The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Shizukuku

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Chapter 080 – Two Female Majins [A]

After taking some time to drink his tea, Leonhart left his room with Carol.

Then, as he turned to the right to immediately visit Camilla, 1



He could see that Camilla was also coming out of her room at the same time. The figure of her apostle, Shichisei, could be seen behind her. 

Both majin let their apostles close the door for them. Camilla noticed Leonhart and looked at him, so he moved to her side and said,

“…It’s been a while ago. I was just thinking of visiting your room earlier—” 

Leonhart was indirectly implying which room they should speak in, to which Camilla replied shortly with,  

“We can just talk here.” 

“Fine then.” 

Since Camilla had said so, Leonhart nodded in agreement. Certainly there were no people around, and it was rare for anyone to approach this area to begin with. Unless they had business here, it was unlikely anyone would visit the rooms of the Four Elite Majins. 

So it should be alright for them to talk here. It depended on the content of the conversation but,

…I guess she will be asking about that…

I casually tried to predict what Camilla would want to talk about in my room earlier, but the only thing that comes to mind is that matter. It’s possible that she wants to talk about something completely different though. As Leonhart thought about what Camilla might ask, he proceeded to inquire,

“So, what did you want to talk about?” 

“…I have something to ask you.” 

As Leonhart got to the heart of the matter, Camilla narrowed her eyes and, 

“—It’s about the Four Great Saint Dragon… Raizen.” 


The thing Camilla asked was exactly what Leonhart had expected her to ask. Not just Camilla, as Shichisei who was beside her seemed to be paying silent attention to his words as well. Regarding that matter, 

…As expected, it’s normal to be curious about him as fellow dragons.

Such was the impression Leonhart had. Although they were only former dragons, they were still fellow compatriots that had survived until now. Plus, it was normal for his fellow dragons to know Raizen’s name, considering how famous he was back then as one of the Four Great Saint Dragons.

Rather, it was possible that Camilla had known Raizen personally. It might be normal for dragons to be familiar with the name, but considering Camilla had called him by name,

…Regardless of the situation, I should answer her.

Both Camilla and Shichisei seemed serious about hearing his answer, so Leonhart decided to share the facts with them. Camilla then asked a specific question,

“Is it true that you fought against that Raizen and won… and that you made him your subordinate…?” 

Leonhart answered her question in a somewhat lazy manner. 

“…No, that’s not true. Our battle ended in a draw, and he only sent us back to the castle out of kindness. We promised to have a rematch after all.” 

“…A draw.” 

“Aah. I have no idea how people misunderstood that I won, but I didn’t win against him.” 

Leonhart thought it was a troublesome story. It was embarrassing for a warrior to have false rumors being spread around that he had won against an opponent that he didn’t actually win against. Looking from an organization perspective, having rumors circulating about Leonhart’s top tier ability was an effective way to increase troop morale and fuel their desire to improve. However, considering that said opponent was in a trust relationship with him now, having something that wasn’t true being spread around would only damage Leonhart’s credibility. So as a warrior and through logical reasoning, Leonhart had no intention of lying about it if asked. 

That being said, his dignity as a warrior had more value compared to his logical reasoning in this matter. He didn’t need to care much about the latter after all.

So he didn’t exaggerate the truth and told the story as it was. He continued,

“He was so badly wounded that he lacked the strength to continue the battle, and I lacked the power to finish him. That’s why we decided to have a rematch someday and then we parted ways — that’s about it.” 


Camilla’s eyes narrowed as Leonhart said that. 

However, her gaze seemed to hold a different meaning than usual. Camilla, with a rare emotional voice, spoke as she exhaled lightly,

“You managed to fight against that to a draw… and then you promised to have a rematch, huh…” 

Then she went silent as if thinking about something. 

…Is there anything about that?’

Leonhart was somewhat curious about her attitude and asked her,

“Camilla… and Shichisei, do you personally know him?” 


“No, that’s…” 

Shichisei had stood silently all this time so as to not interrupt the conversation of his master, but when he turned his gaze to Camilla, she responded by slightly raising her chin in silence. 

Leonhart guessed that meant she was allowing him to talk. As if to prove his theory, Shichisei nodded then responded,

“…Certainly… That said, I didn’t know much about him, since I belonged to a different region…” 

“Region… Now that I think about it, he did mention he was the general of the western front. Did you belong to a different part of the army?” 

As Leonhart recalled what Raizen had told him and asked that, Shichisei nodded again. 

“Yes, I belonged to the eastern front army under the lead of another one of the Four Great Saint Dragons. I didn’t have much interaction with him. I did have the opportunity to talk with him a few times, but—” 

Shichisei paused as he sorted through his memories and decided on what he wanted to say, 

“…The impression I had of him back then, if I’m speaking honestly… Well, compared to the stories I heard… He wasn’t a very dragon-like person.”

“…Heeh, I see.” 

It was quite an interesting topic. Leonhart didn’t know that Raizen held such an impression. 

But contrary to Leonhart’s interest, Shichisei’s words stagnated after saying that much.

But then Camilla opened her mouth and continued in Shichisei’s stead.

“That dragon… was quite a weirdo after all…” 

“A weirdo, huh…” 

Leonhart mumbled as he pondered Camilla’s words. 

If Leonhart were to integrate the story, Raizen was thought to be a weirdo that was not very-dragon-like. Leonhart had no idea what it was that made him not very dragon-like, but perhaps he seemed that way according to a dragon’s sense of value.

…Should I ask him about it next time we meet?

When Leonhart half-jokingly thought that, Camilla turned her gaze at him,

“…He’s somewhat similar to you.” 


Suddenly, unexpected words were muttered. 

…Which part? No, rather than that…

Leonhart made a confused noise. Then, with a little frown,

“……Is that a compliment or a complaint?” 

“…………I wonder about that.” 


He lightly admonished Camilla, who looked away. However she didn’t answer his question, 

……What does she think I am…?

Since she said Raizen was a weirdo, it meant she also thought of Leonhart as some sort of weirdo or a pervert. But Leonhart didn’t think he was that much of a weirdo, he thought of himself as a normal majin.


“…Fu-hn, whatever. I’ve asked what I wanted to—” 

As Camilla said that and was about to leave, Leonhart heard a sound from behind him. 

It was the sound of a door opening and someone stepping into the hallway.

As Leonhart looked behind him,



Kesselring was coming out from the room behind him. As he saw that, 

…Aah, now that I think about it, Kesselring is living in the room next door… 2

He then recalled that she had chosen that room as her own when she had been granted one as the new member of the Four Elite Majins. Even after he had told her she could use any room in the area, she still chose the room next to him without hesitation. Leonhart had some suspicions about the implied meaning behind her choosing that room, but he chose to not worry about it.

This was why it wasn’t unnatural to meet Kesselring here. She had the same business as Leonhart after this, so she had a proper reason for exiting her room.

And since they met, they should say something to each other. As Kesselring approached them,


“Kesselring, huh. How is it? Is the room comfortable for you?” 

Leonhart asked her that. Then, with a smile, 

“It’s comfortable, so much so that I feel it is wasted on me.” 

“Well, it did feel a little large to be used alone, but you are one of the Four Elite Majins after all. So get used to it.” 

“Isn’t this better than being too cramped?” joked Leonhart with a smile. 

“Fuh, you’re right. But it makes me feel bored. I was about to pay a visit to your room, but—” 

Kesselring then turned her gaze to Camilla, who stood behind Leonhart. Then she looked back to Leonhart and, 

“Are you busy at the moment?” 

“No, we just finished, but…” 

He said that. Camilla had definitely stated that she had said everything she wanted to say before Kesselring appeared. That would mean their business was concluded. Leonhart gave such a reply with that in mind. 

Then Kesselring nodded, moved til she was next to Leonhart, and turned to look at Camilla,

“I see… Then I guess I should give my greetings—” 

“Get lost.” 


Camilla suddenly spoke with a sharp voice. 

And it wasn’t just her voice that was sharp. She also narrowed her eyes to stare at Kesselring and,

“I have nothing to say to you… Besides,” 

Camilla then looked toward Leonhart. While he was still confused by her attitude, she continued,  

“Our conversation isn’t over yet. A person like you shouldn’t interrupt.” 


A question mark floated inside Leonhart’s head. It was because of Camilla’s words. 

Then as if to reconfirm,

“…Oi, didn’t you said that you’d said everything that you wanted to say earlier—” 

“You just shut up.” 


He was forced to shut up by her sharp words. Even while talking to Leonhart, Camilla was intimidating Kesselring, 

…Now that I think about it, isn’t Camilla…

A theory came into Leonhart’s mind. But before he put it into words, Kesselring responded to Camilla. While glancing at Leonhart,

“…Fumu. He said that your conversation with him was already done, but was that a mistake?”  

“…I have no obligation to explain to you. Just quickly go away.” 

Kesselring frowned at Camilla’s words. Camilla kept speaking harshly to Kesselring, so it was an obvious reaction. Kesselring look at Camilla in the eyes, sighed and said, 

“…I wish to get along well with my fellow female majins if possible though.” 

“The very thought of it gives me goosebumps. Disappear before I change my mind.” 

“…I’ll do that then. —Leonhart.” 


The atmosphere felt so disturbing that Leonhart thought it might be better to not interrupt, but he had a shocked reaction to her sudden words. Then following that, 

“Your conversation is already over right? Then let’s—” 

“Wait. My conversation with him isn’t over yet.” 

When Camilla objected, Kesselring squinted and, 

“Why are you speaking in his stead?” 

“Fuhn… I said I’m not done with him yet. So it’s not over.” 

“…Don’t you think this is too domineering of you? He has his own will.” 

“gh…Don’t you dare interrupt my words…! Go away unless you want to get cut into pieces…!” 

“We are of the same rank. Therefore I have the right to interrupt. Besides… I don’t feel too pleased about being threatened.” 

“You actually think we are of the same rank…? Fuhn, don’t make me laugh…” 

“I might be a newcomer, but a fact is a fact. Just laugh all you want.” 

“—gh, must I tear that noisy mouth apart…!” 

“—So you’re trying to use force now. However, there’s no way I’m going to back down if it involves him.” 

Their argument was getting worse by the second. The pressure on both sides kept increasing. As Leonhart saw that, 

…Before I knew it, the situation was moments away from exploding…

The tension in the air is enough to make my skin crawl, but why are they fighting about this again? Leonhart thought as he held his head.

Leonhart could understand Camilla’s hostility since she was known for hating women. But why did Kesselring,

…No, I shouldn’t be so quick to assume. It’s not necessarily the case.

As Leonhart engaged in such wishful thinking, Camilla glanced at him,

“…Fuhn, I was wondering why you are so prickly… I guess you are in love with Leonhart, aren’t you…?” 

Like that, Camilla made a remark to Kesselring that Leonhart would have a hard time commenting on. 

However, while seeming a little surprised, Kesselring responded,

“…That’s right. And what of it?” 

She admitted it without a hint of shame in her voice, making it even harder for Leonhart to keep standing there. But if he left, this would likely develop into a battle between two of Four Elite Majins, so he couldn’t walk away that easily. It made him reluctant to interrupt their conversation. 

Meanwhile, Camilla responded to Kesselring’s question,

“Fuh, well… It just makes me feel sorry for Leonhart that he had a woman like you fall for him…”

She spoke in a mocking tone with her mouth in the shape of a thin bow. 

…Hey, don’t you think that’s going too far?

With that in mind, Leonhart thought he should at least say something in response to that. However, the moment he was about to open his mouth, Kesselring next to him raised her eyebrows and asked,

“—What did you say?” 

Kesselring, who had looked calm all this time, was suddenly radiating anger. It seemed Camilla was amused by Kesselring’s reaction. Camilla smile widened and, as if to provoke Kesselring,

“Should I say it one more time…? It made me feel—” 

“—Shut up.” 


Kesselring’s voice flew, as if to stop Camilla’s words. She used strong words, which was rare for Kesselring. Camilla was surprised for a moment when she heard that, but then her anger also rose to the surface, 

“…Did I hear that by mistake? Did you really just say such words to me—” 

“I can say it one more time if you wish to hear it again. —Shut up, that’s what I said earlier.”  

“gh! Y-you…!” 

Camilla’s expression darkened with rage. Leonhart was casually trying to fade out from the scene — not that, he was trying to casually intervene so he could stop them when necessary. 

…What should I do to calm the situation…!

This was the result of his earlier silence. As he look around for someone who could help, he casually looked at Carol who was still standing behind him,

“…It seems like this is going to take a while. Shichisei, let’s have a match to kill some time! Let’s do thumb wrestling since it won’t take long to decide the match!” 

“…Hah? Eh, no, I don’t think it is the proper time for that…” 

“Are you trying to run away from the match? I won’t allow that!” 

“…Indeed, I want to run away… in many ways.” 

Leonhart strongly agreed with Shichisei’s muttering in his heart. Leonhart also wanted to run away from the scene immediately. Rather, he was amazed at how Carol could act so casually in this situation… 

While Leonhart raised his evaluation of his apostle, Leonhart looked at the two in front of him. The two were clashing their hostility while glaring at each other.

I really want to indulge in some escapism and learn from Carol about how to focus on something else in this situation. Maybe something like big tits? There are two great pairs in front of me after all. While he had such foolish thoughts, Kesselring said to Camilla,

“…You’ve been so prickly all this time… I wonder what you are to Leonhart?” 

“What am I to Leonhart…?” 

Such was what Kesselring asked. Camilla’s words were suspended a little, perhaps out of surprise by the sudden question. 

And after a little thought, Camilla replied clearly,

“…I’m Leonhart’s — partner, so to speak.” 

Kesselring’s eyes opened wide as she heard that, 

“—Wh, at…?” 

Kesselring was astonished. Looking at their exchange, all Leonhart could think was, 

…I want to go home… 3

He began to proceed with his escapism, as he felt like this wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

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