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Chapter 41 (Part 1)

By the way, there were two people in this fantasy world that I found a bit difficult to deal with at the moment. 

Both were from the Prime Minister’s house. They were the father and son of the silver-haired family.

I had a chance to give my greetings to the handsome Prime Minister who had intimidated me at our first meeting. 

It was just a simple greeting, though. 

My boss took me to his office in the royal castle to bow to him and say, “I look forward to working with you.” 

I haven’t seen him since then.

To me, he wasn’t one of my targets, so it wasn’t a problem. 

Because the Prime Minister had a wife. 

I had no intention of messing around with someone who was married or had a specific partner. 

I had asked the goddess to reduce the effect of the blessing on those people. 

You shouldn’t destroy a happy family after all… 

Adultery was absolutely not acceptable.

Therefore, the head of the Prime Minister’s house was excluded. 

The problem was his son.

The son who had raped me in the stable (…I can’t embellish the words afterall…) was one of the two people in charge of me from the Knights. 

It seemed that Gilliam and Farangis were called “twin flowers” in the Knights. 

Perhaps, if I were to use a phrase from “Legends of the Galactic Heroes” to explain, it would be “twin pillars.” 

They were called “twin flowers” because they were given the task of protecting Sakura-chan, the beautiful maiden warrior of each generation, from both sides.

A symbol of excellence in valor, knowledge, dignity, and a role model for all. 

Gilliam and Farangis were the elite of the elite. 

Since I was the one who showed up to the summoning of the beautiful maiden warrior, they were currently taking care of me, but they would eventually be the protectors of Sakura-chan, who will be summoned again in two years. 

ーAt least, that was what it was known to most on the surface. 

That was… if I failed to slay the dragon.

Gilliam was an impeccable knight. 

Everyone admired him. 

Although he was born into a nominal family of knights from a humble background, he earned the title as one of twin flowers through his ability and honest character. 

Compared to him, Farangis was rumored to have earned his title as one of the twin flowers thanks to his parent’s influence.

To be honest, I didn’t actually hate Farangis.

I still thought that he did a pretty bad thing to me though… 

I guess that was partly because of the effect of the goddess’s “Don’t care about minor things!” blessing. 

Even after he raped me, I couldn’t bring myself to hate him.

He continued to take care of me as if nothing had happened. 

He instructed me in the training while at the Knights, and on Saturday afternoon, after parting with Gilliam, he brought me back to the royal castle from the commoner district. 

After the incident, he didn’t bring his horse with him anymore, and we didn’t talk much either. 

The silence that fell between us on the way home as we walked side by side strangely didn’t bother me.

It was also rumored that Farangis had changed since his engagement was broken off. 

People said that he became more serious and turned over a new leaf.

It seemed that breaking off an engagement between a man and a woman in this world was terribly disgraceful for the man. 

Although it was said that he and Princess Monica had a clean break, behind the scenes it became a huge scandal that caused a stir in the higher social circles. 

I was totally ignorant of that kind of entertainment (?), but even the gentleman in charge of serving food at the dinner hall was talking about it, so I figured it was true. 

Indeed, his colleague, Gilliam, was very worried about him.

After the scandal, Farangis was said to have stopped chasing after men as if he had turned over a new leaf. 

But if you ask me, he had been changing since before the engagement was broken off. 

He was no longer the same man I once saw when I first met him, with his apathetic expression. 

That’s what I think.

…The reason I started to think like that was because I’d been saved twice from assault (whether that’s the right term was a mystery) attempts.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the inside of the royal castle was, for a lack of a better word,  sexually liberated. 

Well, there were even some attendants who performed such duties like Hans-kun after all. 

It was scary how common… it was to drag someone into the bushes if you were slightly attracted to them. 

People around me were aware that I was someone affiliated to the temple, so they couldn’t lay their hands on me, but the nobles who came to the capital from the countryside didn’t understand such circumstances.

Thanks to the goddess’s supportive blessing, I’ve been inadvertently dragged into an empty room twice so far…!! 

Thanks to an attendant, who happened to see it and ran to Farangis for help, I managed to avoid getting a no-count. 

(It seemed that Gilliam’s help was inadequate with nobles because of his background. It couldn’t be helped. Nice choice, attendant-san.)

And the third time. 

Once again, Farangis helped me.

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I… I can’t believe I found Legends of Galactic Heroes here lmaooooo

Maybe it’s a sign for me to watch it again

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Nooo I don’t need to read farangis’ salvation arc 🙁