Refuse Harem

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Chapter 108 – Dear Tenma, Look at Those Birds Flying Freely in the Sky V

He really treats people roughly… Well, first of all, I need to prepare for the meeting with Lorenzo-sama in a few days. I need to clear that task first.

Her thoughts stopped as her hand turned the page.

She definitely wanted to learn about the rare information about God’s Mountain she’d never heard elsewhere. As she thought of concentrating on reading and raised her gaze for a moment, she saw a person sitting across the table.


She was so surprised that she almost screamed.

The handsome ghost from earlier was sitting across from her.

She didn’t notice at all when he sat there. Regardless of how concentrated she was, she didn’t even notice his presence and footsteps.

So he is a ghost after all?! As Sophie was astonished, she noticed the ghost was reading something.

Can a ghost touch a book? Do they read books? Ah, but he did grab a book for me earlier.

The more she thought about it, the more she started to find it weird. Was that handsome dude really a ghost?

As Sophie calmed her rushing heartbeat down, she looked at the ghost properly. His white skin certainly reminded her of a beautiful statue, but he had a proper complexion.

Ah, so he’s a human. The moment she understood that, she noticed that what he was reading wasn’t a library book but her notebook instead.

“—Hey! Why are you reading people’s things without permission!”

Even when Sophie pointed that out, the silver-haired handsome dude didn’t seem bothered and opened his mouth slowly.

“What is written here?”

Although the voice had a lower tone than Sophie’s and completely belonged to that of a man, it felt like a beautiful sound made by a musical instrument. While the tone sounded dignified, his attitude was irreverent. With an elbow on the table, he pointed at Sophie’s note.

“I told you, why are you looking at people’s things…”

“What language is this?”

The silver-haired handsome dude was pointing at the part of a letter to Tenma Sophie wrote to kill time during the silver star’s class.


That’s Japanese. But there was no way Sophie could say that. Even if she did, there was no way for him to understand either.

“They are characters I have never seen before. Some characters would take some time to be written, yet some characters looked similar to a kid’s scribbling. Which nation is this letter from?”

Perhaps he meant the difference between kanji, katakana, and hiragana, but his tone was so high and mighty that it didn’t sound like a question at all.

It’s rare to find a nation that used several types of characters even in my previous life, and considering it is a language that doesn’t exist in this world, it is normal to wonder about it. Even so, don’t read people’s things without permission!

“Rather, who are you?!”

Sophie couldn’t endure it, stood up, and said that with a rough voice, yet the silver-haired handsome dude only looked at her with a blank expression. His long silver eyelashes shook as he blinked. Although he was an unscrupulous man, that expression of his looked a little cute.

Then Sophie remembered that she didn’t thank him properly for picking the book for him, so Sophie regained her thoughts and sat back in the chair.

“Please excuse me. I am Sophie Linier. Thank you for grabbing the book for me earlier. But please don’t read other people’s letters without permission.”

“A letter? On this scrap paper?”

“That… is something I wrote to kill time, and I intended to write it properly in my notebook later.”

“Don’t you mean on writing paper?”

The man was being particular about every little thing. And he sounded very rude at that.

I already introduced myself here, so you should introduce yourself too!

Since he had short hair and a big attitude, Sophie thought he was a black star bearer, so she looked at where the star would normally be adorned, but he didn’t have any star.

Is he a staff member? Maybe a librarian… but he didn’t seem to be one. He’s still young after all…

The silver-haired handsome dude didn’t look much older than she was. He would be at most a year or two older than she was, so it was hard to think he would be a staff member at that age.

But was there an unnecessarily shiny man like him among the black stars? He could have been a copper star, but his atmosphere didn’t seem to be one… well, I don’t care either way.

Sophie abandoned that thought as she didn’t care who he might be, and she also no longer used polite language as she answered the question of the silver-haired handsome dude.

“It’s okay. It’s an unaddressed letter after all.”

“I see, so it’s a love letter.”

As he declared so, Sophie was surprised this time.

“Why do you think it is a love letter?”

“Aren’t unaddressed letters women write mostly that kind of thing?”

Sophie had no idea where such information came from, but even if asked, she was a man without a girlfriend in her previous life. She had no idea of the feelings of romance between couples at all.

“Although I had no idea if what you say is actually true, that letter is addressed to my best friend so it’s not a love letter. Don’t make such a weird misunderstanding.”

“Then why don’t you actually pass it to the person in question?”

He was really being particular.

Normally, a gentleman wouldn’t snoop about such details of a woman’s life.

What an unscrupulous man, thought Sophie as her cheek swelled.

Perhaps because he is a mythical handsome dude, he annoys me more than when Lars made fun of me for having a flat chest…

She suppressed her anger to the limit and decided to answer his question.
This man who asked about everything was just a child who was not yet considered a gentleman. He would seem cute if she saw him that way. So she decided to treat him gently like a lady would.

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