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Chapter 090 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~ The Puzzlement of Luca Forsell~

“Luca, a young lady of a baron family, Sophie Linier, will be enrolling in ‘The King’s Sword’. The elections for her escorts should be carried out soon. You are to apply to be a copper star escort.”

A week ago, Luca received such an order from his elder brother.

For Luca, Lorenzo Forsell was his half-brother.

However, between Lorenzo, whose mother hailed from a duke family, and Luca, who was born from a commoner mother and grew up in the outskirts, there seemed to be a wall higher than a mountain separating their statuses.

Normally, it would be impertinent of Luca to refer to Lorenzo as “elder brother.” Even so, the handsome man in front of him allowed him to do so.

After Luca’s mother passed away, it was only because of Lorenzo’s support that Luca got picked up by the Forsell family.

Surprisingly, the person with the most influence in the Forsell family was neither their father nor the eldest son. It was Lorenzo, the second son of the family.

Both their father, Marquis Forsell, and the eldest son of the Forsell family still refused to acknowledge Luca’s existence.1 

However, the “Genius of the Generation”, Lorenzo, acknowledged Luca’s existence.

That was the only thing that gave Luca value in life.

Lorenzo was the person who granted him the meaning to live.

That was why Luca reacted immediately to the handsome person known as his brother and thought he had to fulfill it no matter what.

He did, but…

“A young lady… of a baron family?”

He couldn’t agree immediately since the order was just too unusual.

Having a young lady from an aristocratic family enroll in “The King’s Sword” was impossible in the first place. It shouldn’t be happening. Even if they were part of the royal family, women couldn’t enroll in “The King’s Sword.”

Luca thought for a moment that his elder brother might have misspoke, but it was unlikely to happen considering how Lorenzo was. Therefore, Luca instead wondered if there was a problem with his hearing.

“It has not been made public yet, but it seems she is to use ‘The King’s Sword’ as the base of operations to accomplish a business she proposed. Although it has never happened before, she will be granted a purple star.”

“Purple star…?”

Luca swallowed his breath at the unbelievable remark.

The purple star was the spokesperson of the king.

It was unheard of for a woman to be granted such a thing.

No, having a woman be granted any star has never happened ever.

“The first prince and his fiancée have quite the eyes for people–that girl is a genius.”

For Lorenzo, who wasn’t bound or restricted by anything, muttered that as if admiring the girl he spoke of.

That girl was referred to as a genius by the “Genius of the Generation”.

…I wonder what kind of person she is?

Luca clenched his fists harder.

“Try your best to be liked by her as much as possible. Then report all of her activities to me.”

Luca never received such an order until now. Luca wondered whether he could make himself likable to others.

After spending days drowning in worry, the one who appeared on that day was a cute girl.

Although the girl had the same hair and eye color as Luca, she looked completely different.

Her hair reminded him of the night sky, her green eyes were fresh and bright, and her adorable lips were red and plump.

Though, it seemed she was nervous since her eyes were a little vacant.

She was certainly a girl that fit the expression “the secluded young lady.”

That cute girl just smiled ephemerally when Lorenzo talked to her. She didn’t seem to be the girl who was so gifted that she was granted a purple star and tasked to carry out a large-scale business in the future like his elder brother mentioned.

That was what Luca thought.

However, Luca’s initial evaluation collapsed after just a single day of escorting her.

She possessed both friendliness and pushiness, which made him unable to see her as “the secluded young lady” anymore. She also possessed great tolerance, given that she didn’t seem to care about being slandered, and above all, the words that came out of her mouth were very intense.

“I see, as expected of her.”

After Lorenzo read the document entrusted by Sophie to Luca, Lorenzo scooped his long, indigo, rusty hair as he nodded, convinced.

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