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Chapter 185 – Dear Tenma, Watch Out For Sleep Deprivation V

As Gerald subtly averted his gaze while thinking he shouldn’t say anything unnecessary, Sophie, who was thinking to change the topic, turned to Luca.

“Luca, I’d like to introduce Eric to Lorenzo-sama. May I ask you to arrange the appointment?”

“My elder brother had told me his schedule… However, it seems he is personally working on the exam this time. Since it’s elder brother, I think some hard questions are expected to appear. Wouldn’t it be better to open up some time to prepare for countermeasures?”

Normally, Lorenzo wouldn’t be involved in exam questions, but this time was special. In order to measure the ability of the boy that was approved by Sophie, he gleefully changed the questions for the exam.

Despite Luca’s worries, Sophie responded with a smile.

“There’s no need to take any countermeasures. Eric is perfect in basics, application, and practice.”

Hearing her say that without a shred of anxiety, Luca snuck a peek at the boy they were talking about.

He silently stood still like a tree in a forest, making his emotions impossible to read. Perhaps the boy was the type who put more effort into activating brain cells than moving facial muscles, which was common among silver stars?

“I understand. In that case―”

When Luca mentioned the date that was told according to Lorenzo’s schedule he confirmed beforehand, Sophie showed some reluctance.

“Oh my, that day is no good. It’s the day of my duel with Remiel, after all.”

“……What did you say just now?”

The one who immediately reacted to the word “duel” was Bart.

Sophie hurriedly covered her mouth with her both hands, but it was already too late. Her attendant’s expression was filled with suspicion and indignation.

“Did you say ‘duel’ just now…?”

“No, I’m talking about competing in a board game! We’re just playing richu! Rather than that Luca, is there another date that could be used instead?!”

“Ah, yes… err…”

Sophie hurriedly changed the topic and asked Luca to change the date, but Luca couldn’t concentrate because he was too distracted by Sophie’s attendant staring at her. Then, Eric, who was silent all this time, spoke up.

“Sophie-sama, I’d prefer to settle it earlier, so please do it on that day. Since it’s just taking an exam, there’s no need to trouble Sophie-sama. Sophie-sama should just focus on the due… I mean, the game of richu.”

“Eric… but I won’t be able to help worrying.”

Bart wanted to retort “I’m more worried about your duel!” but he knew more than anyone there was no way Sophie would obediently confess. Bart had no choice but to endure the urge.

“In that case, should I serve as a guide at that date?”

As Sophie seemed to be lost in thought, Luca made such a suggestion.

“You’re right. I’ll be relieved if Luca is with Eric.”

Luca had a commoner’s temperament and was good-natured. Sophie thought he would get along well with Eric.

As Sophie nodded in agreement, her eyes met Bart, who was waiting for the explanation about how she ended up involved in a duel. However, Sophie took the initiative before Bart could ask.

“Okay! It seems I can move as planned. I also want to introduce Lars, Firth, and their friends. That’s right, I’ll be going to make the briefing for the request I entrusted to them!”

Even in Gerald’s perspective, Sophie was making an appeal; she was very busy and blatantly tried to dismiss her earlier slip of the tongue. However, the problem was that she was immediately trying to take action.

“Sophie-sama, as expected, you should rest for today. It wouldn’t be late even if the briefing is delayed till tomorrow.”

Exactly because Gerald was aware of Sophie’s figure struggling against drowsiness before her attendants came, Gerald advised her thus.

“It’s okay. There’s a lot I have to do, so I can’t afford to take a rest.”

“Please wait a moment, Sophie-sama.”

The one who stopped Sophie from walking away gallantly was Bart.

Sophie thought Bart would scold her regarding the duel matter, but Bart didn’t open his mouth and just stared at Sophie. He especially focused on her face.

“? Bart?”

Normally, Bart wouldn’t stare at women more than necessary.

Sophie tilted her head as she thought it was strange and her long black her on her shoulder fell to her chest. Bart lifted the hair while making sure his hand wouldn’t touch her body.


Both Gerald and Luca reacted to that gesture.

As Remiel’s eccentricities were still fresh in their memories, the act of trying to touch Sophie became some sort of trauma for them.

However, there was no way her trusted attendant would act as eccentrically as Remiel would, he instead just stared at the lock of hair and said,

“Your hair felt less moisturized than before.”


“You have a bad complexion and your skin looks dry as well.”

“Eh… Eh? Eh?! No way?!”

As if being repelled, Sophie touched her hair with her right hand and her cheek with her left hand.

Certainly, both hair and skin felt a little dry?

“Considering the ladies at the girls’ academy consider it a requirement to dress beautifully, what would they think if they saw Sophie-sama’s current state? Perhaps――――they would be disillusioned by it?”

As those words were kindly said with a very nice smile, Sophie’s body trembled.

The image of Christina and the others who were constantly refining their beauty and behaving gracefully flashed through her mind.

“S-Sunny!!! Give me lotion and perfume!!”

The two escorts silently stared at Sophie, who ran back into her room with a jumping motion of a fawn. Those remarks that accurately hit Sophie’s weak point could only be said as formidable.

However, it seemed that there was someone that surpassed him,

“Sophie-sama is always beautiful and cuteeee!!!”

The maid who raised her eyebrows and was pissed as she yelled at someone said an unnecessary remark, and everyone but Sophie was kicked out of the dormitory without question.

Apparently, the strongest one was her――――

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