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Chapter 046 – Dear Tenma, This is Sudden, But Do You Know Fujoshi?

I declared that I wouldn’t write a letter to Tenma for some time the other day, but because an important matter has occurred, I have to retract my statement.

Indeed, it is a very important matter.

This is the matter in question, but it seems, the first friend I made in the Girl’s Academy is a fujoshi.

Do you know fujoshi?

Don’t you remember what Suzuka nee-san explained to us when we watched the TV report back then? It’s that thing where women see a romantic situation between a man and another man.

It is indeed a challenge against the universe.

The universe is wide, and there’s not only one world out there.

Love is not only a single form, but has many kinds of forms.

It was the joy within the girls’ thoughts, with an insatiable spirit of inquiry to learn about love.

…Yep, I also don’t understand what I am saying anymore.

Anyway, if you put together what Suzuka nee-san told us, if two men decide which of them are top or bottom, that thing could be seen as a form of love, right?

It is said that due to the difference between which one is the top and the bottom, opinions might be divided between friends, so much so that cracks might form between girls’ friendships?

But I don’t understand why such opinions between who is top or bottom is so important to them that it could cause cracks in friendships between women.

Well, to be honest, I don’t understand how a man could be paired with another man to begin with.

Men have no tits. Yes, men have no tits, have no tits!

Basically, I am saying I hardly feel any happiness touching flat chests.

Because I am a representative of the flat chest, exactly because I am a girl with a flat chest myself, my words mean a lot!

I want to tell you exactly because I am in possession of a flatland which lacks excitement, exactly because my tits are like that! 

Touching this feels no different than touching one’s back… you know!

When we were born as male, isn’t it normal we that we seek a big soft bulge instead of a flat back? We don’t need it to be that large, even a humble bulge is love, it is indeed love!1

Don’t you think it’s normal for us to want to touch such love? Then isn’t it normal for me to want to touch one myself, right?!

………Hm? My topic got derailed, you say?

Let’s drop the topic regarding tits. It seems I got derailed there.

Ah, but Tenma, don’t get me wrong.

Even if Lilina-sama has a fujoshi’s line of thought, I didn’t feel any discomfort about it. It’s just, I am quite ignorant regarding that topic, so I feel sorry for her for being unable to share such feelings between fellow friends.

Even though Lilina-sama told me about that so happily, I can’t even understand what she said. Forget understanding, I don’t even get what she meant and could only give her an ambiguous smile. It’s a pity that I can’t give a nice reply to what Lilina-sama told me.2

If only I knew it would turn out this way, I regret that I didn’t learn more about it during my previous life.

Haah… It makes me disappointed in myself for not being so well-learned.

“Here you go, Sophie. Volume three!”

“Wo… wow… thank you very much.”

Although Sophie was happy to receive the copy of volume three following the volume two she received earlier, she had mixed feelings about it.

“The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy” was a very interesting story to her. However, due differences in value, Sophie was unable to share in some parts of what Lilina was talking about, so she felt quite alienated by it.

Sunny also happily read this story, but she read it not with a fujoshi’s value, instead enjoying the friendships between Nicole and Leold.

I thought my twenty five years of life as Tasuku impeded my understanding about that, but it seems Sunny held the same value as mine… in that case, how can I learn to be more sympathetic to Lilina-sama’s thoughts?

Not just Lilina, even her followers also interpreted that story that way, so when Sophie listened to them talking, it gradually made her understand whether they were talking about delusion or reality.

Err, is it about the scene where Leold falls at first sight to Nicole? But there’s also an interpretation that says Nicole is the one who fell at first sight to Leold. So which was it? Or are both of them true? Huh? Isn’t there an interpretation where they are in love with each other as well?

Sophie couldn’t help but reread it again from the first volume, but there was no such depiction written there. She also reread the second volume, and there was still no such depiction.

Is it referring to the scene where Nicole said Leold’s hair and eye color are beautiful? Huh? Or was it Leold who complimented Nicole’s colors instead?

Sophie reread the first volume again. There was a scene depicting the color of hair and eyes although it was slightly different to what was talked about. The scene written there was about Leold saying that Nicole’s black hair and eye color was rare for a commoner, something that was depicting a sense of discrimination instead.

Anyway, Sophie couldn’t find any depiction where they were complimented. Indeed, there was no such a thing. If Leold truly thought such lines were complimenting Nicole, then Sophie would proceed and hit him.

Just like that, since Sophie went to reread the story to confirm what Lilina and her group was talking about, Sophie gradually memorized the story. However, regardless how much she memorized, there were still parts that she couldn’t find.

The story that Lilina and her group were talking about surely existed somewhere in the story.

So Sophie felt pained since she couldn’t find it.

Perhaps Sophie still had a dark expression when she was invited to a tea party by her beloved onee-sama, so Christina ended up worrying about Sophie.

“I thought you got along well with Lilina and her group ever since that event, but did something happen?”

Recently, Christina began to ask a lot of things about Sophie.

Whether it was about what Sophie was talking about with Lilina and her group, about what Sophie did after school, what snack, flower, and jewelry Sophie loved, and other things.

Sophie always put herself in a listening role, thinking Christina wouldn’t find things about Sophie to be interesting, but Christina went through all the trouble to hold a tea party just for two of them instead.

Although Christina spoke in a devious tone when they were riding horses back then, Sophie still thought Christina was a kind person after all. Sophie could feel Christina’s strength within and her tender beauty which went beyond her beautiful appearance. 

Sophie apologized for making such a beautiful person worried about her.

“Lilina-sama and her friends are very kind to me, so I am happy and enjoyed our time together, it’s just…”

Sophie was worried for a while whether she should explain about it, before timidly asked Christina.

“Christina onee-sama, have you read the story of ‘The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy’?”

“I have.”

Christina put her fan on her mouth and tilted her head as she couldn’t understand why the topic suddenly jumped to the story.

“I have read the written copy that Lilina-sama made, but…”

“Is it not interesting?”

“No, the story itself is very wonderful and interesting! It’s just, I am so lacking that I’m unable to read things between the lines…”

“Between the lines?”

“Yes, there should be something depicted between the lines, but I’m unable to read it.”

There should be something depicted between the lines. Whether it was something not depicted in words, or it needed a mind eye to read, or whatever reason Sophie lacked that she was unable to read it.

Unless Sophie could read that part as well, she couldn’t consider herself full-fledged friend with Lilina. Sophie wanted to be a full-fledged friend with her.

It seemed Christina was able to understand Sophie’s hard to understand explanation as she laughed.

“Aah, there seem to be some people who read the story that way.” 

Apparently it was quite famous for the story to be read that way, and Lana was unexpectedly one of them. She seemed very excited every time a new volume came out.

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Thanks for the chapter~
A solution for this is just leave them be and let their imagination run wild while you just stand there and listen lul
Try to follow them down that hole just gonna give you more emotional damage if you can’t tolerate these kind of things

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she want to be understanding friend.