The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 061 – Hidden Feeling [A]

“—Oi! What are you doing?!”

“…Aah? Cih… It’s the general, what’s wrong?” 

“You’re not supposed to say, ‘what’s wrong,’ in this situation! Did you kill everyone here?!” 

“…No no, wait a moment. It’s not like I killed them because I wanted to, you know?” 

“What did you say?” 

“Well, aren’t you also aware of it, General? I was being bullied, right? These guys —they all call me a coward and a shame to the dragon race… things like that.”


“Then today too, they came to bully me like they usually do… so I challenged them to a duel. I am just showing off the dignity of the dragons they keep yapping about.” 

“…That’s why you killed them?” 

“Isn’t it obvious? I would be putting my life in danger if I didn’t.” 

“…They are still your compatriots. Haven’t we been fighting together all this time as members of the same unit?—”

“—Shut up, you hypocrite.” 


“You’ve been turning a blind eye to all that’s happening but you still call us comrades, General Raizen?” 


“Oh, so you choose to stay silent? …Well, it’s not like I’m that angry at you anyway.”

“…I’m sorry.” 

“Cih… No no! You don’t have to apologize! It’s just my big mouth… and I actually quite respect General Raizen as well!”

“…But I—”

“It’s okay, it’s okay! General Raizen also has your position to consider after all… hihi.” 

“…You… sure have changed.” 

“? Changed? My body is indeed getting bigger and I’ve grown stronger as well, but… has something else changed?” 

“…Is it because your achievements for subduing the maou are not being recognized?” 

“…Not really? I don’t really care about it either though?” 

“But… Even if no one else recognizes you for it, I have, you know?” 

“…Ah- okay okay. I see, thank you very much… Can I go now?” 

“…If it’s you—”

“? What is it?” 

“—If you keep growing stronger, perhaps one day… you can win against Magiihoa.” 

“…I wonder about that… Certainly, the throne is quite attractive in many ways…” 

“…No, you can do it. You have grown this much after all. Do your best.” 

“…Hmn- well, perhaps I will win if General Raizen supports me, you know?” 

“If I support you?” 

“Yes, that’s right. Can you give your support to me, General Raizen? Can you support a common soldier like me instead of your friend Magiihoa-sama? Or at least not interfere… Perhaps that dream might come true. —How about it?” 

“…Aah, of course I will. I think of everyone in the unit as a comrade… so I will support you.” 

“………I see. That’s good to know. Then I can challenge him with confidence.” 

“…Yes, I believe in you — Avel.” 

“I will also believe in you, General Raizen — Kuhihi…” 


[Forest, at night.] 

At a place where the starry sky could be seen through the trees was a house.

Normally it was kept vacant as the owner never returned, but there were three figures living there currently.

And Majin Leonhart, who was the reason they were all housed there to begin with—



—Was lying in bed, sandwiched between two women. 

Even as Leonhart felt an indescribable feeling at the situation, 

…How do I put it… really, what is with this situation…?

He reflected on his current situation as he laid on his left. With Kesselring in front of him and Pale behind, both their backs turned on him.

Judging from their presence and breathing, he could tell that neither of them were asleep. It was possible that they were having trouble sleeping, but that was probably not the case right now.

The answer came to Leonhart’s mind.

…I already told you not to do it if you find it embarrassing.

As he recalled what happened just before, Leonhart sighed.


Leonhart was still relaxing up till about thirty minutes ago. 

Although it hurt his stomach for a bit, he still finished Pale’s dishes, and he continued to receive treatment by applying herbs all over his body. 1

During the time they applied the herbs to his body, although their gaze, or rather, their hand movements were rather awkward, they finished doing so without any problems.

However, an issue emerged at night when it hit ten o’clock,

“—It’s about time for us to go to bed…” 

“Hmm, that’s right.” 

“Ah, yes. Do you want to sleep?” 

Leonhart sat up when the two women nodded. 

Although a little bit of pain ran through his body, he ignored it and got up from the bed and,

“Le-Leonhart-san? Is something wrong?”

“…If you need something, I’ll go and get it for you.” 

Perhaps the pair was surprised by his sudden behavior that they proceeded to stop him in a hurry.

They sure are nursing me quite enthusiastically, he thought while saying,

“…Well, you guys can’t sleep unless I move away from the bed, right?” 

“…Eh, ah, ye-yes?” 

“………No, that’s…” 

Pale tilted her head in confusion as if not understanding what Leonhart just said, while Kesselring shrugged as she understood what he meant. 

So Leonhart continued to explain,

“I’ll be fine without sleep since I’m a majin. You two can use the bed. I’ll just randomly—”

“—No, you can’t!” 

“—You can’t do that.” 


The pair shut down his proposal immediately. 


“…You are wounded. I can’t just leave you alone and sleep peacefully in bed.” 

“Tha-that’s right! Also, saying that you will be okay without sleep is only if you are healthy! You should sleep so that you can recover faster!” 

“…Even if you two tell me that…” 

Leonhart sighed as he was troubled by their words. Then, while he pointed at the bed behind him, 

“There’s only a single bed, you know? And it’s small on top of that.” 2 3

The size of the bed would be no problem for one adult human to sleep there, but it would be hard for two or even three to lie down there together. 

No, strictly speaking, it wasn’t completely impossible, but they had to be squeezed very closely  to each other for that, so it wasn’t a good proposal to make.

Therefore Leonhart suggested for him to rest elsewhere, but the pair wasn’t convinced. On top of that,

“We could just… sleep on the floor. That would solve the problem.” 

Kesselring even suggested such a thing. Therefore, Leonhart had to say it. 

“Don’t be stupid. Who do you think I am, making two women sleep on the floor while I use the bed to rest?” 

“Our life saver.” 

“…Even if that’s the case, that’ll make me feel uncomfortable.” 

“I also feel the same. We will feel uncomfortable using the bed while you are wounded everywhere. Please bear with your guilty conscience instead.” 

…S-she… she is surprisingly stubborn…?! 

Kesselring’s eyes as she declared that showed a strong will that was unwilling to compromise. Leonhart thought that this was quite the funny situation to be showing such determination. Why did she need to insist so much on a bed?

…But, what should I do about this…

He didn’t want to force her to sleep on the bed, but he also didn’t want to compromise either.

I could deal with the situation easily if it were others, thought Leonhart. If it was a man like Galtia, I could just kick them outside. If it was Camilla, I could let her use the bed and she would blatantly occupy the bed. If it were Carol or Hunty, I wouldn’t mind whether they slept together in bed or slept on the floor, and they would happily do so regardless of the choice. Well, perhaps Hunty wouldn’t do it so happily.

As for Ssulal… well, I think it would work out in one way or another.

As he was thinking of such things while searching for a solution, someone timidly raised her voice.



“Is something wrong?” 

As if resolved about something, Pale called for their attention. Both Leonhart and Kesselring directed their gaze at Pale. 

Pale was surprised by the sudden attention for a moment, but she immediately took a deep breath and steadied herself. Then she timidly suggested,

“—Ho-how about we share the bed together…?” 

She asked with shy, puppy eyes. 

Leonhart’s narrowed his eyes, palming his forehead in disappointment as he said,

“…No, you… we can’t do that.” 

“Wh-why is that?” 

For Pale, who asked somewhat excitedly for some reason, Leonhart took a breath and tried to understand her attitude before speaking out his view. 

“…Well, since you’re suggesting that, does that mean you won’t mind me sleeping in the same bed as you?” 


“…Putting that aside, you have to consider Kesselring’s opinion as well before suggesting something like this.” 

Indeed. Even if Pale didn’t mind, it still wouldn’t happen unless Kesselring also agreed with it. 

And as he turned his gaze to Kesselring, she stiffened for some reason, so Leonhart pointed at her and,


“Now you’ve done it. Your crazy suggestion made Kesselring so astonished that she couldn’t speak—”

“—n’t mind.” 


Suddenly, they heard a whisper. 

Leonhart couldn’t help but to ask for confirmation since it was both hard to hear and hard to believe.


“…What- did you just say—” 

“…I said-” 

“…I said?” 

As Leonhart parroted back, Kesselring turned her eyes away for some reason, then opened her mouth with a slightly flushed expression,

“………I said……… I don’t mind…” 

“………And- and that’s how it is.” 


Pale’s expression was also flushed as she hurriedly said that. Leonhart turned silent. He had a blank expression as he held his head and closed his eyes, 

“…Just do what you like.” 

At the end of his internal argument, he decided to accept their suggestion. 

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