words ‘quest clear’. I then opened a list that had a new notification. 

I noticed Emily-san’s name was recorded in it. 

Now, let’s start making [ Colorful Herbal Soup ].  

I opened the recipe and prepared its materials. 

It looked like a herb called [ Snowforest Herb ], which had leaves like a snowflake, was in the recipe. It said this was for neutralizing its effect, but I don’t think I clearly understand what that means. 

The rest was the materials I made last time and a blackish herb called [ Nanafusa ] from Sara-san’s bag. The herb looked cute, with 7 curves in the stem.1

All these materials were over 15 years old, so I wasn’t sure, but still hoped this would work. This was the only thing I was worried about. 

“For now, let’s try making it.”

I prepared the cauldron, poured my MP into it, and filled it with a transparent liquid. 

I then added the materials one after another and stirred and mixed all of them in the cauldron. 

The cause of the color changes of the liquid must be a special trait of this [ Colorful Herbal Soup ]. But, how did this end up being this horrifying color?

The moment I put in the [ Nanafusa ], the whole pot turned black. But when I finally added [ Snowforest Herb ], the black liquid turned completely transparent. It’s amazing. 

I felt like I had to keep stirring it for a while when it was still transparent, so my full attention was on stirring it. It became transparent so this looked like I went back to square one, but oh wait, I must concentrate, concentrate. I can’t let myself get distracted like this, can I? 

The more I stirred, the more my MP was consumed. But if I stopped my hands here and drank a potion in between, this might end up as a failure, so anyway, I just kept moving my hands. 

When my MP was reduced to around 20%, everything in the cauldron turned green. All right. 

I lifted the cauldron and poured the liquid into a bottle. 

As I was pouring it, I couldn’t help but exclaim my thoughts. 

“Wow, so pretty… so that’s the reason the name has colorful in it.”

Inside the bottle was painted with various spectrums of green color. 

At the bottom, the color was deep green and it kept changing to yellowish green and then to a dark green color. In the middle was a light emerald green color and the more it went up, the color changed to that of a bluish-green, occupying a layer on top of everything. 

Even if I tilted the bottle, this combination of color layers remained the same. It’s amazing. If I poured it into the glass what would happen? Until now, most of my work was incomplete or should I say, almost a failure. 

While admiring this fine product, I was amazed by its effect when I appraised it. 

[ Colorful Herbal Soup 

A medical soup made from several kinds of herbs.

Nullify status abnormalities and strengthen stamina. 

You can enjoy both the looks and its taste. 

Effect: Nullify abnormal status effects for a certain period of time. No stamina reduction for a certain period of time. ]

Nullify abnormal status effects… This definitely meant if I get poisoned, paralyzed, or confused, I wouldn’t be affected by any of it. Wow, I really wanted to mass-produce this. But I only had enough materials to make 5 bottles of this and the process would consume a large chunk of my MP, so it’s difficult. I wish I had more MP…

With this thought lingering in my mind, I gulped down the high-grade MP potions and repeated the whole process again, moving the cauldron.

Now, in my bag, there were four bottles of [ Colorful Herbal Soup ].

Everything was made last night. 

Sadly, one of them failed and all the materials disappeared along with it like a magic trick. I felt so frustrated and regretful. They were such valuable materials… I’m such an idiot! 

When I thought of inviting Vidello-san to go to the magic store in Quattro tomorrow, I mean today, I caused it to fail. After all, I hadn’t improved at all. Look at myself being careless and failing at the very last minute. 

They were all the materials I couldn’t get easily and yet… I couldn’t help but sigh with frustration at myself while walking my way to the gate. 

As I was walking with my head down, distracted by my thoughts, I felt the shock of being hit by something all of a sudden. 

“Wow, I’m sorry! …Vidello-san?”

I bumped into him! I looked up at him in panic and then, I saw my beloved with a troubled expression and his arms supporting me. 

“Mac, I’ve been calling you so many times, but what happened? Are you worried about something?”

“Uhm, yes. I was distracted while walking. I’m sorry. I didn’t notice you calling me at all… I can’t be like this.”

“Just because you bumped into me one time doesn’t mean you can’t be like this. But I’d prefer you don’t throw yourself into anyone else’s arms except mine.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll be careful from now on…”

Even in this moment of confusion, I was feeling his strong chest while apologizing. 

Then, I regretfully pulled away from his arms.

“I was just thinking about coming to your place today, Mac.”

“I was also thinking about coming to your place. Anyway, want to come to my workshop? I’ll invite you to my place.”

When I invited him, he beamed with happiness. 

Just like that, I headed to the workshop with him by my side. 

Even though today was the weekend, all the players that passed us by, some in groups, some walking alone, everyone was different and had their own motives. 

I also logged in today with every intention of spending time with Vidello-san all weekend. 

I was so happy about the fact that he was next to me that I stole a glance at him and ended up giggling and grinning so much that I might look suspicious. 

But Vidello-san was so cool even when he saw my grinning face, he still smiled together with me. I like you❣️

“What’s the matter, Mac? Showing me such a cute face.”

“I’m so happy to be with you that I couldn’t help making these strange faces.”

Even when I tried to control it, my lips curled up and I couldn’t stop myself at all. 

I pressed my cheeks together with all my efforts to control it, but Vidello-san laughed while looking at me. 

“It’s okay, you don’t look strange. Instead, you’re so cute that I want to eat you up right now.”

Ah, I was caught off guard. I felt like my heart was struck by an arrow from cupid. 

That smile and those words, please don’t do this to me while we’re on the roadside. I felt like I would lose control.2

I tried to cover my hot cheeks while I was at the mercy of my throbbing heartbeats. 

How can you be so dazzling, Vidello-san? I like you❣️

Even with my strange face, behavior, and out-of-control heartbeats, we managed to reach my workshop. 

As soon as I closed the door, I was already in his arms. 

Without giving me a chance to react, he greedily devoured my lips. 

I was so ready to have all of his off-duty time, so when the mood was good, the thing I ended up drinking was that [ Medium Growth Activator ]. 

I can do it with him anywhere and everywhere this weekend! And with this full intention in my mind, I invited Vidello-san to my bed. The fact it was still morning was just my imagination.3

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9 months ago

Another top medicine he cooked up. Don’t let anyone know :’D

Wait, isn’t it the first time he used a Medium Growth Activator? Wasn’t it always a category lower? Or maybe I’m just remembering it wrong lol

Thx for the ch (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)