Refuse Harem

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Chapter 181 – Dear Tenma, Watch Out For Sleep Deprivation

I once again realized that sleep was important for human beings.

Even if I thought my body was fine, I was in an unfamiliar environment and in a situation where I always had to move my thoughts.

Moreover, after staying up for three days, even I would become careless.

Well, I felt like I had been careless too many times since I came to “The King’s Sword,” but…

But I think this is also because of this male-only environment!

A life without moisture erodes one’s heart, and before I knew it, I thought it was natural to have the poison known as stress piling up in me!

…………Such was how I wrote a lot of excuses, but in reality, it was because of my disappointing self who kept procrastinating on taking care of the difficult stuff.

Aah, even though I knew this was going to happen…

Even though I thought I needed to prepare for this later no matter what…

Because of how difficult it was, I kept delaying this problem unconsciously.

As a result, I was now… receiving Bart’s anger without any preparation whatsoever.

Going back in time a little…

Sophie, who was summoned by Vincent when she arrived at the academy in the morning, saw the man holding the pawn pieces in his palm and waiting with an enlightened expression in front of her.

“Instructor Vincent, it is certainly I who requested the match against you, but I had no intention of interfering with students’ classes. We can just do it once you have free time.”

As Vincent didn’t cease the match despite the time for class approaching, Sophie said that in exasperation, but the response he gave was the same as yesterday.

“Are you trying to run away with victory?”

As Vincent said as if Sophie was at fault, she felt like saying, “Did you hear what I said?”

“No, I’m just considerate of the lecture time for students…”

“There’s no problem regarding the students. I’m sure they’re happy doing the task you arbitrarily gave them.”

Vincent emphasized the word “arbitrarily” as he glared at Sophie.

Now that he mentioned it, Sophie did make some requests of the silver star students, just like what she did to the gold star.

I didn’t mean that as a task, though.

Sophie was aware Firth and the other silver star students were gathering during their self-study time and holidays to squeeze their wisdom.

They were trying to answer Sophie’s expectations with their own power――no, they were trying hard to achieve more than was expected of them.

“Spending time without doing anything is a waste of time, but since it’s not the case, there’s no problem.”

“Since that’s how it is, I’ll make use of your time.”

Because of Sophie’s bad first impression of Vincent, she thought he would just laugh at what she requested of Firth and the others, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

That’s quite unexpected.

Sophie’s perception of Vincent changed a bit, but by the end of the third match and seeing his figure immediately trying to prepare for the fourth, suspicion grew in Sophie.

His snobbish attitude was the same as before, but from the way he moved his pieces and casual expression, Sophie could feel his enjoyment toward richu.

Perhaps this person is actually a richu nerd…?

It seemed she needed to change her perception of him once again.

“Sophie-sama, could you stop the game by five matches?”

As they finished the eighth match and Sophie finally had her late lunch, Gerald said that to Sophie.

It feels like he’s a mother preaching to her child…

With the sandwich still in her mouth, Sophie forgot to chew and listened to her escort nag.

Even though he neither drank nor ate while escorting her, he was noisy about Sophie forgetting to eat.

“…It can’t be helped. There’s no way I can stop while losing, and if I stop while winning, he will challenge me while saying I shouldn’t run away with victory.”

If she refused, Vincent would become noisy.

Are most of the men here troublesome people?

There were Gerald, Vincent, and that needlessly glittery man. On top of that, there was Remiel.

Sophie sighed while eating her sandwich silently. Because she stayed up all night yesterday, her brain was slower than usual, just like her hand that carried her food to her mouth.


There, instead of Gerald’s inorganic voice, she heard a more charming voice.

“Oh my, Luca…”

“So you are here. Just now… err, are you okay?”

Luca stopped what he was about to report and showed his concern to Sophie.

No matter how he saw it, Sophie’s eyes weren’t as focused as usual.

“Three days of staying up all night and successive days of playing richu is quite taxing to body and mind. You should rest for today.”

Gerald’s nagging wasn’t over yet.

She didn’t notice it when she was playing richu, but because she consumed a lot of sugar at lunch, the sleepiness she forgot she had attacked her.

As expected, I should obediently rest at the dormitory today, as Sophie thought of that, she was curious about the reason why Luca hurriedly searched for her.

“I want to hear what Luca wants to say beforehand. You were looking for me, right?”

“Ah, yes… But if Sophie-sama is tired, should I tell them to visit on another date? The person from the Linier family is waiting at the dormitory, though.”


Sophie, who moved slowly until then, immediately stood up on her chair like a wild animal.

The long-awaited visit made her drowsiness disperse.

“Who’s coming?!”

“I only heard that they were servants, but there was a tall chestnut-haired man and another one that was shorter than the first.”

“It’s Bart and Eric!”

Sophie, who immediately knew who they were from Luca’s description, had gleeful eyes and turned to head for the dormitory.

She stepped forward as if trying to run there, but then she stopped for some reason.


Sophie’s back that looked so happy a few seconds ago was replaced with impatience and nervousness. As Gerald noticed that, he called out doubtfully.

“…No good. I completely forgot about it!”


Sophie’s muttering voice, which was likely a soliloquy, seemed to contain dismay. Gerald recalled their exchange last night.

Perhaps the thing she said to forget last night was the preparation of welcoming the visitor to the academy?

“What do you forget about?”

As Gerald asked, with the intention to prepare what he could, Sophie looked back and shouted in agony.

“The excuse to avoid Bart’s sermon!!”


That was the first desperate voice Sophie had spoken ever since she first came to “The King’s Sword.”

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10 months ago

Thank you for the chapter!
Excuse to avoid lecture? Don’t you usually avoid reason to be lectured first? Well, it’s much like our MC.