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Chapter 36

After hearing the story from Roy in the flower field in the royal domain, I immediately headed for the library.

The librarian at the library was someone I was familiar with. 

He was a slightly older man with long black hair that was braided down his back. 

His name was Karl. 

He was on duty on Sundays when I went there, and there didn’t seem to be many visitors on holidays, so before I knew it, we had become friends. 

I went to see if he was there and found out that he was also on duty on Mondays. 

He was very much surprised to see me. 

Well, weekdays during the daytime were usually when adults were at work… 

When I told him that I had taken a leave of absence due to poor health, but that I had recovered, he was extremely worried. 

Karl-san was kind… 

If it were me, I’d be smiling but cynically thinking to myself, “…You say that, but I know you actually skipped work.”

When I mentioned that I wanted to look up some old documents about Sakura-chan, Karl quickly offered to help me. 

He was originally a historian, and apparently ancient documents were his specialty. 

I decided to accept his offer to assemble and organize them without reservation. 

Next time I visit him on Sunday, let’s bring him some sweets as a gift.

I stayed at the library until the evening and Hans came to see me as soon as I returned to my room. 

I thought that I hadn’t pulled the string to call him yet…and when I tilted my head, it seemed that I had a visitor.

“Gilliam-sama is here.”

Since I wasn’t in my room, he seemed to be waiting for me in the salon of the guest room building. 

I panicked and asked him to invite him in, and my capable attendant quickly brought the guest to me.

“Keigo. Are you feeling alright? I heard you took a day off work.”

It seemed that the knight heard from somewhere that I had taken a leave of absence and came all the way to visit me. 

“Well… ” I nodded with a stiff smile.

“Ah, yes. I’m fine now. It was a little tough in the morning, but by noon, I was back to normal enough that I even went to the library on a whim.” 

“If you’re able to move, I guess there’s not much to worry about, right? Don’t push yourself too hard.” 

“I’m sorry I made you worry. Thank you for coming.”

Hans made us some tea, so we sat down at the table together. 

He was worried that since it was summer the heat might have made me tired.

…Although, the summer in this country was much more pleasant than in Japan in my opinion. 

The sky was bright and clear, and I didn’t feel the heat and humidity. 

I was eating three meals a day properly, and since the nights came early, my bedtime was also perfect. 

I thought that I was probably living a healthier life than I did in Japan. 

Well, my sex life has become kind of unhealthy, though…

As I drank my tea, I observed the prey… in front of me. 

Gilliam’s hair was still damp with sweat, as he seemed to have come right after the end of the Knights’ working hours.

“…Have you taken a bath yet?”

I remembered that I had invited him to use the bath before this, and when I asked him, the handsome man looked at me apologetically.

“I’m sorry. Do I smell like sweat?” 

“No, it’s okay because you don’t smell at all. It’s summer, so you’ll sweat, right? I thought that since you’re here, why don’t you try the bath in the guestroom building?” 

“… It’s a tempting invitation, but…”

The all-time refreshing handsome guy smiled wryly. 

“I plan to leave right away today.” 

“Why don’t you stay a bit longer?” 

“Keigo-sama, actuallyー”

Gilliam sipped his tea, his hand quickly stopping Hans who had been standing in the background from stepping forward to explain.

“I’ve come to visit you today as a representative of the Knights. The others were worried about you, so I’ll just go back and report to them.” 

“Thank you for your hard work. Could you please convey my thanks to the others? When I drop by on Thursday, I’ll properly apologize to them myself.” 

“You don’t have to take it so seriously… but it would be nice if you could take care of yourself so we don’t have to worry about you.”

Gilliam narrowed his green eyes tenderly, patted me on the head, and left the room just like that. 

…Did he find out that I was thinking of something outrageous? 

No, I didn’t think so much of it, okay? 

I just thought that first, I would get him into the bath and say to myself, “Ah, that reminds me, didn’t we run out of shampoo?” then take a peek inside. 

As a first-chapter encounter to become close, wasn’t it within the permissible scope?! 

Within the scope of a general shounen magazine…!! 

(Eh? What I was ultimately aiming for was, of course, the 18+ restricted version.)

As I was seeing Gilliam off, Hans whispered next to me, “Actually…”

“There’s  another visitor in the other room. I think that’s why Gilliam-sama didn’t stay long.” 

“Another visitor?”

For me, basically a loner? 

“I’ll immediately bring him in,” Hans said as he quickly cleaned up the tea and left the room. 

I reflected on the stupidity of my actions. 

As expected, I shouldn’t skip work… I was causing a lot of trouble for everyone around me.

The fact that the Knights had come out of concern when there was no training today meant that I could pretty much predict who would come next.

“Keigo. I was surprised when you suddenly took a day off. Is your body all right?” 

“I’m sorry, it seems I made you worry. Thank you for coming.”

Yes, the pride of the political building, the demon glasses. 

My supervisor, Walter.

“…I’m glad you’re okay.”

Pushing up the rim of his glasses with his fingertips, the handsome man who was supposed to have a ruthless air about him smiled faintly. 

The power of “gap moe” was unbelievable. 

If I was a naive, pretty boy, I would have just jumped into his chest and said, “Please embrace me!”1 

Without leaving the table, I prostrated myself.

Yes, I bowed my head deeply. 

I’m sorry I skipped work…!!

“I guess the summer heat was too much for you. I’ve been making you work overtime lately, and you have to spend the second half of the week in unaccustomed combat training. I was concerned that your stamina wouldn’t last.” My humane supervisor grabbed my wrist, which was out on the table. “Even though you’re so thin…”

No, I was not thin. 

It was just simply that the men of this world were more muscular overall… On that subject, after taking a closer look, wasn’t my supervisor the type who looks slender in clothes…? 

I, a generally accepted bean sprout2, was amazed at the mysteries of the fantasy world.

Was it meat? So it was the difference in our diets, whether we eat meat every day or not, was that what’s leading to our physique differences?! 

No, I was eating meat too! 

I was also eating instant noodles, though. 

I could understand the despair of the postwar Japanese who saw the occupying forces for the first time. 

It was a racial difference, wasn’t it? 

It wasn’t that my physique was too poor, right…?

I became depressed while my wrist was still in his grasp.

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