This is an Impossible Love

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Chapter 090 – I’ve Been Given My Share of Herbs

Somehow, my head hurt. Why did I have to experience a headache in a game?

Vidello-san carried me to the inn, and I slept next to him comfortably. After school, I logged in and had a headache for some reason. What the heck was going on?

I looked at the status screen and saw [ Hungover ]. What did that mean? To relieve my throbbing head, I pulled [ Quattro Forest Spring Water ] from my bag and drank it in one gulp. Aah, delicious. I somehow got up and sorted my inventory. After that, I looked at the quest column. I wondered why Monto-san’s quest had not been cleared yet. There was another thing. This [ Seedling of ??? ] also puzzled me. Let’s go back there again today. The reason I came to this city in the first place was to meet Vidello-san and complete Monto-san’s quest. There was no point in moving somewhere else. Also, I wanted to go to the library.

After organizing my inventory, I left the inn. The back of my head still throbbed.

When I rang the bell at the farm gate, the harsh chimes reverberated in my head and I reflexively held my head in.

“Yo, Mac. Was yesterday alright… Looks like it wasn’t. Come on in.”


I entered the gate quietly, closing it softly so the bell wouldn’t ring, and I followed Monto-san as he went straight into the house. 

“So, what happened?”

“I have a headache. What’s with this [ Hungover ] effect?”

“Ah, so you have a hangover?”

“A hangover…? But I’ve never drunk alcohol… Did I drink something by mistake yesterday?”

As I was twisting my neck, Monto-san began brewing tea with the ease of familiarity. 

“I think it’s from the panacea. It was too strong and it got you drunk. Wait here. I’ll make you a cup of herbal tea that will make your hangover go away in an instant.”

“Please… My head hurts and I can’t think clearly… Is this what a hangover is like? I don’t think I’m going to be a drinker. I never want to experience this again.”

As I sat on the couch with my head in my hands, a clear tea with a refreshing aroma was served. It looked like green tea, and it tasted good.

I took a sip of it while it was still hot. The refreshing taste of the herbs made my stomach tingle. Delicious. 

I drank it down and exhaled, and my headache quickly receded.

“Wow, that’s amazing! It really cured my headache! Excuse me, Monto-san, please sell me some of these tea leaves!”

“Oh, sure. I grow them out back, so I can sell you as many as you want. I got some dried too. It’s the best of the best. Which one do you want?”

“For now, both.”

“Hahaha. As per usual.”

I was immediately offered the tea leaves in the cup, and, with a sigh of delight, I sipped on another cup that Monto-san poured for me. It was delicious. I wonder if the taste would be different if I brewed it with the [ Quattro Forest Spring Water ].

With that in mind, I took some of the spring water out of my bag and handed it to Monto-san. 

“This is [ Quattro Forest Spring Water ]. If I brewed the tea with this, do you think it would taste different?”

“What’s that precious water? Not only will it taste different, but even the ingredients will change. Hold on. I’ll brew it.”

Monto-san immediately took the water and went to go make tea.

When I compared the tea brewed in the spring water with the tea from before, the taste was the same, but I thought the aroma was stronger with the spring water. Not only that…

“Wow! [ Stamina Recovery ]!”

I was able to recover my stamina with tea. The earlier one was able to alleviate status abnormalities, but this one also restored stamina. What kind of tea was this?

“Oh, this one would be good for fieldwork. Mac, do you still have more of that water? Sell it to me if you want.”

Monto-san liked it and looked at me with a twinkle in his eye. But he was asking me to sell it. I just got the water from a free-flowing stream. The cost is 10G per bottle, so I’ll just ask him for the bottle fee.

“100G for 10 bottles.”

“Are you stupid?” Monto-san asked me as soon as I quoted the price. “Materials that can only be obtained in a particular place are extremely valuable. 100G for 10 bottles? You should be asking 10000G for that. I’ll pay you.”

“Because the water was free. You’re joking about the 10000G, right?”

“I’m not kidding. That’s about right. Don’t trade at that kind of price anywhere else. They’ll think you’re a sucker and cheat you.”

I assured him that I wouldn’t sell like this to people I don’t know, but Monto-san gave me a stern stare and didn’t seem to believe me. 

“Monto-san has helped me out a lot. I won’t change the price.” I looked Monto-san in the eye, as I pulled out all 10 bottles and continued, “Besides, I can swing by and get some more on my way back to Tre.” 

 Monto-san let out a sigh of resignation. 

“Okay, okay, Let’s do this Mac’s way.”

“My way?”

What did he mean by my way? As I was thinking, Monto-san took something out. I felt puzzled as a large, dark green, purse-like object with a mysterious pattern was placed in front of me.

“Actually, I’ve tried a few different things since then. I don’t have much magic power, so I couldn’t experiment with my own magic. But it turns out the Taruar Grass can also be grown with magic potions.”

Eh, does that mean that it would have been much faster for me to pour a high-grade MP potion on it rather than drinking one and providing magic power?! What the hell…!

“But, if you grow it with a magic potion, the color of the flower will be white. When the flowers are white, the stamen doesn’t produce as much of the panacea. It’s not so bad because it produces a little, but I guess it grows better by human hands.”

“White flowers? It was a pretty pink yesterday, wasn’t it?”

“Oh. Pink means the plant is in a state of reserving nutrients. I went out to the field after and saw that the color had completely faded. I’m guessing that as the nutrients accumulate, it will change color again.”

It’s amazing how much research Monto-san was able to do in a night. As I listened with admiration, Monto-san slowly began to open the drawstring purse placed in front of me. And inside of it was,

“If the soil is full of magic, they say it will grow if a cutting is propagated. But ordinary soil or sand will kill it quickly.”

What he placed in front of me was a divided Taruar Grass plant. It was then that I suddenly realized— Could it be that the [ Seedling of ??? ] is Taruar Grass…?

“I heard that they can be made to adjust their size based on the size of the container. In a small container, it could grow to the size of an arm at most. The magic power it absorbed was about the same as a bottle of high-grade MP potion sold around here. But you know what? If you plant it in the ground and give it your magic power, it will suddenly grow as big as it did yesterday, so be careful. If it grows up small like this, you can still get enough for a bottle of elixir. Take it home with you and give it lots of love.”

“Eh, ah, are you sure it’s okay?”

Looking at it like this, it’s pretty, like a houseplant. I tried to poke the leaves and was stopped.

“If you touch it, it will start sucking up your magic power again. This cloth doesn’t allow magic to pass through it, so I’ll give you the whole thing. If you want materials, you can give it some magic power to grow them.”

“Understood. Thank you very much.”

The moment I received it, a notification appeared in my quest column. Cleared. Relieved, I put it back in the purse and tucked it away in my inventory.

If I leave it in the wrong place and touch it, I’ll lose MP. That’s a bit of a problem. But, after it grows up, I guess I could put the flowers on display in my workshop. Yeah, let’s think about it and raise them.

“If I want more, I’ll give you more, so don’t be afraid to tell me if you do.”

Monto-san, smiling and laughing, seemed very happy to have a new plant. And it’s useful. It’s a bit squirmy, but that doesn’t seem to bother Monto-san, because it’s a plant. It’s strong. 

“Is this plant something I can talk about with other people?”

For the time being, I asked what I thought was most important. Because there is the example of Kyle’s farm. Monto-san’s eyes lit up at my words.

“By the way, I heard that something interesting was growing up at Kyle’s place. You got it all, didn’t you? If you’re looking to sell, we can do that here, too. I could use some on hand.”

I knew it! I knew that information was circulating among the people involved in the plantations. Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to sell them.

“I didn’t bring it with me. And I don’t intend on selling it for the time being because I might want to use it.”

“Ah, I see. If you come up with something interesting, please show it to me.”

“Of course.”

“So, the Taruar Grass, though. I decided to sell only the raw materials and not to divide the plants. I’m not going to keep it a secret or anything, so you can tell anyone you want. However, Mac is the one who discovered this little guy. Keep that in mind. If someone sees it and says something, leave it to me. I’ll deal with them politely.”

Trying not to think about what kind of politeness Monto-san might mean, I nodded my head in gratitude. 

Feeling like I had received something amazing, I left the farm. In the field behind the house, there were indeed white flowers sprawled around, with leaves crawling on the ground like yesterday. They were just as beautiful in white.

Today, I left the farm before Vidello-san arrived. Since there was nothing more to do, I decided to return to the inn earlier than I expected to. I walked toward the outer gate when I heard a voice calling me from off in the distance, 


Eh? But the only people I know in this town are Vidello-san and Monto-san. I looked around and saw a beautiful figure, standing near the gate, holding the reins of a horse, and waving at me. 

What? This is Sei, right?

What’s Crash doing in this town!? 

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