Refuse Harem

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Chapter 028 – Dear Tenma, I Am Already Thirteen Years Old. I Have Become a Fine Lady V

“It is an honor. It makes me confused whether this is a dream or reality.”

First of all, Sophie showed her joy to the fullest. She muttered with a girl-like expression.

“…However, for me who lacks knowledge of the society and never attended tea parties like a girl of my age should, I think I am not qualified for it. It makes my heart tremble at the thought that I might damage the honor of Viscount Harris-sama’s name.”

Next, Sophie shook her eyelashes as she shared her complicated thoughts and made her body tremble as if she was frightened. Since she was in a girl’s body unlike her past life, it was important to keep a girl-like attitude.

Viscount Harris worriedly put his finger on his mouth at the sight of a quivering pretty girl. However, that very Viscount Harris seemed to interpret that as her being humble due to the peculiar insensitivity of men.

“No, ever since you came to seek my help regarding the matter of the cultivated land, I have admired your wisdom, insights, and ability to take actions. Although this might sound rude, it makes me regret that you were born as a woman. If only you were born as man, I would have adopted you as my foster son.”

Sophie’s father’s cheek trembled for a moment when he heard the matter regarding adoption. As a person who treasured his family more than his own life, he must have thought that was something that couldn’t be taken as a joke. But as expected of him, he merely showed such stiffness only for a moment.

That means all my actions disqualify me as a young lady, but is that really okay?

As expected, an ordinary young lady wouldn’t show her ability to take action by doing business. Sophie began to understand why Bart and Creto called her a heresy of a young lady.

Viscount Harris might have seen it favorably due to the close relationship between their families, but it was doubtful if other aristocrats would treat it the same way.

Sophie had already resolved to spend her days as a young lady ever since she regained her past life’s memories, but she couldn’t deny the result was a little derailed from the stereotype. For such a person to go to a flower garden where real young ladies gathered, she doubted she could adapt properly.

“Viscount Harris-sama…”

It was time to launch the all-out attack! Sophie opened her mouth with that in mind, but stopped as she heard tableware clinked somewhere.

As Sophie looked toward the source of the sound, she saw her stunned mother drop her knife and fork on her plate. It was rare for her mother considering she usually had perfect etiquette.


When Sophie called out to her, her mother who came to her senses put both of her hands to her mouth and rejoiced.

“What a wonderful thing. To think Sophie can enroll in the ‘Queen’s Rose’…”


Her eyes glistened as she whispered as if she saw a dream, just like a girl would.

“It’s the dream of all young ladies of the Orlando Kingdom to be admitted to the ‘Queen’s Rose’! It feels like a dream! To think Sophie would get the chance to attend the same academy as Milia onee-sama!”

Milia was the name of Viscountess Harris.

“I also have the same thought. I wished I could spend my time in the same learning place as you, but you couldn’t attend due to a weak body despite the fact that you were qualified… I had always wished that you would eventually go there someday.”

At the words of Viscountess Harris, Sophie’s mother muttered “well…” as she stared at her with both joyful and sad eyes,

Eh? …Eh?

“I thought it would be wonderful if it happens when I heard about it from my husband. To have your daughter spend her days at the ‘Queen’s Rose’ which is both the place I studied at and the place of your dream. When I thought of that, I felt like I returned to that time.”

Viscountess Harris and Sophie’s mother spoke graciously of their past and seemed to return to their days back then.

There was Viscount Harris with his gentlemanly smile and Viscountess Harris, who spoke of her memories of her days back then, in front of Sophie. On her side, there was Sophie’s mother, who showed her heartfelt happiness for her daughter being allowed to be admitted as if her own dream was fulfilled, and Sophie’s father, who watched over her with tears of happiness.

Ah, no good… this is something I can’t refuse.


By the end of the night, Bart was inside a room that was prepared by the Linier family.

Bart, Creto, and Eric were granted a dormitory room. But apart from that, they were also granted a room in the main residence of the Linier family.

Since they returned late tonight, he chose to stay at the main residence.

The main residence was large and luxurious. Given the assets of the Linier family, this wasn’t surprising. However, the head of the household was busy with his work, and the lady of the house also didn’t hold many parties since she didn’t like flashy things. This was despite the fact some aristocrats did so every night.


The room Bart was in was either for managerial position of Linier merchant group or butlers of the house.

There was a light brown carpet, a table and sofa with beautiful carving by wood carving craftsmen, a bar counter, and collection of books in the room. Perhaps the room was comparable to the reception room used by other aristocrats, considering its size and furnishing. There was also a fireplace in the room, giving warmth to everyone inside.

Instead of sitting on the dark brown velvet sofa, Bart stood in front of the fireplace and threw the cards inside his jacket’s inner pocket into the fire.

“What, you won’t give it a reply?”

“It’s you, huh…”

The one who called him out from behind was Creto. He also took out cards from his inner pocket and threw them into the fire just like Bart.

Those cards were given by the maids of the viscount family they visited today as if to compete. There were names, addresses, and sweet words written on the cards.

Just due to the fact they both have managerial positions in the Linier Merchant group made them the best possible marriage candidate for them. On top of that, both of them had good facial features. It was hard for them to have a chance to meet a man who had both good income and appearance. It was unavoidable for the maids to become that desperate.

“I’m grateful they are interested in me because I am affiliated to the Linier Merchant group, but I wonder what expression they would have if they learned that I was an orphan who was left for dead back then?”

“If all they care about are current circumstances, I’m sure many women wouldn’t care about your past.”

On the contrary, it might even make many women feel pity for their past and be impressed to learn they manage to reach their success in the present.

From Creto’s perspective, he was sure he would have died if not for Sophie picking him up back then. It really wasn’t something he could joke about. He honestly didn’t want to remember the memories before he was picked up.

As he watched the card burning in the fireplace, he let out a subtle laughter.

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2 years ago

I absolutely despise that kind of way of thinking. By assuming that anyone and everyone would be happy about it they try and force her into doing something she doesn’t want to do without even bothering to listen to her opinion or feelings on the matter.

2 years ago
Reply to  jayswing103

To be fair. She stops herself before she manages to say it out fully that she doesn’t want to go there so it is not like they truly know her true opinion yet.

And she would rather deal with the extra time waste and make her mother happy and start some of her operation likely a tad later than disappoint the mother that lost the very same life she would have had if she hadn’t been so sickly.

They aren’t forcing her. They just assume, logically based on the place reputation and girls desire and dreaming about wanting to go there, that she simply thinks she doesn’t deserve it, humility and all that rather than truly not wanting it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Spirit

that being said, everyone could see that Sophie is not stereotype young lady from the way she behave, so it is weird to assume she would be happy by receiving the same thing her mother wanted to.

1 year ago
Reply to  jayswing103

could be assumed as parent wanting their child do better than they were.