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Chapter 174 – Dear Tenma, Everything Was Inevitable

Hey Tenma, are you interested in men?

By the way, I’m not. Specifically, I wasn’t interested in the so-called “three highs of men”—the high education, high income, high stature—criteria whatsoever.

No, I’m definitely not saying it out of jealousy!

However, toward people who have different similarities and complementarities, I think it’s better to keep a certain distance to develop good relationships. I mean it!

Because of that thought, I didn’t hold any interest, expectation, or hope toward the black star students at all.

In the first place, students are taught lessons since they don’t know many things, and they are at the stage of slowly forming their respective paths while resolving their questions one after another.

Ferio seemed to have an expectation for the black star students to help with the project, but for them, who could still be considered children, expecting them to do an adult’s amount of work was something impossible.

Even on the topic of escorts, I didn’t find any need for it within the academy premises, and even if something did happen, I think I could handle most problems on my own.

During my younger days, when it was decided I would also go to other nations to do business, I was prepared to deal with anything that may come, and the memories of forcefully being taught self-defense by Suzuka nee-san still remained in my memories. Also, just in case of emergencies, I also develop some sort of OOParts…

You see, you know my appearance right now, right?

I think it was an appearance that was similar to my mother, a delicate, weak, ephemeral, and pretty girl, like a spring fairy!

In fact, when I was absentmindedly thinking about something, even Bart said, “When you keep silent, you are as cute as a porcelain doll. I really wish for you to sit silently just like a doll from the bottom of my heart.”

Huh? Now that I think about it, wasn’t that sarcasm? Only the word “cute” remained in my memory though.

…………Well, let’s leave that aside.

Considering how weak I was, I was completely prepared to deal with any danger that may come my way on my own. Because of that, I didn’t see any need for the black star students’ existence.

However, that was a mistake!!

The fact I was in this place right now.

The fact I had the opportunity to interact with the people of the black star.

It meant it was inevitable and indispensable!

These students would eventually serve under Ferio.

In other words, they would serve under Christina onee-sama!

Why didn’t I notice such a fact earlier?

The thought of ignoring children because it was natural for them to not know many things completely disappeared when I thought about Christina onee-sama first.

Even if a student graduated and entered society, it didn’t mean they would immediately grow as an adult. It is the result of my calculation of their growth rate because they spent their days learning their classes without thinking deeply about it.

Indeed, everything is for the sake of educating them to be a gentleman and knight!!

――――Tenma, everything is for their sake, and I’m definitely not doing this out of a sister-in-law-like attitude. Remember it well.

In the morning, the black star’s classroom seemed somewhat restless despite it being before the bell rang. How would the incident yesterday affect them and what consequences would it bring? Exactly because they couldn’t predict it, the entire classroom was wrapped in a heavy atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the door of the classroom opened quietly.

A girl in a dark blue dress appeared with a faint floral scent, making the black star students suffocate for a moment.

The girl who usually wore low-heeled shoes that barely produced any sound now wore high heels, and the sound of her footsteps echoed eerily in the classroom.

When they least expected it, they sat there astonished like they just witnessed a dead person come to life. Even when such gazes concentrated on the girl, she didn’t seem to be bothered and stood on the podium as if it was the obvious thing to do.

“Good morning everyone.”

She gave a greeting with a smile reminiscent of the sunbeam in spring.

――They were horrified.

Perhaps a better term would be unspeakable horror. Seeing the girl change her attitude and atmosphere so quickly that she didn’t seem like the same girl who was so furious yesterday made them tremble with fear instead.

When the black star students were scared, Gerald appeared a little later.

He was expressionless as usual.

“Well then, let’s start the lecture.”

The girl said that with a tone as if she had years of experience standing on a podium.

“Um… What do you mean by lecture?”

As Evert asked timidly, Sophie responded with a smile.

“From now on, I will manage everything that will be taught to the black star students. Of course, I already asked permission from the instructors beforehand, so you may rest assured.”


“I will distribute the reorganized learning program. Please read it yourselves.”

After being handed several sheets of paper, Evert looked over the words despite his thoughts not catching up yet. After he finished reading the first paper, “Please wait a moment!” leaked out of Evert’s mouth.

“Swordsmanship, martial arts, and horse riding are expanded twice… no, thrice than before though…”

The schedule, which was managed down to trivial things, was incomparable to the lessons before this and it was changed to be extremely detailed compared to previous lessons. If they had a mundane amount of physical strength, they would likely have cold sweat from this.

“No, that part is still acceptable, but why is there even dance lessons included?”

“It’ll be necessary and essential in the future.”

It was an innocent tone like a bell ringing. She seemed to insist she did this out of goodwill.

“I can dance normally. There’s no need to go all the way and put it as a lesson…”

In the first place, why did Miss Sophie organize the lesson? Such doubt flowed in Evert’s mind, but since Gerald told them to obey her as much as possible yesterday, he couldn’t ask Sophie why.

“Normally, huh? In that case, how about dancing to a tune with me? There’s no music though.”


“What dance are you good at?”

“……Then, let’s go with the waltz.”

Evert, who was accustomed to handling women, chose the dance that most women especially liked.

However, that experience might not be very reliable for the girl in front of him. Evert anxiously took the girl’s hand and the moment he leaned over,


He felt a sharp pain in his feet.

The identity of the pain was Sophie’s shoes. That high heel was stabbing right onto Evert’s metatarsal bone.1

As he leaked out the sound of agony, the person who stepped on his foot complained.

“Why are you showing such a painful look?”


Was that supposed to be the phrase you said after stepping on someone’s foot?

Evert raised his voice in protest, but Sophie didn’t lose her dismayed expression.

“During dances, it’s common for women to accidentally step on the man’s foot while dancing. If you show such a blatant expression of pain when it happens, then it would be an embarrassment to a gentleman.”


“Your feet are stepped on because you couldn’t lead the dance properly. In other words, the fault is on the men’s side. In that case, it’s weird for them to show such painful expressions.”

No, you’re the weird one!

Evert managed to refrain from making a straight retort. However, the criticism itself couldn’t be swallowed.

“We haven’t danced yet, right?”

“Then let’s try it again while we dance.”

“There’s no way I could lead properly when I know I will be stepped on along the way!”

Evert burst out without realizing, but the girl’s expression didn’t show any fear. On the contrary, she laughed with a cute voice.

“Oh my, I heard that pain tolerance is among what’s tested on the paladin exam. Isn’t it great to be able to fell two birds with a single stone?”

Being triggered by those words, Evert forgot the other party was the purple star and shouted,

“In the first place, dance is a required subject of the gold star! Why should black stars learn it?!”

Of course, since they were all born in aristocratic families, they were taught how to dance at an early age. But that was more to the degree of just experiencing it, and they hadn’t practiced to the degree where their bodies were adapted to the rhythm.

In men’s case, it was because they sought to use their time to learn something other than dance, but it was especially noticeable after enrolling in “The King’s Sword.”

The gold star, who needed to spread their influence in social circles, had dance lessons as a required course, whereas the black star didn’t think that was of much importance.

As Evert shouted there was no meaning in spending precious time dancing, Sophie raised the corner of her enchanting lips.

“Since you’re born a man, your star doesn’t matter. Only men can invite women to a dance. It’s outrageous for women to do so. In other words, it’s the men’s privilege. In that case, isn’t it natural to lead gracefully as a gentleman?”

“Just being able to dance doesn’t make one a gentleman!”

“Oh my? Then what else can you do to prove yourself to be a gentleman? Do you think eating poorly tasted nutritious food without considering its contents makes you a gentleman?”

At the sarcasm that referred to the incident at the dining hall, Evert glanced behind him and saw Daniel Beck, the person who caused the turmoil, became pale.

“Gentleman can’t be raised overnight. Only when the foundation is solidified will dignity appear.”

The girl smiled as she said that. She smiled like a mischievous fairy, but it was totally a smile of a villainess.

――――Something necessary as gentlemen? No, no matter how I look at it.

“…………Isn’t it just you bullying us?”

“That’s right.”

At Evert’s half-desperate, blunt words, the girl plainly affirmed them without any malice in her expression.

Author Note:

It’s the first time to writing a novel that begins with “are you interested in men”

If read calmly, it makes you think, the heck is it, doesn’t it? (・ω・)ノ

Next chapter (this chapter too): “Lady? I don’t know what that is.”

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