Refuse Harem

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Chapter 180 – Dear Tenma, Everything Was Inevitable VII

“Don’t joke with me!”

Vincent was a person who chose to be an instructor at the academy instead of being affiliated with the Institute of Medical Science because he hated Lorenzo, the rare ‘Genius of the Generation’, like a scorpion. There was no way he would be happy with Sophie’s offer and his anger showed it.

“Why do I have to work under that man?!”

“I’m just moving the right people to the right place. Is that something to be surprised about?”

It was strange for a person who received three silver stars to be an internal instructor instead of an external one in the first place. There was no way the Institute of Medical Science, which always had a shortage in manpower for many years, wouldn’t welcome Vincent.

“Who would want to go through the personnel transfer while the person in question isn’t willing…?”

“Instructor Vincent, it seems you are a forgetful person. Did you forget what star I possess?”

“…Is that a threat? That’s nothing but an abuse of power.”

As Vincent furrowed his eyebrows and said that with a harsh tone, Sophie laughed.

“Isn’t it obvious? Unused authority is nothing but meaningless junk. And such authority is to be used at a time like this.”

Sophie’s astute green eyes stared at Vincent while speaking with a high-pressure tone that was different from the previous one.

At the gaze that was strong enough to make an adult flinch, it seemed Vincent realized Sophie was serious and clenched his teeth.

“Well, what are you going to do? You have the right to choose.”

He had to choose one. Both were something Vincent wanted to avoid, but if he had to choose, there was only one that was preferable.

Sophie probably knew that well. As Vincent clicked his tongue unlike a gentleman, took a richu board out of the cupboard with a bitter expression, and slammed it roughly on the table.

“You’ll be satisfied after just one match, right?! Don’t tell me, you won’t ask me to lose on purpose, will you?”

“That depends on your skill. If I judge your capability is not a big deal, I’ll leave immediately.”

As the instructor and the girl spat poison at each other before they began their board game, Gerald silently watched over it.

Richu is supposed to be a game that requires intellect and logic though… even though Gerald thought so, he didn’t say that――

“Sophie-sama, it’s about time…”

Just when the fifth round was over, Gerald called out.

The sky showed it was already twilight.

If they entered the sixth match here, the curtain of night would completely come down.

“Eh? Aah, you’re right. As expected, it’s about time for me to leave.”

As the sky began to darken, Sophie had the expression that she finally grasped the passage of time and moved her hand away from the piece.

The two didn’t get along at all before the match, but once the match began, they both had tremendous concentration. Even Gerald didn’t expect the match would actually last more than half a day.

“Are you trying to run away with victory?!”

As Sophie was about to stand up, Vincent’s childish remarks came out to stop her.

Although he kept complaining before the match began, now when Sophie moved her hand away from the piece and began to clean up, he was dissatisfied.

“No, I’ll keep doing it until I can win every game. But it’s already late today, so let’s continue tomorrow.”

Vincent’s expression was distorted from his bad mood. Sophie thought he had complained that she would be coming again tomorrow, but it seemed he was offended by the remark about winning every game.

“That sounded pretty bullish. I’ll tell you that your last win was just luck.”

Sophie’s record for the day was three wins and two losses, but it was certainly true that the victory in the last game was because she was lucky.

Perhaps the long duration of the match caused Vincent to lose focus and end up making one wrong move. Such a mistake could be considered part of one’s ability, but it was hard to say the same would also take place in the next match.

Even though he made one misstep, as expected of the holder of the greatest title of the field, he showed piece placement and tactics that Sophie didn’t know about. Just like Gerald said, his skill was certain.

That was why Sophie was convinced to learn his skill.

“Please rest assured―I’ll also grow stronger.”

The girl’s smiling face looked very satisfied.

Even though she spoke with disrespect, her self-confident and spirited eyes dumbfounded Vincent for a moment.

“Thank you for today. I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow.”

After finishing cleaning up the pieces, Sophie politely bowed in front of the door and expressed her gratitude. Vincent was probably also tired from the long game that he said no more sarcasm.

“It’s more fun than I thought!”

On the way back to the dormitory, Sophie raised her arms to relieve the tension in her back while feeling the cool breeze of the night. Her appearance was more similar to a cat stretching her body than that of a daughter of an aristocratic family.

There was no exhaustion over the series of matches and her appearance, which seemed to enjoy the change of pace, made Gerald uneasy instead.

“That’s great, but… are you going to keep doing this for the week?”

He was worried about Sophie’s physical strength as her escort, but he also worried about the time consumed for the match with Remiel.

She received the purple star to carry out her task. It was definitely not for her to be Remiel’s playmate.

Sophie, who clearly understood what Gerald was trying to say, pouted.

“You don’t have to worry. I’ll do what I have to do. It’s not like I’ve only been playing ever since I came to this academy…”

There, her words suddenly stopped. Something seemed to run through her mind.

“Now that I think of it, I think there was something I had to prepare for once I arrived at the academy… I wonder what it was?”

It ought to be somewhat important though, thought Sophie as she tilted her head, which made Gerald’s voice become clouded over.

“U~hn… well, if it’s important, I think I will recall it eventually!”1

Even if her exhaustion wasn’t apparent, as expected, the combination of sleep deprivation and overuse of her brain might have affected her.

In the end, Sophie never remembered “the important thing” that night.

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