The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Shizukuku

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Tsukii Note: Raunchy scene alert

Chapter 066 – Reunion after ten days [B]

There was an old house that stood alone in the woods. 

It was a little cleaner compared to a few days ago.

The room was so clean that it was hard to believe the room was filled with dust until just a few days ago.

The original owner wasn’t there. When they first saw it, the house gave off the impression that it had been neglected by its owner for many years.

But inside this house, a group of three had been living there for a few days.

On the single person bed, inside that old, neglected house, a good looking blond man was there.

It was the majin who was temporarily living in this house — Leonhart. He was gracefully relaxing on top of the bed.

This majin, who once suffered such a great wound that he was knocked unconscious, had now recovered enough that one could hardly believe that he was once so badly injured.

And next to Leonhart, or rather, above him—

“Ahn, fuh… Leonhart…!” 

“Aah, hmn… Leonhart-san…!” 

Were the pair of kalars who greatly contributed to his recovery — Kesselring and Pale. 

Both of them, in close proximity to Leonhart, as if they were trying to cover him with their bodies, wore flushed expressions and were moaning.

Furthermore, none of them wore any clothes, producing a sensational sight on top of the small bed.

Meanwhile, Leonhart was checking on the condition of his body, while doing various other things.

…It won’t be long before I’m fully recovered…

He thought this while his hands continued holding, opening, and moving. He was well aware of his own physical condition. He could confirm the state of his body just by moving it a little, and he was almost completely healed.

Therefore, they would be leaving this place tomorrow. So this paradise-like situation would only last until the night.

When Leonhart took action, the women cried with seductive voices. Then, in a voice mixed with sighs,

“Hmn… Leonhart-san, you are getting energetic…” 

“…You’re right. But I wonder which way you mean?” 

“…I mean it in both ways…” 

Pale replied with a fascinated expression. 

Kesselring who saw that continued,

“Then, is it about time…?” 

Aah, replied Leonhart with a nod. Kesseling was polishing his Orpheil. While he felt comfortable having his blade surrounded by two mounds, he pulled Pale closer and, 

“…About that, it will be tomorrow. By tomorrow, we will—hmn.” 

He suddenly had his mouth blocked by two soft objects. It became that way because Pale was leaning forward to stop him from speaking. While holding onto his face, she said 

“…Please don’t say anything more than that, okay?” 


Leonhart nodded in response to her words. It was because he understood what she meant.

Then he moved his hands and mouth in payback.

“Ahn… Really, Leonhart-san… you’re really a spoiled person. Do you, ahn, like it that much…?” 


He didn’t reply to her. Such questions didn’t require a response, and he really wasn’t in state to talk at the moment. 

 Having heard the earlier exchange, Kesselring’s voice sounded from below.

And the content was,

“…I have no regrets. Leonhart… It’s thanks to you…” 

“…I see.” 

He replied this time. I’m glad then, thought Leonhart, feeling relief from her words. 

Perhaps his feelings had reached her, as Kesselring’s movements were getting more intense. At the same time, Pale dropped her mouth onto his.

Feeling the blood rising, Leonhart didn’t hold back and let nature take its course.


“Ahn… Leonhart-san…” 

The two women had ecstatic expressions on their faces. 

However, this wasn’t going to be the end of it. Leonhart, aware that the uplifting sensation he couldn’t endure would soon return, pulled both of them toward him.

Then he whispered to them,

“…Then feel it all you like.” 

He told them with short words on purpose and in a roundabout way. It was because he had been told not to mention a certain topic. 

He didn’t mind, even if they didn’t understand what he meant. But it seemed both of them understood, so they dropped their lips to his face and,


“Aah… please let us feel it.” 

“Leonhart-san too… please feel it a lot, okay?” 

They said that with smiles on their faces. Leonhart exhaled as he saw that. 

…Really, these women are just…

Although it was definitely him who would enjoy this, no matter how he thought about it, the way they spoke was wicked, as if they were the one who would be receiving the enjoyment. While that might be true in some ways, for better or worse, it was the man who would be the one to have more pleasure in this kind of situation.

So Leonhart decided to expose his thoughts for a bit. He said with a fearless smile,

“—Let’s put the serious talk aside for now. We don’t have much time, so let’s just enjoy the moment…” 

“Hmn, come at us…” 

“Please enjoy it…” 

However they agreed and chose to accept him. It seemed they had no intention of changing their stance. As he saw that, 

…It makes it hard to do it.

Leonhart felt itchy at their favorable interpretation of his words. They were truly grateful to let him enjoy their bodies as he liked. And they would fully enjoy the little time they had with him. Their actions supported that thought.

…Then I should just thrust it until the end.

Whether he would accept their feelings — was not the thing on his mind, instead Leonhart would endeavor to just enjoy them to the fullest. He knew such actions would make them happiest right now.

Leonhart stabbed his Orpheil at the two women.

Inside the house, the lustrous voices of the two echoed, and the three indulged in lewdness for a while.



…Perhaps I shouldn’t do this after all. 

Hunty Kalar was slightly regretful of her earlier remarks.

A few hours passed since they walked in the forest. The group of four who were searching for Leonhart had arrived in the western region of the forest, and were heading towards Hunty’s house.

Behind her was Maou Ssulal, who kept alert to her surrounding environment, Majin Galtia who seemed to be excited about trying a new food, and,

“—Hunty-san? Are we there yet?” 

“…It’s just a little farther.” 

Apostle Carol, who seemed to not be thinking anything at all. The group of three followed behind Hunty. 

The three continued to talk.

“Wasabi, huh… I guess I should try it on its own first. Then I can try various methods of preparing it afterward.” 

“If it is delicious, we should bring some back home! I would like to see Leonhart-sama try it as well!”  

“…Now I think about it, although nowhere near as much as Galtia, Leonhart is also particular about food… Maybe he went to eat some wasabi somewhere…” 

Hunty’s eyes became half-lidded as she listened to the three talking freely. There didn’t seem to be much tension in their tones, and it was as if they were on a picnic. The thought that ran through Hunty’s mind was, 

…To think that I will actually return home soon…

Just like what she told Carol earlier, they were getting very close to the house she once lived in. Originally, she had no intention of visiting the settlement, or her house, during this trip. It was just that she’d had a bad feeling when she heard Leonhart went to the Rising Dragon Mountain, so she’d intended to go check on his situation and then return as soon as they were done with that.

Therefore, she guided them, not through the southern region where there was a settlement, and they instead entered the forest through the eastern region.

But in the end, because Galtia insisted on eating some wasabi, she ended up saying a thoughtless remark when she tried to make him give up on it, and they were now going to her house.

As a matter of fact, there was wild wasabi growing near her house. There were only a few such locations within the forest, and that place was the only one she could recall.

Moreover, there were only a few demons in this region, which was instead filled with animals, making it easy to harvest food from here. She felt there should be some usable preserved food and seasonings at the house as well—

…The more I think about it, the more it leaves me at a loss to know that visiting my house first is actually for the best…

While she was still feeling somewhat uncomfortable, they continued their steps.

It’ll be out of the question to visit the village personally after all, thought Hunty.


Hunty found some traces in the forest which left a question mark in her mind. —There’s more, she thought. 

She had felt it earlier, when she first entered the forest, and she found there were many signs of people moving about. Even here, there were traces of slight trampling on the ground.

…This isn’t supposed to be a location that people would be passing through though…

Adventurers often passed through the southern and eastern regions of the forest, so it wouldn’t be weird to find human traces there. But, in the western and northern regions, there were decently strong demons around and, as a result, people hardly traveled through these areas. 

Although this wasn’t something she needed to worry about,

…Maybe Leonhart passed through here…

Such thoughts ran through her mind. Although it was unlikely he would come this way, the region that was dangerous for humans would be perfectly safe for a majin, so such a possibility did exist.

However, it was well known that the climbing route to enter the Rising Dragon Mountain was on a gentle slope in the south-east region. When kalars went to collect mountain herbs, they also used that route.

Although it was possible to climb from another direction, there would be only a steep slope from the midway point until the road merged, so it wasn’t suitable to climb.

In the first place, people would directly arrive at the south-east slope if they walked straight in the direction where they saw the Rising Dragon Mountain. It might be a different story if said person had gotten lost on the way, but if they walked straight towards the big landmark that was the mountain, they wouldn’t get lost, even if they weren’t kalars.

Therefore, she denied such possibility. And next moment,

“—We’ve arrived.” 


Directly in front of them was a small stream along a gentle slope. Looking at how the rocks were covered with moss, it could be seen that the region was moist. 

While listening to the echoes of flowing water, Hunty looked around and,

…Wasn’t it around there?

She found the area where white flowers bloomed and approached. Then, she pulled the plant, including its root, out of the ground and,

“…Here you go.” 

“Oh, is this possibly…” 

She threw it lightly toward Galtia. Hunty nodded and she saw Galtia smile while catching the plant she threw. 

“That’s the wasabi. Wash the muddy part with water.” 

“Ooh! Finally! Okay, leave it to me!” 

As Hunty gave her instruction, Galtia happily approached the water in the stream, perhaps out of joy of finding what he was looking for. 

Ssulal, who was watching beside Hunty, also turned her attention to it.

“It’s my first time seeing one… I’ll write about it just in case.”

With that said she pulled out some paper and a pen out of nowhere and began writing. 

And the noisiest one was,

“There are many fishes here! Hunty-san! I’ll catch some of these as well!” 

“…Uhm, just do whatever you want.” 

“Then I’ll do as I like!” said Carol, as she stepped into the water. Hunty watched her with half-lidded eyes. I don’t think you can catch them if you’re being that noisy, thought Hunty as she proceeded to harvest more wasabi. 

Then Hunty heard a voice from behind.

“Okay! I’ve washed it! Hey, Hunty! Can I just eat it as it is?” 

“All parts of it should be edible.”

“Then I’ll eat some. Oi, Ssulal, let’s eat together. Here’s your portion.” 

“Eh, we’re eating it as it is? I feel somewhat scared…” 

“Of course we eat it raw first. We have to enjoy the pure taste of the ingredient. You too, this is an indispensable moment in the quest for amazing cooking, you know?” 

“…Well, I guess it’s fine.” 

“I’ll also eat some-!” 

…They sure are lively. 

Hunty gave a sidelong glance toward the three who were making a fuss behind her, and continued harvesting the wasabi with a bitter smile on her face.

If she saw them like that, it was hard to think they were actually affiliated to demons; a maou, a majin, and an apostle, the ones who would inflict suffering upon the humans. On the contrary, they felt more human-like than—


Hunty walked away from there for some reason. 

She moved through the forest and proceeded to a certain location. She used her Instant Movement and moved toward the house which was now closer than the stream.

The distance was short, and she was there in a moment. Only a little time had passed for Hunty, but she already found it.

“…It feels nostalgic.” 

Such words leaked out of her mouth. 

It was an open location within the forest. There was an old wooden house in front of her.

Hunty thought. How long has it been since I lived here?

…If I’m not wrong, it should be a little bit after I turned humanoid. 

It must have been a few years after she transformed into a human kalar from a dragon kalar. Back then, she requested a certain kalar who befriended her at the time to build the house for her.

She was having a hard time back then, and was unable to fit in well when living in a group, so she built the house some distance away from the settlement and lived there quietly by herself.

She soon left the forest in search of something, but she still occasionally returned to that house. However, she always felt a strange sentiment when she was there, so she remembered it as a place  she didn’t like to return to.

But what about now, thoughts Hunty. Did she still feel the same?

…I don’t even know which side I stand on right now, after all.

Forget being a dragon kalar, her current self wasn’t even a kalar at all. She was an apostle of a majin. That was the title Hunty held now.

However, she still lived among the humans, and sometimes she even helped them. Such was her weird position. It could be said that she stood with both and neither. She once hated the demons and majins for inflicting suffering on humanity. However,

…It feels difficult now.

She wasn’t sure anymore. No, she could say for sure that she still hated most demons. It was because most of them were barbaric, violent, and didn’t feel any remorse for the suffering they inflicted.

However, she also knew that not all demons were bad. People like her own master and the demons she was acquainted with. She had come to learn this over the course of the last hundred years.

Although most of them were very unique people to whom common sense didn’t apply, they also possessed reason and intelligence, which was no different from the humans. They also felt joy and sorrow, and had consideration toward others.

Even during the recent times she stayed at the Maou Castle helping with Leonhart’s work, the demon captains and generals were considerate to her, who wasn’t used to the job. Some of the normal demons were like that as well.

In that case, the difference between human and demon would be—


Hunty forcefully ceased her thoughts right there. It was because she felt she would end up thinking some very unpleasant thoughts if she let her mind keep going in that direction. 

…Let’s stop thinking about this.

And Hunty chose to look at the house instead. Pushing aside those weird and dark thoughts, she would also need to collect the usable things from inside that place. She would eventually have to enter the house.

Therefore, Hunty approached the house. The closer she got, the more she understood that nothing had chang—

…Huh? Is it somehow a bit cleaner here…?

She tilted her head while looking at the exterior of the house. She thought it should be a lot dustier, but the windows were cleaner than she expected, and so was the door,

“…? I guess I should go in now…” 

And she opened the door. 

—That was an unfortunate choice for Hunty Kalar. 

She was distracted by her thoughts from earlier to the point that she didn’t notice the presence inside. 

Therefore, when Hunty opened the door of her house — she witnessed that.

A certain scene which was taking place on top of her bed. 1

“Aaahn, Leonhart…” 

“Re, really… we’re into our mealtime, you know? Please eat this side too…” 

“Aah, I’ll eat it properly. But now—hm?” 



As she saw the scene before her, Hunty was frozen solid. 

The man also noticed her at the same time and his expression stiffened in puzzlement.

Their eyes met and they confirmed the other’s identity.

“Eh, ah…Yo, you… Why are you…eh?” 

The blond man was obviously confused by the sudden visitor. The nude man was accompanied by two equally nude kalar women. 

As Hunty saw this,



Hunty moved her hand. She also chanted the magic she was best with, 

“..Eh, wait a min—“ 

“—What the heck are you doing in someone’s house—?!” 2 


With that said, Hunty looked at the person who was indulging in an affair with two kalars on the top of her bed, the master she was searching for — Majin Leonhart, and she smashed a Thunderstrike at him. 

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