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Chapter 172 – The Young Lady Named Sophie Linier ~Sigh of Gerald Forsius~

That Aniue actually reminded me three times about it. Isn’t it normal to be curious?”

“Why did you still do it despite being reminded three times?!”

Even before opening the door, Remiel’s and Evert’s voices could be heard from outside.

“According to Aniue, I must not mention things about that woman, but I have no idea what the intention was.”

“First of all, could you stop using the expression ‘that woman’?”


Gerald couldn’t hear Evert’s reply, but he could hear a sigh in response. As Gerald guessed the conversation inside was concluded, he turned the doorknob.

One of the many rooms in the academy was the common room dedicated to the black star. In that room was Remiel, who sat comfortably on a gold-painted sofa, Evert, who was holding onto his head seeing the conversation didn’t conclude in a good manner, and Keith, who stood pale and looked like a ghost because his complexion had yet to return to normal.

The room, which didn’t usually feel so small, was filled with a heavy atmosphere today. Gerald chose to ignore that and proceeded to walk in front of Remiel.

“Remiel-sama, please refrain from behaving like that.”

“What do you mean ‘like that’?”

“The act of putting your hand on a woman’s chest.”

Remiel thought a little then asked,

“What’s the difference?”


“What makes it different from the back and hips?”


“Those are some things you normally touch during a ball.”

Seriously? Remiel’s remark made them think like that, but Remiel really meant it.

He really saw the girl’s chest as no different from a girl’s back and hips.

I’ve always thought he’s not someone who is interested in others, but…

But to think it was to such a degree.

Gerald himself was aware he himself was raised while forgoing any deep bond with others, but Remiel was in a different sense. He wouldn’t even perceive others, therefore, weakening his non-subjective value.

His talent granted by god emphasized only one side, which made it a terribly unbalanced scale.

“Remiel-sama. Even if it felt no different than a back, the chest and back are still different.”

“Evert, just shut up.”

Evert probably didn’t mean that as a joke, but the remark was completely out of line. Gerald glared at Evert as to reprimand him.

Next to them, Keith, who was caught up in the turmoil every time, looked at the ceiling and muttered, “To think there would actually be a day where I would think Lars Rydholm is still better…”

Keith’s heartfelt mourning made both Gerald and Evert shut their mouths.

Even Evert, who was making a joke about the behavior of Lars and the other gold stars, couldn’t laugh at Keith, who was actually there at the time.

“All I need to do is apologize to Sophie, right?”

As he laid his body deeply on the sofa, the man generously said that.1

“What are you apologizing for?”

Gerald retorted.

There was no way an empty apology meant anything to the current purple star girl. It went beyond the degree where she could just laugh it off. If he even tried to apologize without meaning it, it would likely end up being dismissed. If things got worse, she might become angrier.

“In the first place, most of Sophie’s anger wasn’t about Remiel-sama’s behavior. It’s regarding Remiel-sama’s remark.”


“The remark regarding Christina, the daughter of a duke family.”

“What’s so good about that woman for Sophie?”


Everyone who worked at the royal court knew well that Remiel didn’t have even the slightest interest in Christina. Even Christina herself knew that well.

It went back to their first meeting when her engagement with the first prince was decided.

Remiel gave a glance at Christina then said, “Yet another boring woman…”

The fiancée of Ferio, the first successor of the throne, was elected from inside and outside the nation.

There were princesses from the Daksha Kingdom, Rusha Kingdom, and many other nations.

Among them was Christina, the daughter of the Wellin family, which was one of four great aristocrats within the family. It was said the final deciding factor was the queen’s recommendation.

The woman even the queen herself approved was described by that queen’s blood-related son as a “boring woman.”

“Christina-sama is the woman approved by Her Highness the Queen herself.”

Gerald mentioned the queen without expecting any result, and sure enough, there was no effect. Not only was it ineffective, but—

Hahaue is also a boring woman, after all. Of course she likes that kind of woman――How foolish.”

Nobody would scorn the queen in this nation. However, there was only one person, Remiel, her own son, who would refer to his own mother as a foolish woman.

Gerald had no idea what Remiel was implying. Even more so since the relationship between the mother and son wasn’t particularly bad.

Gerald swallowed back the sigh that was about to spill and decided to state only facts.

“Remiel-sama, it all started from your remark, but Sophie-sama’s response in that matter is beyond what can be overlooked by our own authority.”

Sophie might be granted the purple star, but her pedigree was still a daughter of a baron family. And such a person pointed their blade at a person related to the royal family by blood, even if said person was already demoted to a duke family. Originally, it was a clear crime without the need for argument.

“I had no choice but to report it. Remiel-sama must know what that means.”

If it was between fellow students, Gerald could deal with it with his own authority, but the incident was a stabbing attempt by the purple star against the second successor to the throne. It was definitely not something that could be swept under the rug using Gerald’s authority alone.

Even though it was supposed to be an important matter, Remiel had a casual attitude about it.

“You people exaggerate everything. Isn’t it normal for fellow friends to cross blades?”

“I don’t think the situation was that easygoing, though.”

In the first place, that situation only applied to men. It seemed Remiel seriously thought Sophie is a man cross-dressing even now, or his definition of friend deviated from common people.

“If the matter becomes public, the aristocrats that supported you will denounce Sophie-sama all the time. Being stripped of her star would be unavoidable. Once that happens, the project will fail, which would bring doubt to His Highness Ferio’s qualities. Why did you choose to act as if reigniting the flame over the battle for the throne that was once avoided?”

Even if he left the scope of the royal family, the blood flowing in Remiel’s veins couldn’t be ignored. The scheming of the aristocrats that followed Remiel was extremely troublesome.

Even though Gerald chose strong words to reprimand him, Remiel’s complexion didn’t change and he laughed lightly.

“Aah… you are the youngest of the Forsius family.”

Remiel didn’t seem to perceive Gerald and only just recalled it, but Gerald personally found it surprising for Remiel to remember him.

There were only a few people whose existence was recognized enough by Remiel to be referred to by name, regardless of their status or pedigree.

It would be even rarer to exchange a decent conversation.

Gerald’s status and age were close to Remiel, so he was often commanded to be a playmate for Remiel during his childhood. However, Remiel himself was indifferent, and even if they could communicate to some extent, never once was Gerald referred to by name.

As Gerald replied while feeling doubtful, Remiel gazed at Gerald with his purple eyes. Those eyes that could appear lighter or darker depending on the light felt harder than amethyst.

“You are boring. The thought of the royal palace is ingrained in you. Denouncing Sophie? ――Just do it if they want to.”


It might be something indignant for the purple star girl, but nobody had a conversation with Remiel that lasted that long before.

I thought Sophie-sama was special to him.

There was no hesitation in his cold words. Gerald wondered if he was just misunderstanding that, but when he saw his amethyst eyes, they felt even colder than before.

“I’ll gather everyone who denounces her and those who agree with that then cut my own head in front of them. If they see the second successor of the throne committing suicide because of their noisy barking, I’m sure they’ll become quiet after that.”

Remiel said a remark that disregarded his own life with a voice that lacked any warmth or emotion as he pointed at his own neck. That man’s long and white finger seemed like a deadly weapon at that moment.

“Why do my actions have to be restricted by the fools who can’t even understand the meaning of me inheriting the surname of a duke family? I’m no longer part of the royal family. Is such advice necessary to Remiel Karlfeldt?”

As Remiel emphasized his surname, he slowly put his elbows on the armrest of the sofa. However, the fact that such a simple action pressured and intimidated the others was proof he was raised in an environment close to the throne.

Even if they were raised in a household with a higher rank aristocratic family, both Evert and Keith winced since they weren’t used to the royal family. It was only Gerald who was used to Remiel’s personality and who opened his mouth after a while.

“I have received your message. I will report Remiel-sama’s feelings on the matter as well.”

“As expected, you are boring.”

Remiel didn’t seem to find the routine to his liking and stood from his seat as if he lost interest and motivation in that, then muttered without anyone asking,

“The eldest is still more interesting though――――Well, it doesn’t matter since he isn’t here though.”2

It wasn’t Gerald whose complexion changed from Remiel’s remark, but Evert and Keith who were standing behind them. Unlike the two who showed their disapproval of their words, Gerald replied plainly.

“If it was my elder brother instead, he wouldn’t have failed to recognize the difference in values and made a mistake like this. This is due to my lack of virtue.”

However, Remiel didn’t seem to listen to Gerald’s apology and silently left the room.

After Remiel’s presence completely disappeared, Evert called Gerald’s name awkwardly.


“――It’s okay. Rather than that, we have to deal with Sophie-sama first.”

Gerald could feel the concern from the two after Remiel mentioned his elder brother, but Gerald replied without much care.

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