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Chapter 054 – Dear Tenma, I’m Enjoying My Vacation Right Now II

“Oh my! What a lovely snack!”

Lilina shouted so as she saw baked snacks and cakes in the shape of flowers and animals.

The store they currently ate at was not the most famous store in Talis for nothing, with the display of a lot of snacks that women wanted to eat at least once, there were also many types of teas, and their packaging were very elegant.

“That rose snack I got from Sophie was delicious, but this snack looks delicious as well!”

“Ojou-sama, please come over here.”

The store manager offered two star-shaped brown snacks on a beautiful plate.

“Lilina-sama, this is a snack that can only be obtained from Talis now. It’s called chocolate, and it’s a high-class snack which is famous in the Daksha Kingdom.”

“So it’s a snack from a foreign nation!”

Lilina’s eyes gleamed at Sophie’s explanation. It seemed Lilina was a girl who had a longing for objects from foreign nations.

“Yes. But the snack available here tastes different from that of Daksha Kingdom’s. There are samples available, so you can check the taste first.”

“Oh, is that okay?”

“Of course it is. Please go over there. We’ll also prepare some tea.”

The staff of the shop guided her to the next room as if they already prepared it from the beginning.

The room she was guided to was offered only to special guests. Freshly brewed teas were prepared on the table.

“This sugar is in the shape of a rose. How lovely…”

The sugar in the tea was in the shape of a small rose. Sophie requested that to be made through letters when she learned that Christina loved roses, but Sophie didn’t expect the product was already completed.

Everyone sure works fast…

Sophie was impressed at the speed of her people’s work while she listened to Lilina’s praise of the lovely sugar.

“Lilina-sama, please try this chocolate before adding sugar to your tea. This chocolate is a sweet snack, so you might not want your tea to be too sweet.”

Lilina first ate the chocolate just as she was told to. The moment it entered her mouth, Lilina’s expression of surprise with widened eyes looked very cute.

“This is very delicious! I’ve never eaten such a smooth and sweet snack. My mouth is filled with happiness.”

“At this shop, we are more particular about the combination of sugar and milk compared to Daksha Kingdom, and the creamy mouthfeel also tastes superb as it spread in our mouth, so I think this would be especially popular among women.”

“It’s wonderful! I wonder if Lana onee-sama has ever eaten this before?”

“Considering Lana onee-sama is a gourmet1, I think she should have eaten the chocolate of Daksha Kingdom, though I doubt she ever ate Talis’ chocolate before. It is a product we recently made. I think Lana onee-sama would prefer our chocolate instead. Daksha’s chocolate had a strong bitterness after all.”

“It must be true since Sophie says so! I will give this to Lana onee-sama as a souvenir!”

“In that case, I’ll make arrangements so it’ll arrive by the time we return to the dormitory.”

“Thank you, Sophie!”

“It’s nothing. This is something I also wanted to give to the onee-samas after all.”

Bart quietly left the room as he listened to the conversation of the lovely young ladies. It was to stop Lilina’s maid that she brought along from paying. Although Bart gave off a tough atmosphere, the maid’s cheeks flushed because of how manly Bart was when he stopped her.

“I will take care of it instead.”

The maid’s thought froze at his gentle tone and smile. As Bart sent the fascinated maid back to Lilina’s side, Creto was looking at Bart as if he just saw something disgusting.

“Have you ever shown that kind of face to our ojou-san?”

“If I did, she’ll just mistake me for being ill.”

“Aah… I’m glad. So you’re aware of it.”

“Sophie-sama is the one who first taught me this method, though.”

Even though that young lady was the one who taught it to him, Bart was sure she would doubt his sanity if he did it to her.

Creto glanced at the next room. Sophie couldn’t have seen it since the door was closed, but if she did see Bart’s smile, she would think Bart was mentally exhausted from working too much.

“So, how much should we prepare?”

“Let’s see…”

They chose the largest wooden box that contained ten chocolates and told the store to have a few boxes of it ready in a few days. It cost them quite an amount in terms of money.

In the first place, it was a high-class snack even in Daksha Kingdom, the very place that produced the ingredients. Exactly because they imported the ingredients, modified them, and made them taste better, even a common aristocrat couldn’t easily buy a single box of them.

If that maid from earlier were to pay for it, she would definitely be surprised by the cost. However, the two guys showed no surprise from the amount and began to check whether they bought enough.

As they considered the goods were perishables and they could just send more if it wasn’t enough, Sophie and others left the room.

Their next schedule was to go and see the cultivation of “amane.” It was a course where they rode a carriage, saw the field on the way, and toured the sugar factory. The two guys moved quickly and guided the young ladies.

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