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Chapter 184 – Dear Tenma, Watch Out For Sleep Deprivation IV

That’s right. In the first place, that guy had never been able to win against Sophie either…

Because Bart learned Ferio was a member of the royal family, he had the illusion that Ferio had given the order domineeringly, but people wouldn’t change that much.

During childhood, Ferio was shaken, worried, and complained about Sophie’s every move――to be honest, it wasn’t once or twice that Bart pitied him.

Bart was sure the one who would have a hard time from now on wasn’t Sophie, but Ferio instead.

After heaving another heavy sigh for the who-knows-how-many-ith times since they reunited, Bart continued his words without giving up.

“I am well aware of how great Sophie-sama’s ideal is regarding this matter, and how much effort you put into making it come true. However… should you fail, you’ll be ruined, you know?”

Bart thought that by emphasizing the seriousness of the situation and implicitly mentioning the possible tragic end, Sophie might change her mind a little, but her eyes didn’t waver at all.

“That’s right. But if I succeed, this nation would earn a bountiful source of water. People’s lives would change greatly if it was realized. For the sake of reaching that future, I swore to accomplish it.”

They were quiet words, but the determined voice made Bart gasp.

Even though the fresh green eyes behind her hazy eyelashes had a soft color, they emitted a stronger light than the early summer sun. They were the eyes Bart had always seen since his childhood.

“I want you people to understand that and help me.”

There was a passion in those words, woven with sincerity.

It was the passion that made people think that she would be able to easily make even the most difficult things come true.

How many people had devoted their love and respect to that passion?

Bart pressed his forehead as if trying to endure a headache and wordlessly lowered his gaze to the carpet.

Bart, who was usually quick to respond, went silent, which made Sophie look at his face.

“Err… is that not good?”

“…It’s not a matter of not being good, since there’s no way we could say no to begin with.”

“That’s not true! I don’t want to force you!”

Sophie would honestly feel pained if she didn’t get help from Bart and Eric, but she didn’t want to force them.

The matter was too big to get involved with Sophie’s ideal.

Not only did Sophie have no idea how long it would take, but they would have to deal with more high-ranking aristocrats than they ever had. The number of nerve-wracking scenes would increase, and the accumulation of knowledge would be essential.

“I’m well aware of how much of a burden my request would be for you. That’s enough to give you the right to refuse―”

“There’s no such a thing.”

Bart said that, cutting her off.

However, it was definitely not out of the sense of duty as her attendant.

“Ever since that day when Sophie-sama told us you would bring us to the capital, we chose to protect you by our own will. That resolve wouldn’t shake with just that.”

Regardless of what Sophie would do or where she would go, as long as she acted according to her conviction, they would obey.

As Bart declared that straight to Sophie, it made her blink.

They had been always helping and accompanying her since they were little. 

To this day, Sophie lost count of how many times their existence had saved her.

Even though that was enough, he said they would continue in the future?

“……Thank you. That’s very reliable of you.”

While giving a heartfelt smile and gratitude, Sophie suddenly noticed.

Bart told Sophie it represented everyone’s will, but Sophie didn’t receive Eric’s consent. When she hurriedly moved her gaze to Eric, she saw him correcting his posture without the slightest movement but with his usual expressionless face.

When he met Sophie’s eyes, he finally opened his mouth.

“How long has the topic progressed?”

The first conversation after the reunion was a matter-of-fact conversation, which didn’t show his confusion at all.

“Err… Can I consider Eric is also willing to help?”

“You don’t even need to ask. Eric is used to Sophie-sama’s initiative, so he’s quick to grasp the situation.”

Bart had a grumpy look for some reason as he said that.

Eric, the closest person who had seen and heard from Sophie regarding the planning and designing of the sewage treatment since he was young, had a different background than Bart and the others who dealt with cultivating land.

“When he heard about it, it even got him tingling, which is rare for him.”

“Oh my.”

From Bart’s perspective, Eric’s temperament as a researcher seemed to have gone too far, but considering it was Sophie who raised him, he could only say it was meant to be.

“――Then let’s omit the introduction and tell you straight. I want Eric to take the exam at the Institute of Medical Science.”

When Sophie told them he would be permitted to enter the academy and the institute if he passed, the one who raised an astonished voice wasn’t Eric but Bart. He was looking at Eric, who sat next to him, with concern.

“That’s, would Eric… would a commoner be allowed to do so?”

“Lorenzo-sama is a rare person who prioritizes his thirst for knowledge over his pride as a noble, so you can rest assured. Since it’s Eric, I think he will be fine.”

They mainly communicate through exchanging letters, but if Eric was in a position where he could quickly answer Lorenzo’s questions, it would be possible to share information without any time lag. This is a big difference.

It would be quickest if Sophie could personally go there, but due to her status as the purple star, if she kept visiting the institute too much, it would naturally be brought up that it would be better for her to summon Lorenzo instead. Sophie wanted to avoid that if possible.

“I’m fully aware I’m asking for a difficult role. Are you still willing to accept it?”

“Yes. First, I need to pass the exam, right?”


Hearing Eric’s immediate acceptance, Sophie was the one who became worried instead.

“You could think about it more, you know?! Since Eric would be my representative, I don’t think they would treat you roughly, but every member of the institute is a noble, and the silver star is full of weird people!”

There were Lorenzo and Nert. Although they aren’t members of the institute, there were also Remiel and Vincent.

Just the few people that crossed her mind already showed how quirky they were. So much so that Sophie thought people couldn’t be a silver star unless they were quirky people.

“……Oh my? The more I think about it, the more worried I become. What should I do if Eric ends up tainted by those quirky people? As expected, I should have thought of another method…”

As Sophie began to hesitate after all this time, Eric shook his head slightly.

“I have immunity in that regard, so there’s no need to worry.”

“Eric should be okay in that regard. I don’t think I could find a quirkier person in this world than you.”

Although they expressed it differently, their words implied the same thing, which made Sophie think with a straight face.

I wonder why? Even though there’s no doubt I was cared for, what they said didn’t seem much different than Gerald and the black stars…?

With the sound of the door opening, Sophie and her attendants came out of the room.

The discussion didn’t last long, but it seemed there was something that Sophie wasn’t convinced about, since she had a dissatisfied expression with puffed cheeks. On the other hand, her attendants had refreshed expressions.

The relationships between master and servants in the Linier family seemed as mysterious as the girl who made Gerald’s head hurt.

Then the young man who spoke in a rough tone earlier approached Gerald, stopped in front of him, and bowed down respectfully.

“I’m sorry for my rudeness earlier.”

It was a well-organized voice in contrast to his earlier furious voice. He gave a courteous bow, which made one think this side of him was his usual attitude.

“However, this person is more important for the Linier family and for us than our very lives――please take care of our lady from now on.”

The short words he said as he bowed his head contained extraordinary feelings.

Sophie seemed to feel that as well and called the attendant’s name with moistened eyes, but he immediately continued with “Leaving that aside,”

“As soon as our lady thinks everything is okay, she will immediately try to achieve something in a bizarre way. It could get out of control if she is left to her own devices, so please be strict with her.”


“That’s a terrible way of putting it, Bart!”

Gerald almost leaked his true thought of “That’s a heavy burden,” but if he did, the girl in front of him would immediately ask, “What do you mean by that?!” so he quickly swallowed the words.

Author Note:

I’m terribly sorry.

I thought I could end this sub arc here, but I stopped there ( ;∀;)

I’ll end it by the next one!

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