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Chapter 15

The general came to the Knights’ training ground while I was in the middle of my riding lesson. 

Seeing Bard, I handed the reins over and asked Gilliam to lead the horse for a walk. 

I still haven’t made the horse run yet. 

I consider the one time that I had tried, to be a terrible memory. When I had tried to make the horse run, I almost fell off the horse and had to be hugged back into the saddle like a child. 

Was that a love flag1?

There’s no way the love flag would rise from a guy’s failure.

“Yo! You’re getting better since the last time I had a peek at you.”

Bard was smiling as he approached me.

Feeling flustered, I asked, “… When did you see me?” 

“You mean secretly? Hm, I suppose that would be the time you got off the horse, you collapsed to your knees, and held your bottom. Did the vibrations get to you?” 

“Handsome man, please don’t say dirty jokes.” 

“I’ve heard that such a gap2 is attractive.”

I was bewildered when Bard held his hands out high in the air and said, “Here.”

I looked over at Gilliam with a dubious expression, but he nodded, so I leaned over. 

The general placed his hands onto my sides and lightly lowered me from my horse.

“I am borrowing Keigo. That’s all for today.” 

“Yes, sir.”

While Gilliam and the other knights bowed, Bard led me away.

“… You told me before that you had wanted to do office work in your free time. I’ve talked to some officials for you. I will introduce you to them now.” 

“Thank you.”

I had, in fact, asked the general to help me find a job when I realized that I had nothing to do in the first half of the week. 

It would have been nice if I could train at the Knights’ base, but it seems that those at the Knights’ base in question don’t have that much time on their hands. 

Yeah, they can’t just leave an amateur, like me, out there after all…. 

Gilliam or Farangis are supposed to take care of me, but they also had their own jobs to do too. 

Besides, I didn’t think my body could take it for a week straight.

Thanks to the blessing of the goddess that was given to otherworlders, I had no trouble speaking, reading, or writing. 

Since that was the case, I asked the general if I could help with the civil official’s work. 

I was good at paperwork. So, it would probably work out. 

Most of all, I felt uncomfortable lounging around doing nothing for half the week—especially when I was being taken care of in regards to food, clothing, and shelter. 

It was a request I made after deciding that I could provide labor in the humanities.

“… So, did you sleep?”

Before I knew it, the handsome man by my side whispered in my ear while letting out a low chuckle. 

I was startled and tried to step away from the voice directed at me from close range, but the arm that was trying to escape, was firmly grabbed. 

I was pushed directly against a pillar in the hallway that was shrouded by shadows. 

The tall general leaned in close, as if to cover me from above, and spoke in a low sultry voice, “… Gilliam and Farangis are both still inexperienced, but they’re good men, aren’t they? The others are not bad either. After all, they are members of the glorious Knights of the Kingdom. Have you started the tasting stage? Hmm?” 

“… I’m sorry, not yet.” 

“You do understand that you only have a finite amount of time left, right?” 

“You say that, but so do you, General! You still don’t seem to want to accompany me, do you? These conditions are extremely unreasonable. Making men feel affection for an old man! How in the world am I supposed to seduce men, when I am a virgin?”

It was clearly an unexpected counterattack. The general looked at me wearing a surprised expression on his face. 

His wide-open amber eyes were as beautiful as ever. 

Looking at me, his facial expression had morphed from surprised to what I could only describe as a complicated expression. It seemed he was choosing his words with care.

“… Ahh, if you’re a virgin, you wouldn’t know how to do it… really?” 

“If I had known, I would have already lost my virginity by now.”

I don’t care what you say, don’t make me hear the word “virgin” again. 

Although it is mostly me saying it. Damn it.

“… Shall I teach you how to seduce?”

I immediately replied to the general’s words, which sounded sexy all at once, “The General’s technique is too high-spec to copy.” 

What kind of sick punishment game was this? 

Impregnating a woman with just a look, though there were no women here, or making her wet with just a voice, were special moves that only good looking men could use.

My rejection was ignored. 

The general’s face came closer as he gave me a sexy look. 

At this rate, there was no doubt that I will be kissed. 

Preemptively, I covered my mouth with my hands. 

And I immediately regretted it. 

This handsome man, full of skill and swagger, was telling me that he would teach me. 

Why was I not taking advantage of it!? 

I really didn’t have a lot of experience, so I had to take advantage of the chance…

My hands started to tremble. 

I removed my hands covering my face and turned my tightly bitten lips upward. 

This was no good, I have to relax. 

But once again, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t keep my eyes open—

The handsome man simply gave a light peck.

Bard’s body pulled away. 

I opened my closed eyes in confusion. 

His red hair, reminiscent of a lion’s mane, was scratched wildly as he contorted his face. 

When he noticed me standing there staring blankly at him, he sighed and dropped his shoulders.

“… It made me feel guilty.” 

“That… I’m sorry,” I honestly apologized. 

Yeah, I’m really sorry I have so little experience. 

The general seemed to have changed his mind, and had abruptly changed from seduction mode to his normal appearance. Which was still sexy.

The sex appeal of an adult man is scary.

From there the general took me straight to the administration building. 

It seemed that the domestic affairs of the kingdom were carried out in this building. 

The Prime Minister, who was the head of the department, was not here, as he had returned to his domain. I was introduced to an official who was to be my immediate superior.

“I am Walter. I’ll be asking you to assist me in the government affairs department three days a week. Nice to meet you.”

My boss was a demonic man with glasses about my age. 

No, no matter how you look at it, he’s an S, right? 

The sensation of sadism oozed out. 

His hair, swept back, was a normal brown color, but his sharp, sanpaku3 blue eyes are super scary.

This would be even scarier if he loved the dog he picked up on a rainy day4

…… Scary, but he seemed to have some common sense. 

I observed the official standing in front of me. 

If I were to make a mistake at work, it would be humiliating, but I wouldn’t be scolded unreasonably. That was what my salaryman’s intuition tells me. 

It doidn’t change the fact that I was scared, though!!

As we were leaving after the introductions, the general whispered to me in an amused tone, “Look for prey.” 

Just because you’re a great hunter, doesn’t mean you should expect me to have the same hunting techniques you do!

T/N: Walter is one of my favourites too. I do have some characters I don’t really like in this novel. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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2 years ago

I’m not sure about “horror movie reference”. But it is a common troupe in shoujo or BL stories for a scary looking person (delinquent or Yakuza person) to pick up an abandoned animal in the rain, most oftenly this is called gap Moe haha!

Thanks for the chapter! (ㆁωㆁ)

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Everyday I read the newest chapter, at the back of my mind, I wonder if today is the day the smut finally comes lmaooo

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