Refuse Harem

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Editor: Prius

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Chapter 072 – Dear Tenma, My Friend Became My Enemy II

For Sophie, regardless of how popular the other stories were, rather than the tales between men, she preferred tales about young ladies.

“There’s not much I can do for Sophie, who has been tasked to achieve great things… but please tell me if there’s something I can do. Don’t forget that!”

Sophie nodded to reassure her gentle friend.

Next to her was Lana, that friend’s “elder sister,” who said with excitement,

“His Highness definitely wouldn’t put Sophie in harm’s way. As proof of that, he assigned Gerald-sama to be your escort, even though he has already graduated from ‘The King’s Sword’ and become the part of the paladin order that many people can only dream of. It’s amazing that His Highness went through all the effort to call him back to ‘The King’s Sword’ for Sophie’s sake!”

“Gerald-sama… is it?”

It was an unfamiliar name. As Sophie tilted her head, Lilina whispered to Sophie about it.

“Gerald-sama is rumored to be the model of that Leold-sama.”

The moment Sophie heard that, she was inwardly disgusted.

If he’s the model of Leoleo, wouldn’t that make him a handsome dude with a bad personality… seriously…?

Unaware that Sophie suddenly lost her will to go, Lana raised her voice in excitement as she took Sophie’s hand and said,

“Please take a closer look at the men in ‘The King’s Sword’ since you’ve been given the chance to go to that place where women are forbidden to enter! If you find wonderful love between men there, please tell me about it, don’t forget about it! Especially if you find Gerald-sama together with a wonderful boy like Nicole, please describe it in detail!”

It seemed that reading between the lines also applied to real men.

Just a bit, just a tiny bit, Sophie felt a bit sorry for Gerald, whom she had never met. However, Sophie, who was strict with good-looking and handsome guys, would still prioritize the request of a beautiful young lady. Therefore, she nodded.

“That’s right. Since you got the opportunity, you have to enjoy it. Sophie, since they are men who managed to enroll in the academy, they will become useful in the future if you control them properly. You might as well create a harem there. I heard one of the kings of Daksha Kingdom also has a harem with many beautiful women. Make such a harem in ‘The King’s Sword’… oh my, I guess it should be called a reverse harem in this case?”

At Celine’s horrifying words, Sophie’s face twitched uncontrollably.

Reverse harem…? I would welcome a harem, but being surrounded by dudes is a complete and total hell. I definitely refuse that!

However, there was no way Sophie could openly refuse the remark of the beautiful, celestial maiden Celine. As Sophie mumbled, Christina reprimanded the two seniors.

“Both of you, Sophie is not going there to play.”

Even as Christina scolded the two, they merely whistled.

Leaving Lana’s request aside, Sophie wished to be spared from Celine’s order. As Sophie’s sigh passed unnoticed, Christina presented her with a dagger.

“Sophie, His Highness granted you permission to bring weapons with you.”

As Sophie grabbed it, she noticed the beautifully decorated dagger fit nicely in her hand.

“I chose this dagger myself, filled with my wish and prayer for Sophie to stay safe.”

The handle and scabbard were also decorated with beautiful rose engravings adorned with blue jewels similar to the ring Christina gave Sophie. Sophie expressed her heartfelt gratitude as she squeezed it carefully.

“Thank you very much, Christina onee-sama. I will cherish it.”

“…To tell you the truth, it pains my heart to have you carry such a burden. However, this is the thing that only you can accomplish. Because you are Sophie, not anyone else…”

The blue eyes Sophie loved swayed. Seeing her beautiful “elder sister’s” heart shaking, Sophie quietly said,

“Christina onee-sama, as a woman who thinks of nothing but the kingdom, and as my beloved ‘elder sister,’ please order this ‘little sister’ to accomplish the duty entrusted to her. If Christina onee-sama orders it, I will definitely meet your expectations.”

Even as she gave a lady-like greeting, the words she said were like those of a knight. Those words softened Christina’s expression.

“You are really…”

That voice with a rueful smile quickly turned into something graceful and more beautiful than anyone else.

“Sophie Linier, my beloved ‘little sister.’ Please accomplish your duty for the sake of the kingdom and its people. You must show the accomplishment worthy of a purple star for your brilliant steps to pave the path for the rest of the women in the kingdom. There’s no one else but you, Sophie Linier.”

“I have received your order. This Sophie Linier shall bet this name to accomplish this task. I pledge to show a worthy achievement for my onee-samas and as a lady of this kingdom.”

Sophie raised her head and looked straight at Christina.

Christina proudly stared at her “little sister,” who had the face of a pretty lady but a heart stronger than anyone else.

The season changed to spring.

It was the season when the gentle sunshine illuminated the sprouting flowers.

However, spring was also the season when strong winds blew and caused unexpected mischief.

But even if the girl in front of Christina got struck by a strong, mischievous wind, she knew she would be okay.

Filled with such confidence, Christina saw off her beloved “little sister.”

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2 months ago

gerald is definitely al

8 months ago

Is this sham of a yuri-like arc finally over? What kind of onee-sama willingly pushing her imouto into a men hell without much resistance at all? At least Rio has the decency recognizing the minefield while try (and failing due to that sham of an onee-sama) not to get between them.

8 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

That’s where the “yuri” falling apart and turns into regular friendship between women. I saw the exact scenario happened once in a yuri anthology (a normal villianessxheroine then the author slammed the prince as a husband for both in between them in the final page). That wasn’t pretty for anyone involved, author, editor and readers alike.
Oh, thank you for the translation. I forgot to put it in the end last time and made it sounded like an unappreciated complain from a grumpy yuriota.

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i really like the lady and knight aesthetic christina and sophie have…!

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Edit suggestion:

Highness would definitely put

*Highness definitely wouldn’t put

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thx for the typo report!