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Chapter 37

Actually, in this fantasy world, I was considered short. 

As for how short I was, I took a quick look around at my acquaintances, and the only ones smaller than me were Hans, my attendant, and Sirius-sama, the second prince of this country. 

Both were minors in the process of growing up. 

The rest were about the same or taller. 

I thought I was of a normal build in Japan, but in another world, I guess I would fall into the petite category.

…Not only my body, but also my face… I looked younger than my age… 

I’ve always been told that I have a baby face, but even by this world’s standards, I seemed to look young enough…maybe even more so. 

Well, thinking positively, I was sure that any potential lovers would be happier if I looked young. 

The only person who would be happy with an old man like me was probably the goddess.

As it suddenly occurred to me to take advantage of my youthful appearance… 

It was called, “Boss, please buy your subordinate a meal next time!” strategy. 

The relationship wouldn’t progress if it was limited to the workplace. 

We should be able to become closer by spending our private time together. 

A wealthy… no, that wasn’t right. A cute (…) subordinate who shrewdly got treated to a meal by his wealthy and generous boss. 

It was a rather perfect strategy, wasn’t it?

First, I made eye contact with Walter. 

Goddess curse, lock on! 

Would it have been better to tilt my head? I should have studied the gestures of a cute office lady. 

Whether it suited me or not was another matter. 

…In the meantime, let’s just believe that the curse correction was perfect.

“…Actually, I’ve been having trouble eating lately, probably because of the heat.”

That was a huge lie. 

I have been getting second helpings.

“I’m thinking I’d like to eat something that’s easy to digest. Do you have free time on your next day off, Walter? If you know of a good place outside the castle, I’d like you to take me there if you don’t mind.”

H-how about that?!! 

…This was the best invitation I could muster after 35 years of not having a girlfriend!! 

I felt like my embarrassment was showing, but I decided to pretend it was just my imagination.

However, my supervisor’s reply did not come back immediately. 

When I looked at his expression, I saw that he was staring at me intently. His hand, which was holding my hand, hadn’t moved an inch. 

It was bad. We were the same age, so was the younger setting indeed a stretch? 

His sharp sanpaku eyes were super scary…!

“I…I am sorry I asked you out so suddenly. Walter, you must also have your arrangements. Let’s pretend like you didn’t hear that.” 

“All right.”

My boss answered quickly and released my hand that he was holding. 

His beautifully shaped fingers pushed up the rim of his glasses, which seemed to have dislocated. 

Ah, please don’t turn your face away. 

Because the feeling of having done it hurt my heart…

“This Sunday, right? We have work the next day and won’t be able to stay late, so let’s have lunch. Keigo, are there any ingredients you don’t like?” 

“I can eat anything…!” 

“I see. I will think of a good place.”

The boss who was facing me smiled at me. 

No no, the one who wanted to smile was me. 

I was breaking into a smile. Pull yourself together so you wouldn’t get caught. 

First successful pick-up in my 35 years of life!!

After finishing his tea, Walter quickly left the room. 

It was a brilliant exit, almost as good as Gilliam’s. 

…Could this room possibly be uncomfortable? 

I sent him off, feeling uneasy, and Hans, my capable attendant who had approached me from behind, whispered to me.

“In fact, we have another guest in the other room. I think that’s why Walter-sama didn’t stay long.” 

Another visitor?”

How come I wasn’t a loner anymore?!

It was the priest, Saneto, who came next. 

I wondered how far the rumors of my bad condition had spread with the appearances of all the people concerned… I looked into the distance. 

If it had been the first prince, the root of all evil, who had come, I would die easily. But as expected, he wouldn’t care about the physical condition of the common person after the act. 

No way he’s coming, I reminded myself.

Perhaps he came to tell me as soon as possible that he had heard from the temple. 

As I readied myself for that and faced him, Saneto trembled and hugged me energetically.


He tackled me hard.


“Please listen, Keigo-sama! He was cheating on meーーー!!!”

Like hell I would know!!!

Saneto’s boyfriend, whom he went to see yesterday, was apparently not the type suitable for a long-distance relationship. 

When he found out that he was being two-timed, they had a huge quarrel and broke up.

Then I continued to comfort the grieving priest, drinking alcohol instead of tea. 

I kept encouraging him that there were as many men as there were stars. 

Saneto screamed, “Divine punishment will fall on him!” as he drank, so I assured him that I would ask the goddess to put a curse on him that would make him impotent when I met her.

His grumbling didn’t end easily, so I let him drink this and that to shut him down. 

It was nice that my bed was big! 

There was room for me to sleep on the edge, even with the drunkard sprawling and rolling around!! (Tears)

…The next day, since I had drunk a little too much the night before and looked sick, everyone at work was worried that I had not yet recovered from my illness. 

I’m sorry for making you all worry every day. 

It’s all the fault of the clumsy glasses priest. 

I will leave it at that.

T/N: Ok. I am putting Walter in my no.1 favourite for now with Levin and Bard. 

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