The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Tsukii Note: It’s more of joke this time, but mark it nsfw for insurance

Chapter 066 – Reunion after ten days [C]

Majin Leonhart immediately wielded Orpheil in his hand and deflected the Thunderstrike shot by the sudden visitor. 1 

He called out to his apostle, whose face was flushed a deep crimson from a mix of anger and embarrassment.

“Oi, Hunty!! Why are you here?!” 

“Shut up, you idiot!! Die!!” 


Another Thunderstrike was fired at him, and he deflected it away again to prevent the damage from getting past him. He would like to be excused for the damage to the furniture. Or rather,  

“This hut is your house?!” 

“…That’s right! And die!!” 

…Guh, I can’t have a proper conversation with her like this…! 

Her high speed chanting, made possible through the application of Instant Movement, was blocked by his sword techniques with no initial acceleration. Although Leonhart was quite impressed by the improvements his apostle had made with her training, this wasn’t the correct situation to praise her for that.

…I should focus on stopping her attacks for now…!

The situation wasn’t going to improve otherwise. To learn the reason why Hunty was here, he needed to quickly subdue her. 

Besides, Leonhart thought this would be a good opportunity to test the state of his body. He made his move.

“—Sorry, but I’ll have to restrain you for a bit…!” 

“! Do-don’t come over…?!” 2 


He stepped on the floor, immediately reached his maximum speed, and rushed at her. 

Although this would have been enough to defeat Hunty in the past, Hunty had been dueling him once per month as part of her training. As expected, she used Instant Movement and avoided him.

Seeing Hunty escaping outside, Leonhart proceeded to chase after her. He wasn’t going to let her get away so easily. 3

…It’s a good opportunity, so let’s give it a try…!

Leonhart watched Hunty, who was running into the forest, and put some strength into his sword. He concentrated, then aimed towards Hunty who trying to escape to the right,

“—How about this?!” 


He formed a slash in the direction he predicted Hunty would run to next and destroyed the spot with pinpoint accuracy. Hunty panicked because the place she was aiming for was destroyed just as she was about to get there. It seemed this was beyond her expectations. 

And there was no way Leonhart would miss that opening. He immediately rushed her and Hunty entered his range,



He tripped her legs, pulled her arms and rolled her onto the ground. Then Leonhart immediately let go of his sword, grabbed onto both of her arms, and pinned her beneath him. 4 

“Okay, you can’t escape anymore…!” 

“Eh, ah… Wai, sto…!” 

Hunty’s expression was a mix of fear and embarrassment. Although Leonhart thought her reaction was somewhat excessive, he proceeded to ask her. 

“Well then, for now… why don’t you tell me the reason—“ 

“—What, ale you doing?” 5 


The moment he heard that voice, Leonhart’s spine shook. 

Sweat seemed to seep out of every pore in his body and he got goosebumps.

While continuing to subdue Hunty, he turned his head toward the familiar, yet strangely sloppy sounding voice.

Then there was,



—The person who wasn’t supposed to be here, Leonhart’s master — Maou Ssulal stood frozen before him, as if she was stunned. 

The moment Leonhart confirmed it was her, he stopped pinning down Hunty and stood up immediately.

Then with a quivering voice,

“Wh, why are you here…?” 


Ssulal’s body shook as she saw him for some reason. 

Her face flushed red and she looked down. Before Leonhart could ask why she did that,

“A-anyway, just weal some clothes…!” 


Leonhart couldn’t understand what she was saying. 

Her face was still ablaze and, if he looked closely, he could see her lips seemed to be swollen and red as well,


“…Ah…are you Carol?” 

As Leonhart saw a familiar set of blond pigtails from behind Ssulal, he immediately sensed something. 

And, as if proving she was Carol, she called out his name while she raised both her voice and hand.

“Yes! I am Leonhalt-sama’s apostle, Calol!” 

“…Well, that’s fine and all… but are you guys cursed or something? Both of you are talking weird, you know?”

“Ah, this is because of wasabi! It’s vely spicy when you eat it law! We’le getting bettel though…” 

“Wasabi… aah, you mean that thing.” 

Now that he was paying attention, he could see a green plant in Carol’s hand. 

If I think about it, I’m pretty sure I also ate that stuff yesterday…

It seemed that wasabi could be harvested nearby, and it had been cooked into a dish by Kesselring and Pale. Although the dish itself was delicious, the memory of him teasing both of them from behind was more intense—

“Lathel than that, Leonhalt-sama!” 

“Ah, what’s wrong?” 

He responded to Carol’s usual style of remark. She usually spoke like this when there was something to ask. It might be something trivial, but it was surprisingly useful since she often made him aware of details he might miss. 

Carol blushed and seemed to be struggling with what she would say, which was unusual for her,

“Tha-that’s… Leonhart-sama… where are your clothes?” 


“Yes. Leonhart-sama’s…err, your splendid sword is revealed in the wild…” 

“Hah? What do you—“ 

Then he realized what she meant. 

He looked down at his own body and, although it was too late for it now, he realized he didn’t feel the sensation of having put clothes on his body.

…Eh, ah… now that I think about it, I was naked and doing a lot of stuff right before Hunty came…

His face immediately turned pale. He looked down to his body again and realized his long sword was still ready for combat as well. And below him was,

“…You-you… pervert…!” 


Hunty looked away with an expression filled with anger and embarrassment. 

Then, in front of him, he turned to looked at Ssulal who was beside Carol and,

“Ha, fuh…!” 

Ssulal, who couldn’t pronounce words properly due to the wasabi, hid her face with both hands— no, she was peeking at him through the gap between her fingers, 

“Le, Lehonhalf, you……… pervert………” 


Only her “pervert” remark could be heard clearly for some reason. Leonhart became expressionless as he assessed the situation.

…I see, so it’s like that…

Leonhart looked up to the sky, now understanding why Hunty had tried to escape and why Ssulal’s expression was flushed, yet her gaze still focused on his lower body through the gap between her fingers.

Then, with a light smile,

…Wasabi… is spicy after all…

And, while having thoughts about trying to escape reality, he proceeded to go back to find his clothes.



Meanwhile, around that time. 

“…This wasabi, the spiciness, it’s just irresistible. It seems it would mix well with various dishes…!”

Galtia was impressed by the flavor of wasabi, the new exciting new food he had tasted. 


Author Note:

Ssulal: “…Leonhart’s sword.”

Carol: “It sure is a splendid article!”

Hunty: “………haah.”

Galtia: “Heeh, how was it?”

Carol: “Err, first of all, the length is—“

Leonhart: “Don’t discuss things that might be explained in the next chapter!”

※Not necessarily appearing in the next chapter.

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