This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 084 – Vidello-san, You’re Too Cool

Without realizing it, I quickened my pace and approached the gate. As I did so, Vidello-san seemed to notice me and his eyes widened. I thought I saw his mouth say ‘Mac’ soundlessly.

When I reached the gate, the other gatekeeper, who was on the opposite side of Vidello-san, blocked my way with his spear.

(Guard) “What business do you have beyond this gate? If you have none, then leave.”

(Mac) “Ah, no, I have no business there, sir.”

(Guard) “Then, leave at once.”

I saw that it wasn’t easy to talk to him. It was just as the Tre gatekeeper said.

Looking towards us, Vidello-san’s eyes were full of anxiety and his lips were pulled tight. But it seemed that he couldn’t move.

I was sure that he couldn’t do anything because of his position. I certainly looked suspicious right now.

“Um, yes, I’m sorry…”

I bowed to the gatekeeper with the spear and glanced toward Vidello-san.

When I glanced at him, Vidello-san frowned a little and shook his head.

Yeah, I got it, I won’t get in the way of Vidello-san’s work.

And just when I turned around, still feeling a bit of regret for being unable to speak with Vidello-san, I saw a carriage coming toward me from the main street.

It was the carriage that had the broken wheel from before.

I immediately moved towards the side of the street and lowered my head, imitating the panicked bowing of the townspeople.

Then, the carriage stopped in front of me.

As I kept my head bowed, I wondered if the guards were going to carry out a check. But then I heard a voice close by saying, 

“Are you possibly… Please raise your head.”

I raised my head a little bit, thinking, ‘Me?’ and as expected, there he was, the coachman I saw earlier, right in front of me.

“Thank you very much for your help earlier. My master has recovered well thanks to your medicine. The master also said he wanted to thank you for it.”

“Oh, I’m glad to hear that he’s feeling better.”

I felt a little relieved that his leg was healed. Then, the carriage door opened and a dandy-looking man with facial hair was sitting inside.


“Is this the boy?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

The coachman nodded to the bearded man who glanced at me, then the bearded man stepped down from the carriage and stood in front of me.

“The potion you gave me earlier worked very well. I want to thank you, so come to my house.”

“No… I just did what everyone would do in that situation…’

Slowly, I backed away a little.

Because somehow, even if he said he wanted to thank me, I felt like he was looking down on me.

“Don’t be shy. Come on.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t accept your invitation.”

The townspeople standing nearby started to whisper, probably because I had rejected a nobleman’s offer. But somehow, I felt like he gave off a vibe that made me not want to follow him.

Besides, there was Crash and the desert city’s plantation owner’s advice.

“Oh? Does a commoner dare to refuse my offer?”

I mean really, old man, that’s not the way you act when you want to thank someone. I couldn’t say it out loud, but still.

“My apologies. Right now, I have some business to attend to, so…” 

I took another step away and bowed my head.

As I did that, he immediately grabbed my wrist.

“Do you mean to ignore my goodwill?”

No, this wasn’t goodwill.

The moment I thought that, a spear was inserted between me and the old man. The old man was surprised and let go of my hand.

Then, Vidello-san with a spear in hand, intervened between us, returned the spear to its upright position, and hit the ground with a thump.

“Excuse my intervention, Raymond-sama. I have been advised that a suspicious person like him should not be allowed through the gate. We cannot let him pass through.”

It was nice to hear Vidello-san’s voice, which I hadn’t heard in a long time. Even though he called me a suspicious person.

“But this is the boy who saved me. I just wanted to invite him to the mansion to thank him…”

“I don’t believe this is coming from the man who, yesterday, did not let the adventurers brought by Count Saunders pass, saying that they were suspicious people. This is from your orders. Unknown personnel are forbidden to enter the upper city, so I cannot allow this person to enter.”

“You, do you think you are allowed to behave like that towards me?”

“Raymond-sama, you are an honorable man. and I believe that you would never be so foolish as to break your own word.”

Ugh, Vidello-san, you’re so cool.

I wondered if he was trying to keep me from entering the noble district. But I wondered if doing so would jeopardize his position.

He confronted the old aristocrat with a very stern face. I love that face so much.


I balled my hands tightly, resisting the urge to call Vidello-san’s name.

“You. You can’t go on from here. Leave this place quickly.”

Vidello-san slammed his spear once more into the ground with a thud and shot a stern look at me. He slipped past the old man, stood protectively with his back to the old man, and looked down at me.

The moment we were facing each other, his expression suddenly changed and his eyebrows dropped for a moment. Soundlessly, his mouth was moving, ‘I’m sorry.’

‘It’s okay.’ I too followed his silent words and smiled slightly.

Vidello-san’s mouth moved to say, ‘Later.’

I nodded at that and I took a quick glance towards the plantation. I bowed my head and said, ‘I’m sorry,’ turning my back on Vidello-san and starting to walk back the way I came from.

I could hear the old man swearing behind me and Vidello-san’s replies. I wanted to turn around, but if I did, Vidello-san’s hard work of helping me escape would be for nothing.

I sped up and left the gate area.

He told me he was going to visit me later, so I continued to head straight for the farm. I thought it would be easier for Vidello-san to find out where I was, as there was only a farm at the end of this road.

I planned to wait at Monto-san’s place for a bit, I wondered if he’d be fine with it.

When I got to the farm, I finally dared to turn around.

I couldn’t see the gate at all from here, though. Vidello-san, I hope there’s been no harm done to you.

I rang the blaring bell again, and Monto-san’s stern face came out from inside the building.

“Hey. You sure returned here faster than I thought. Well, come on in.”

“Thank you very much. I know this is a bit of an intrusive request, but can I stay here for a while?”

Because Vidello-san might not be able to find me if I waited at the inns around.

Because I thought it would be easier for him to guess where I am if I stayed there. I was able to see his face. He said he’d see me later. That’s why… 

I bit my lip and dropped my head a little bit.

Then, “Come on in. This way,” Monto-san’s rough voice flew into my ears.

I looked up to see Monto-san opening the door to the building and beckoning me in.

“Pardon my intrusion.”

“Mmhm. Just sit down somewhere around there.”

Being told so, I sat down on the couch that was placed in the room. Inside the room, there were herbs and flowers hanging out to dry and a nice potpourri-like fragrance wafting through the air which made the room feel very relaxing. The unorganized arrangement of things in the room also set me at ease.

“Can you drink herbal tea? What color do you want?”

“C-Color? You can choose tea by color?”

“Of course, you can. Red, blue, yellow, green, purple, pink, orange, milky white, which one do you like?”

What an amazing selection of teas.

Impressed, I finally chose a color that I didn’t seem to have ever had, saying, “Well then, I’ll have a blue one.”

Then, a blue liquid was really served in front of me. Amazing.

And it smelled great.

“It has relaxing properties. Drink it.”

“Thank you.”

It smelled slightly of flowers. When I took a sip, a faint sweetness spread on my tongue. It was really delicious.

I couldn’t help but sigh loudly.

“Looks like something’s going on with you.”

With a smirk, Monto-san said, sitting diagonally across from me and stretching his legs out on the couch.

I knew it showed on my face.

I was instantly exhausted after that exchange earlier. But Vidello-san was really cool. I really like him.

“I was at the noble district gate earlier.”

“Did you try to go in, by any chance?”

I explained the earlier exchange to Monto-san, who urged me to continue on with an amused look on his face. When I was done, he looked at me squarely in the eye.

“Mac, did you do something to that guy? That Raymond guy is a nasty son of a bitch, you know.”

“I was just helping him out together with everyone else when his carriage got stuck on a boulder on the way over here.”

“That’s not all, right?”

Hearing him point it out immediately, I tilted my head and wondered how he could know, then told him that I had given him medicine.

“That’s it. So he used the potion you gave me, and it worked better than he expected, so I guess that Raymond tried to kidnap Mac because of it.”


“There’s no other potion on the market on par with its power which means you have made it yourself. Or you have connections to someone who is able to make it. So, it’s natural that he wanted to get a hold of you and use you to his own advantage. After all, you are just a commoner. I’m sure he thought that it wouldn’t be a problem if one commoner disappears.”

“Seriously…? So that’s why Vidello-san was so adamant about keeping me from going…”

As I was remembering the cool Vidello-san, Monto-san poured me another cup of tea and told me to drink it.

“That gatekeeper is a newcomer, isn’t he? Do you know him?”

“Yes, I do. Umm… H-He’s my boyfriend.”

My face reddened as I answered Monto-san’s question. Somehow, it was very embarrassing to call myself Vidello-san’s lover. It didn’t matter if I kept quiet about it, but, because I felt the loss of Vidello-san recently, something just bubbled up inside of me and I even said something unnecessary.

Seeing my red face, Monto-san just leered at me and kept teasing me by saying “Hoo… I see… Lovers, huh?”

“Well, you might have a bit of trouble from now on, Mac.”


My eyes widened upon hearing Monto-san’s words. Trouble? What did he mean by it? Tilting my head in confusion, Monto-san wryly chuckled at me. 

“Do you know why he came here, Mac?”

No, I don’t know at all.

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1 year ago

»“No… I just did what everyone would do in that situation…’« ” at the end instead of ’

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Oh wow are we about to hear that vidello is actually royalty or smthn. Thank you for the chapter!