I Was Summoned to Be a Miko, but the Guy With Me was So High-Spec that They Didn’t Need Me

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Chapter 21 – An Audience with the King

After confirming that Al, the Prime Minister, and the magicians had left the room, I looked up at the king.

My mind was in complete chaos, but I shook off my agitation and calmed down. First, I had to get through this situation. As I told that to myself, I masked all my emotions and asked the king, “I would like to know something. What is the reason Your Majesty called me to the royal palace?”

“As you may have guessed, I have a favour to ask of you. I would like your strength and cooperation in purifying the miasma within this country. I will recompense you with whatever you desire. If there’s anything else you wish to have, I will do my best to accommodate you.”

I was reminded of the miasma in the forest that I visited with Al. I didn’t think much of it at first, but there were definitely people who had been suffering from miasma until now. I originally wanted to stay out of this matter, but since I was already dragged into this mess, I wondered if there was anything I could do…

“I don’t know if my abilities will be satisfactory, but I don’t mind purifying the miasma. But when I’ve finished the purification, you must grant me freedom so that I can live a normal life in the town.”

“…So you’re saying that once the purification is completed, you don’t want any further interference?”

I could understand the king’s concerns. An otherworlder like me was a special existence in this world. It would be a problem for him if I ended up going to another country, and they still wanted to stay connected with me in case something were to happen.

“…I think this depends on the future relationship between the royal family and I”

“If that’s the case, I will commit to building trust in our relationship with you. I can promise you that I will never force you to do anything against your wishes.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“Let us move forward in our conversation without delay. Regarding the purification of the miasma, I will hasten the procedures of examining those who want to participate. I’ll entrust the command to my elder brother here so you can discuss the details with him.”

“… Brother… So you were His Highness’s elder brother. Please take good care of me… Is it okay for me to call you Jill-sama?”

It might have been because of his attire, but when I looked up, his familiar manly face looked like a completely different person. 

“I’m Jillvais Dynas, but just call me Jill. You don’t need to use honorifics … Please allow me to talk properly with you later.”

“… I understand.”

It was after my audience with the king, and I was sitting face to face with Jill in one of the castle’s many rooms.

“…I was surprised to find out that you’re the elder brother of His Highness. You were friendly with me, and you seemed like a genuine adventurer, so… Do the people in the guild know of your identity?”

“No— I’ve only told the guild master, Shiva, about my identity, but the rest don’t know of my status. I’ve been away from the capital for so many years; plus, my face isn’t that well-known outside of the castle.”

“Shiva is that one fierce-looking skinhead person right? I’ve only met him once before.”

“He’s the master of the guild, but he seldom shows his face in it. It’s running smoothly thanks to the assistance of the long-time staff.”

A moment of silence followed. Jill was the one who broke it.

“… Alphonse is truly a fool. And you aren’t ‘some stranger from another world’. You’re a cool-looking solo magician with remarkable abilities.”

“… Am I that cool? I mean…”

“You’re already cool enough. You don’t talk to anyone except me and Al. You’re polite with everyone else, but you draw a line with them. I also had a pretty hard time approaching you in the beginning.”

“That is true… Am I like that to everyone? I’m sorry.”

“In your case, it’s probably because of your circumstances. I’m not sure if I should say this, but I think Al wasn’t lying about having a great time with you.”

“I hope you’re right. But I’m glad that Al does care about me. Though I did have to endure the fact that the hands that put the slave collar around my neck were Al’s… haha…”

“You know it’s not like that. Do you think his actions till now were all lies?”

“I know… but why— why didn’t he just tell me everything? If he told me, we could figure out together the best course of action, and there’d perhaps even be a chance I’d see the king out of my own will…”

I didn’t want to say depressing things, but Jill’s comforting words made me speak my mind.

“Al is a fool…”

Incidentally, all the prior information regarding the Miko was seized by the Prime Minister, and he didn’t inform the King beforehand, so it seemed like Jill only found out I was the Miko during the audience.

I was sure that he figured out how depressed I was when he showed up. Jill said that he hadn’t lied about anything other than his identity. 

After that, the king wanted us to embark to the nearest purification site as soon as possible when the preparations were complete. But before then, he wanted me to stay in the royal capital. 

“Have you decided where to stay?”

“Not yet.”

Al had said he would reserve a room somewhere, but considering today’s situation, he probably wouldn’t.

“Alex said he’d prepare a room for you at the castle’ but you don’t seem like you’d be up for it.”

“I would like to refrain from staying at the castle. I won’t stand out with my appearance as ‘Kira’, so I’ll stay at an inn.”

“For me, I’d appreciate it if you stayed somewhere I could easily reach you … What should we do? Okay, I’ll stay in the same inn as you.”1

“No, that’s…”

“It isn’t a problem, right? I know a good place, so we can get going right away.”

It was hard to say no to him when he was being pushy while smiling.

In the end, Jill really changed his clothes, packed up his bags, and took me out to the city.

It seemed he already knew a place to stay at, and I didn’t know any inns in the capital, so I just gave up and went along with him.

We stayed in one of the inns near the main street. I seperated with Jill in front of my room, and Jill stayed in the room beside mine. 

Once I was alone, I sat on the bed and sighed deeply. The events of today came to my mind, even though I didn’t want to think about them.

“So this… I’m heartbroken…”

When I tried to speak, all my strength gave out and I collapsed onto the bed.

In the end, nothing was said for sure, and it was already over. I wondered what Al’s real intentions in approaching me were… When I remembered what Al had said and done, I felt a pain in my heart again. 

At that time, I thought I should’ve said more to Al rather than those reproaching words. But nothing came out, so I couldn’t help it anymore.

I was never a person who could freely express his own feelings in situations like that.

The next day, Jill came to me and we had breakfast together. Jill had some unfinished business at the castle, so he went back, telling me to be very careful when I went outside.

I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I slept again and took a short walk near the inn. Just like that, I spent the day doing nothing.


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1 year ago

Bruhhh ou should be cold hearted after theg treated you like that to think that you will forgive them

1 year ago

“I didn’t want to say depressing things, but Jill’s comforting words made me speak my mind.”

What comforting words? All he did was make excuses for Al and the PM, I agree with Leiarhine. No-one will respect you if you can’t even have the most basic respect for yourself. Is this even worth reading?

1 year ago

Ngl I hate them all, even the mc
When even the king only gave the prime minister house arrest as a punishment, it’s already a lost cause

1 year ago

Man, Im heartbroken too. And yes, Al is a real fool.

1 year ago

So sad. What a betrayal.

1 year ago

Al’s an idiot.
I still feed bad for Al a bit, but the trauma is intense.
I’m not feeling this Jill ship tho