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Chapter 41 (Part 2)

In the corner of the alley, a hoodlum was lying on the ground with his body curled up from pain. 

Farangis took a deep breath while tousling his neatly combed silver hair, and he looked back at me as I crumbled down to the ground.

“…Are you all right?” 


I nodded to my savior as I gathered the disheveled clothes that were about to fall off of my chest.

Drunkards were scary. 

I was on my way back to the royal castle as usual when a drunk man stopped me and merrily spoke to me, so I responded genuinely by making eye contact with him — which was a mistake. 

The Goddess’s blessing was too effective!! 

The second I realized that this gorilla was breathing a little too heavily, I was kidnapped. 

I could see Farangis trying to quickly chase after me, but he was suddenly surrounded by several people who seemed to be that hoodlum’s friends. The fact that Farangis was here, out of breath, meant that he must have managed to take them down and come to my rescue.

“…Keigo, you’d better think about your influence.”

I was surprised to hear him say that, considering he wasn’t supposed to know about the goddess’s blessing. 

Farangis was standing very close in front of me, with his face turned away from me. 

I guessed he was acting as a shield to hide me, who was attacked, from the eyes of the surrounding people. 

When I finished adjusting my disheveled clothes, the body that had been sticking so close to me left.

“Let’s get to the main street.”

He hesitated a bit, and then he held his hand out to me. 

Taking advantage of his thoughtfulness, I took his hand. 

Hand in hand, we walked down the not-so-safe back alley toward a busy main street.

A leather gloved hand gently grasped my hand. 

With his gaze fixed forward, Farangis continued speaking the rest of his thoughts.

“ーKeigo, although you may not be aware of it, you look like you are seducing people. The lust of a depraved and vile man can easily be inflamed if agitated. A good-for-nothing’s thoughts are the same as if they were directly connected to his lower half. It’s not your fault, but you need to develop a better sense of danger.” 

“A good-for-nothing…” 

“A lowlife who only cares about sex; someone like me.”

Once we were on the bustling main street, Farangis released his hand that was holding mine. 

I looked up at the young man with beautiful silver hair. 

The young man with a self-mocking smile on his face, looking somewhat resigned.

When I first met him, his sneering smile was directed at others besides himself. 

I remember it because he once directed at me, as well. 

But at some point, I realized that this smile of his was currently only directed at himself.


I gently took his hand that had once left mine.

“You and I haven’t really talked much before. I want to talk to you about all kinds of things. I want you to listen to my story and I want to listen to yours. I don’t know much about Farangis yet, but I do know this — you’re not the good-for-nothing man you claim to be.”

After all, I’ve been saved by you three times now.

I knew that he was covering for me in other various ways as well. 

I’ve watched him, a man who doesn’t often use the power of being a member of the Prime Minister’s family for himself, use that clout to improve my position, even as his beautiful face twisted while doing so.

“It doesn’t have to be now. Some other day is fine too. Let’s talk. So, that’s all for today… Thank you for saving me, Farangis.”

I squeezed his hand and then released it. 

I was grateful. Thank you so much. 

I definitely didn’t want to be raped in a back alley; it would be an obvious no-count. 

The problem with the goddess’s curse was that it was unnecessarily powerful. As expected of a god.

Now, let’s go home, I thought as I started walking in the direction of the royal castle, but I couldn’t find the companion who was supposed to follow me. 

I turned around and saw Farangis staring at me.

“…Will you listen to me someday?”

I nodded with a smile at his whispered voice.

“I’m an otherworlder, so I don’t have any ties to this world. Please tell me anything. I’ll listen to everything.”

Your wordsー

The young man nodded with a somewhat tearful smile, and this 35-year-old man had the fleeting thought that younger people were cute.

TN: Well, this is the end of Farangis’s redemption chapter. Sorry that I had to split it into two. The goddess’s curse is really powerful. I hope Keigo won’t get dragged somewhere again because of it.

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Ah Keigo, you’re really too nice

Thank you for the translations!