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Chapter 053 – Dear Tenma, I’m Enjoying My Vacation Right Now

A long vacation! How sweet those words sounded to my ears.

By the way, are you resting properly?

If you don’t take a good rest, you won’t be able to move when needed.

That said, I have a lot of things to do and am unable to take a rest calmly.

During my holidays, I wanted to learn the current situation of the company, since there might’ve been some circumstances Bart was unable to explain properly in a letter.

But when I returned to the royal capital, I was just happy to see my family for the first time in a while.

Monica, who celebrated her first birthday, grew even cuter, and Michal still acted spoiled in front of his elder sister, so much so that he clung to my feet without greeting me, despite the fact that he is usually a well-behaved boy. Their cuteness might cause my brain to explode.

Bart and Eric looked fine, and I think Sunny was also happy to see her brother and childhood friends after a long time… maybe?

Although they merely exchanged greetings, this should be a happy reunion. Well, maybe?

The people who worked at the company were also energetic. Although, they cried as soon as they saw me for some reason.

I didn’t understand why they ended up crying even though we had only been apart for a few months. When I asked Bart about it, he muttered, “These guys are just…” with the expression a moment away from exploding with anger, so I chose to read the room and kept my silence.

Although I wasn’t too worried about the work since it went smoothly, I think everyone was very tired. I should bring tea that works for tiredness next time. I got a lot of those types of teas from Bart and drank them, so I will bring the type I liked the most.

Oh right, I passed the copies of the stories that Viscountess Harris requested of me over to her. She got so happy about it that she immediately proceeded to read them with my mother.

They gave great praise to “The Golden Knight and The Obsidian Boy” and liked it very much. Although I didn’t know if Viscountess Harris was one of the people who could read between the lines of the story, there were things that were better left unknown; some mysteries were best left as mysteries.

After the New Year, I will go to Talis along with Lilina-sama. Although I am worried whether I can do it properly since it was my first time playing together with a friend outside the school, it should be alright since Bart and Sunny will accompany us.

I look forward to going to Talis even now since I can meet Creto there.

If I have any interesting stories, I will tell Tenma about them, so just look forward to it!

Although it used to be a two-day trip to Talis by carriage, that time had shortened thanks to the newly paved road, allowing them to reach Talis in less than a day. 

But it was still a long journey. Although Sophie was worried that Lilina would get bored, there was constant conversation in the carriage.

They were talking about their respective onee-samas, about stories they read, and about things that happened during the holiday.

Michal, who tagged along on their journey after all, was listening to the conversation between the two young ladies with a smile. Even though there was no way that young Michal could understand what they were talking about, the younger brother who felt happy just being beside Sophie was also loved by Lilina.

They departed early in the morning and arrived at sunset, so Lilina and Michal wanted to rest immediately. Under the direction of Creto, who also managed the villa, the guest room was decorated in a way that girls would like. The gentle shades of the curtain were lowered, and the canopy curtain was full of laces that looked luxurious. The table and chairs were decorated with rose carvings and the upholstery of the chairs was gorgeous yet cute with red- and beige-colored stripes.

Just like Bart, Creto also had a good sense since he usually came in contact with high-quality goods. Lilina praised how wonderful the room was the moment she saw it.

Once Lilina and Michal fell asleep, Sophie went to her room, surrounded by a lot of paperwork.

“This is something that a Talis union member wishes Sophie-sama to see.”

“Oh my, so it’s a new product proposal.”

Inside the booklet presented by Bart, there were descriptions of cute snacks for women and instructions on how to make them. A wide range of packaging designs was also proposed, from high-end packaging to affordable ones.

“They’d like to have a tasting party. They don’t mind even if it is held after your guest returns.”

“Alright. Give them a reply that I will adjust my time according to their schedule once Lilina-sama returns.”

“Roger that.”

Next to him, Creto presented another document this time.

“Ojou-san, this is a document about the comparison of the growth and performance of crops based on fertilizer type. I split the field and made the comparison. Although it wasn’t as if everything would be alright as long as enough fertilizer was given, Eric suggested that this certain fertilizer had better quality.”

“Oh my, as expected of Eric.”

“Also, the employees of our company wish to see ojou-san, so please go visit there next time.”

“In that case, I will go visit tomorrow since Lilina-sama wanted to look at the field. After Lilina-sama goes home, let’s have a meal together. Since I couldn’t cook at the girl’s academy, I’d like to make something soon.”

As Sophie was wondering what to cook while looking at Creto’s happy expression, they heard the door open vigorously. 

“Sophie ojou-sama, you look well!”

“Dennis, you also look well.”

The person who greeted Sophie with a lively expression, despite it being night, was a young man.

He was among the first employees of the Linier merchant group who was sent to Talis from the royal capital back then.

He was dispatched to Talis by Sophie’s father at Sophie’s request and had been involved with crop management and sugar production along with Creto in Talis ever since Sophie left for the royal capital.

Although he was practically sent away due to a selfish daughter’s whining, he seemed fine today as well.

“Hey, Dennis… do you want to return to the royal capital?”

“Ehhh! Do I have to return there?!”

Dennis seemed to like his life here so much that, despite looking forward to returning to the royal capital when he first came, he instead wore an expression of despair and raised his voice when asked if he wanted to return.

“After all, even though you managed to get a job in the capital, you ended up getting dragged here because of my selfishness. Now, you are busy with farming, accounting, and management together with Creto. I feel bad for that.”

“No, I’m originally from the countryside, so I didn’t really get used to life in the royal capital. The executives and employees from the head office are all from the royal capital.”

“I’m very grateful that Dennis is here. But I heard your parents sent their worries in their letters to you several times, so I thought I should consider someone to succeed you.”

“Creto-san! Why are you telling Sophie ojou-sama about that?!”

“No… that’s…”

Although Dennis was older, he still used honorifics for Creto since Creto held a higher position as an administrator. Although that hierarchical relationship was as good as non-existent, it was Dennis’ personality to use honorifics regardless.

“Personally, if Dennis returns to the royal capital, the work would pile up, and I’d hate that.”

“See! Creto-san also said he prefers me staying, Sophie ojou-sama!”

He looked very happy.

Sophie said that in consideration for Dennis’ future, but it seemed it was needless meddling.

“If Dennis is fine with that, I’m also grateful if you stay. But are your parents fine with that?”

“That’s fine! My parents were worried at first since ‘Talis’ isn’t well known, but Talis is now the ‘City of Food’. Not only during summer, but also many aristocrats came here to eat delicious foods in winter. It has now become a desirable resort that even people in the royal capital know about! It’s just that my hometown happens to be in the remote countryside, so they didn’t know about it!”

“Then how about inviting your parents to Talis?”


“If your parents were to see how much importance you are entrusted with by the Linier Merchant Group in this Talis, perhaps your parents would be relieved.”


Dennis’ accounting spirit he cultivated over years activated and calculations fired off in his head. The travel expenses for my parents… will be quite painful for my wallet, he thought.

Dennis just spent a considerable amount of money for his little sister’s marriage just the other day and it troubled him. But he immediately realized. Since the young lady in front of him was the one who brought up the topic, there was no way he would have to spend any money on it.

“Bart, please make the arrangement.”


Sure enough, she smiled and asked Bart to make the arrangement.


Although it was a paltry amount of money for Sophie, it was still a considerable amount for commoners. He was afraid that amount of money was paid in his stead. Even as Dennis panicked, the schedule for it had already been decided.

Creto’s laughter echoed in the room, for he managed to keep his dependable comrade.

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wait until sophie arrived to the men’s academy, and woman other than Sophie and her maid become rare.

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