Refuse Harem

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Chapter 107 – Dear Tenma, Look at Those Birds Flying Freely in the Sky IV

He had shining silver hair that looked like it was woven with crushed diamonds.

That hair was short, only shoulder-length, but the presence it exuded was comparable to Christina’s golden hair. 

His face line from his chin to his cheek, the high nose bridge on his face, and his thin lips made him look like a work of art created by a talented artist. 

However, what surprised Sophie the most was his eyes. They were amethyst-colored eyes, which were rarely seen even if one searched the whole kingdom.

His breathtaking beauty made Sophie doubt her own eyes, and she became stiffened with her mouth hanging open.

Normally, a person this beautiful would make them appear to be gender neutral. However, although he was beautiful, he couldn’t be mistaken for a woman. He had a lean physique that suited his beautiful face, yet it also looked as sturdy as Gerald’s.

The moment Sophie reconfirmed he was a man, Tasuku shouted within her mind,

All these mythical handsome dudes should just explode! All of them!!

Gununu… Sophie grumbled as she squeezed the book she received tightly. Even though she knew she shouldn’t vent her anger on the book, she couldn’t help but exert strength.

The mythical handsome dude handed the book to Sophie and quickly left.

“…Is he a student here?”

There shouldn’t be any students here during this period of time though? Just as Sophie had that doubt, she noticed that she forgot to thank him.

Even if he was a handsome dude she wished would just explode, she still had to thank him properly for the help, so she looked around, but she found nothing but towering bookshelves.

“…No way, he can’t be a ghost, right?”

If the other person was a ghost, then she could forgive him for being that handsome. If she could find him next time, she would present him with flowers to appease him.

After arbitrarily deciding that he was a ghost, Sophie sat in a simple chair in the book storeroom. The table was also simple, but it didn’t need to be luxurious since it was only used for the sake of reading books.

She placed her bag on the table and took out the notebook from inside so she could write at any time.

The book storeroom was dim, but thanks to the high windows, a little bit of light was able to enter the room. Relying on that light, she opened the book.

The book titled “God’s Mountain, God’s Tree” was not a mythical story. It was about a mountain that actually existed.

The mountain was close to the sea, so it appeared that the moist wind hit the mountain and caused a lot of rain there. Its precipitation was several times greater compared to flat land. It was described that the mountain was also known as “Rain Mountain”.

In that case, why is the title God’s Mountain?

As she read on, she quickly found out why.

There was a large tree, which was presumably thousands of years old, growing on the mountain, and the people of the nearby settlement called it the God’s Tree.

I guess it would be like a yakusugi1T/N: AKA Japanese cedar tree.[/efn_note in Japan…

Although Sophie couldn’t be certain if the God’s Tree was a cedar tree, it seemed that its strong antibacterial properties and durability were similar to one. It was said a water wheel made using this tree could spin for decades without rotting.

“If it doesn’t rot, perhaps it could be used for the sewage treatment facility?”

Unlike in her previous life, plastic wasn’t available here. The things she could use would be iron, ceramic, and bricks.

If she had time, perhaps she could develop plastic and make plastic pipes from that, but if she went that far, the sewage facility in question would be delayed. Even Lorenzo would likely become skeptical about where her knowledge came from.

Ferio told me to construct a small-scale facility and get it on track first so the Institute of Medical Science could take over command and supervision, though…

The bearers of silver stars affiliated with the Institute of Medical Science, which was made up of the nation’s most advanced researchers, were capable people. Once they understood the system and principle, they could easily build new facilities one after another. Although it wouldn’t be known to the public yet, Lorenzo had mentioned that the Institute of Medical Science had developed a prototype generator. If they made full use of the mechanical equipment and electricity, the processing speed would increase dramatically. With that in mind, the future seemed bright.

However, it was still impossible to apply in the current situation. No matter how she thought about it, there was neither the heavy equipment like in her previous life nor a large amount of electricity to support it. Sophie would make a proposal regarding such a device to Lorenzo in the future, but it wasn’t something that could be done in a short time.

As expected, there is no choice but to follow the original plan, making use of what is readily available to make the first facility.

The reason Ferio asked Sophie to use “The King’s Sword” as the base of operations was because he didn’t envision it would take a long time originally. He thought three years would be enough to construct a small sewage treatment facility, which would later expand into a big national project after watching the results for a while.

And Sophie must make use of those three years to cultivate fame comparable to Lorenzo’s name before the base of operations moved to the Institute of Medical Science.

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