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Chapter 003 – Dear Tenma, Apparently I was Reincarnated as a Baron’s Daughter II

“Well, let’s think of the process to achieve this goal. First of all, since I am the only child of the family, then that means the Linier family would need a successor eventually… I guess I can only ask Father and Mother for this.”

To be honest, before Sophie’d regained her memories of her past life, she would have made this completely unreasonable request.

Sophie’s mother, Ena, had a weak body. It was already a miracle that she had managed to give birth to Sophie. Asking for another child would have been no different from asking her to die.

But since Sophie had regained memories of her past life, she understood that her mother had a weak body.

Her mother had been sickly since childhood and spent her days mostly in bed. Due to her weak body, she rarely appeared in social circles. The one time she attended a party was the very day she met Sophie’s father Edgar who she went on to marry.

Even after getting married, her lifestyle remained one of constant bedrest. She didn’t exercise, she ate poorly, and never went out under the sun. Even a healthy person would become sick before long with a lifestyle like that. There was no way for her body to gain strength. It was already a miracle that she ever managed to give birth.

Perhaps thinking that that one miracle was enough, Sophie’s father became overprotective of mother.

Even the mansion Sophie currently lived in was a villa that her father had built specifically in the health resort region for her mother.

Although Sophie’s father, Edgar, currently held the position of baron, he was formerly the third son of a family of the gentry1.

Despite being below the aristocracy, compared to commoners he led a rich life and didn’t struggle with money.

In the olden days, aristocrats didn’t have to work—there were times that doing so was considered shameful—but by the time her father was a young man, those ideas had faded.

Since he was the third son, her father was unable to inherit the house. Instead, he started a business with a loan from the family, and the trading company he built found success in trading with foreign nations.

He didn’t have a particular desire to become a noble.

However, he had fallen in love at first sight, so in order to marry Mother, who was the daughter of a viscount, he used his riches to buy the title of baron. That was the story of how they got married.

In short, Father fell in love with a woman of a higher status, took her as his bride, and spoiled her to death.

It was alright to love someone, but Sophie thought it was poisonous to be overprotective. In her previous world, there was a phrase: gentle abuse. It referred to overprotection and over-interference in the name of affection. Doing everything for someone couldn’t end well.

“First of all, I need to manage her sleep habits, let her walk around every morning as exercise, let her bathe in some sunlight, and do some radio calisthenics, I guess? Also, I need to massage some spots with poor blood circulation. And then—“

Food shouldn’t be forgotten.

The food in this world had little seasoning, and the cooking methods were limited to either grilling or boiling.

Sophie was certainly a girl born in the Orlando Kingdom. However, now that she had the memories of her past life, her standards for food became those of a Japanese.

Because he grew up in an orphanage, Tasuku had eaten less food compared to those who grew up with their family.

However, Tasuku had a friend named Tenma.

Although Tenma didn’t inherit his house, his parents were doctors, and he lived in a large house, true to his status as second generation rich. Also, Tenma, his parents, and his elder sister Suzuka were quite the gourmets.

When Tasuku was a little kid, Tenma shared his food with Tasuku without even realizing how much it was worth.

As a result, Tasuku grew into some sort of a gourmand. When he became an adult and first ate food that he bought with money he had earned, he finally realized how much Tenma’s food had been worth, but it was too late to turn back. Most of Tasuku’s income went into food expenses. 

Tasuku had fun trying out new ingredients and seasonings, and in order not to waste any of the food he bought, Tasuku’s repertoire of recipes kept growing. 

Before he knew it, Tasuku had turned cooking into his hobby.

The fact that Suzuka, who was two years older, taught Tasuku how to cook meals and snacks every time he went to Tenma’s house also played a major part. She boasted that “Even men can cook!” and he had fun learning from her.  

On top of that, Suzuka was a beautiful woman with looks that were similar to Tenma’s. Tasuku couldn’t pass up a chance to be taught by such a beauty, so he practiced desperately and improved quickly.

Japan was full of delicious foods, and Japanese people love food, despite how troublesome it could be to cook. Right now, for Sophie, this memory from Japan was very strong.

“Food is important.”

The fact she was a young lady of an aristocratic family didn’t matter in face of her love of food. Food was the source of life energy.

“Okay, then to start with, should I secure some seasoning first?”

At a time like this, she was grateful that her father was in the trade business.

She would have to ask her father, who was currently working hard for the sake of his family in the royal capital rather than from the health resort villa. If it was her father, he should be able to secure something rare from another nation.

Actually, he had come home out of concern for Sophie after hearing about her near drowning experience, but now that he had seen she was alright, he would be returning to the capital. On his way, he told her to let him know if she wanted anything, so now was the time to ask.

“I guess the only common seasonings in this world are salt and pepper? 

First of all, she needed to make something delicious for her Mother to eat. She could make the seasonings she wanted later on.

People’s preferences might vary, but the three major seasonings for Tasuku were soy sauce, miso, and vinegar.

Vinegar should have existed since they had wine. Even if it didn’t, she could just make it.

As for soy sauce and miso, since soybeans also existed in this world, she should be able to make it if she wanted to. It might be hard to make it from scratch, but it should be possible. No, she would make it happen!

“But, I wonder if miso could be established as seasoning in the Orlando Kingdom?” 

No matter what she made, she would need to start from scratch.

If she only made it for her own enjoyment, she wouldn’t have enough funds. Therefore, she would advance on the premise of selling it on top of making some for her and her mother.

If it became popular, maybe her father would invest in it.

Miso was good for the body. If people didn’t like the taste, she could still sell it as medicinal soup. 

“I also want bonito flakes.”

She had not heard anything about bonito fish in the Orlando Kingdom, but perhaps something similar existed that could be used to make bonito flakes.

Yeah, I feel like I can do anything if I try my best.

She suddenly felt motivated. She put on an imposing stance and a fearless smile, when she heard a knocking sound on the window of the balcony. Surprised, she approached the window and found a boy standing outside.

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