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Chapter 187 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~The Thoughts of Lorenzo Forsell~ II

Hearing Lorenzo’s words, Eric cast his gaze sideways, as if pondering. It wasn’t because his heart shook at Lorenzo’s terms, but because Eric was thinking about what kind of refusal would be appropriate for Lorenzo, who was respected by Sophie.

Eric thought about it for a while, but he knew well that he wasn’t as good with words as Sophie or as quick-witted as Bart.

That was why he chose to speak frankly instead.

“We were orphans of Talis.”


They had heard Eric was a commoner, but they had no idea that he was an orphan so the veterans widened their eyes.

“Unlike the street children of the royal capital, we had a place to live and little food, but there was no way we could consult a doctor if we got sick, and having appropriate treatment was just a dream within a dream. The odds of dying of illness before reaching adulthood were much higher, and even if we managed to become an adult, the most we could become was a shoe polisher or a low-level laborer at most, so the future would be filled with hard times… It’s especially true for me, whose body isn’t as sturdy, which made me always think I would pass away before I could become an adult――――Until that person appeared that day.”

Eric’s eyes were somewhat dark and lacked liveliness.

It stayed that way even during the written and oral examinations.

However, the moment he mentioned “her,” his eyes revealed a strong light.

“Children who were ridiculed for having dreams for the future were offered a hand by a beautiful girl with flowing black hair and wouldn’t show confusion regardless of the situation, wouldn’t you think it’s normal to worship such a person like a god?”

Perhaps that was the case for Eric.

Although Lorenzo only met the girl who was bestowed the purple star a few times, he could easily imagine that.

The figure of a young girl with a graceful smile and intelligent gaze, with eyes that oozed with composure and confidence to enjoy everything in this world――――

“Originally, my life should have ended long ago. That’s why I want to offer the time she extended for her sake. Besides…”

Eric continued his words as only whispers in his heart.

It’s not like Sophie-sama is invincible all the time.

Ever since she was a child, she sometimes showed melancholic eyes.

Even though she was always looking ahead, there were times she made an expression as if she had lost something important to her.

Although she showed the dignity of an aristocratic young lady, there were times she looked insecure.

There was a fleeting glimpse of an insecure child who’d been abandoned.

Wouldn’t she commit suicide out of that insecurity?

Wouldn’t she get caught in the darkness?

That was why they chose to be by her side.

As long as just one of them stayed by her side all the time, they could reach out to her when the moment came.

It was to protect her from something that had eroded within her――――

“Aren’t you too quick to give up?!”

After Eric left the room, the first person that raised his voice was Nert, who had a bitter expression on his face.

Nert was angry at Lorenzo, who was quick to accept Eric’s words and loosened his solicitation.

“You are aware of how you failed every silver star student from the exam last year! Because none of the students managed to enter the institute, it both crushed the academy’s face and we are still suffering from a shortage in personnel! At least when you see such a talented person, you ought to invite them with all your might!”

It was a blood-curdling scream.

“As I thought, shouldn’t we have at least accepted one person back then?”

One of the veteran researchers, who understood that Nert had a headache over recruiting personnel more than anyone else, murmured anxiously.

That was the first time in silver star history when all possible candidates were rejected.

That decision also surprised the academy and they immediately sent a protest inquiry.

“One of your alumni is amongst the instructors, right? He was quite pissed about it, you know? To be honest, it makes me worried whether the current students are receiving his anger because of that.”

Nert put his hand on his cheek and sighed, but Lorenzo calmly put his teacup to his mouth and spoke quietly.

“But it is also true that the students’ abilities weren’t up to par. The fact that they only managed to produce that level of abilities in the students should make them question their reasons for existing.”

“From the academy’s perspective, you are pushing unreasonable standards on them, though. What will you do if you fail everyone again this year?!”

Nert ripped his hair out with both hands and turned a pleading gaze toward Lorenzo.

“As expected, shouldn’t we recruit Eric-kun to our side at least?”

“There’s no need to be attached to him that much.”

When Lorenzo casually rejected him, the corner of Nert’s cheek twitched.

“Even though you said you’re willing to grant him three silver stars, you still said you aren’t attached to him?!”

“He had no intention of leaving Sophie-sama’s side whatsoever.”

“I heard that! Well, I also don’t think Sophie-sama would be willing to let go of such an excellent human resource, but I don’t think she would be displeased with the standing he could have earned. Eric’s success would be connected to Sophie-sama’s, so there should be no loss! That’s why, we should try…”

“In other words, he is Sophie-sama’s belonging.”

At Lorenzo’s blunt remark, Nert pointed out his lack of delicacy by saying, “Can’t you be more subtle about it?” But Lorenzo ignored it.

“Even if we changed the phrasing, he saw himself that way. In that case, there’s no need to force him to be affiliated with our side. If Sophie-sama comes to our side, he’ll also come along as a bonus.”

“I told you to be more subtle…”

“Originally, she’s the person I wanted to be affiliated with the silver star the most.”

Certainly, if Sophie joined the silver star, they would naturally get Eric as well. It would be a wish come true for the silver star, who suffered from a personnel shortage.


“But that very Sophie-sama seems harder to invite, though…”

It was close to intuition for Nert, who had been dealing with troublesome people like his silver star father and gold star uncle since his childhood.

Having qualities of both a gold star and a silver star made it troublesome. Moreover, she was the daughter of a gold star. It was hard to think she would easily come to their side.

“But she has that much worth, doesn’t she?”

Seeing Lorenzo smile with no intention of showing concern toward him, Nert could only sigh in resignation.

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