A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 13

Author Note

Name : Takashiro Haruto

Class : First year, Class A


Academic Ability : C

Intelligence : B

Decision Making : B+

Physical Ability : D+

Cooperativeness : A-

[Interviewer’s Comments]
For his admirable undertaking to support another student for several years, his cooperativeness is ranked highly. It was also worth noting that in one of his responses to the interview questions, he was able to give a thoughtful perspective as if he were already an active member of society. His entrance exam marks were above average, but may be improved upon, depending on his efforts. He also had given a relatively excellent impression for capability and personality, so he was someone who can be thought of to have high expectations for in the future.

Based on the aforementioned evaluation, it is appropriate that he be assigned to Class B.

Special Note: With consideration to the chairman’s special prerogative, Takashiro Haruto was assigned to Class A, as opposed to his original recommended assigned class. The change was made with regard to Takashiro-shi, and would not be made a precedent in the future.1

Arisu-chan’s POV

I called the room service and had my first meal in two days.

After that, I took a bath with Kamuro-san and had her dry my hair.

“So, that guy takes care of you to this degree, huh? It’s pretty obvious you two are close, though.” 

“…That’s right. I have to be grateful for that.”

She moved her hands more awkwardly compared to Haruto-kun, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. 

Surprisingly, the way she did it seemed to be exactly the same as what he usually did. That alone gave me a lot of peace of mind.

How well made was that “Arisu-chan memo”?

“Did you know? Our class is in terrible shape without you.” 

“Seems like it. The fact that Kamuro-san is here, right now, is proof above all else.”

As she combed my hair, Kamuro-san started talking about the events on the deserted island. 

The exam began with every class being given 300 special points, or ‘S Points.’ A student could purchase supplies with them. 

The remaining number of S Points by the end of the exam would be directly added to the already-existing number of class points. That was where the strategy came into play.

“To keep as many S Points as possible, Katsuragi signed a contract with Ryuuen.” 

Katsuragi-kun signed a contract with Ryuuen-kun in exchange for supplies. 

The compensation was a monthly transfer of private points. On the condition that all members of Class A were to pay Ryuuen-kun a collective 20,000 points every month until graduation, Class A would obtain 200 S Points worth of supplies.

“He’s doing something very reckless.” 

“Well, I guess he is just that cornered?”

An incident occurred immediately after the supplies were brought in. 

Among the items that Class C sent, some of the food and drink were poisoned.

Everyone found out when one girl complained about diarrhea.

“I see, so that contract didn’t stipulate a clause on ‘faulty supplies’.” 

“That’s right. Even worse, we had no idea which of the supplies were poisoned. And then, there was also the problem of proving how the supplies were poisoned on a deserted island in the first place. There was a body check when we first got off the ship, but then who’s to say that the ‘supplies’ were hidden somewhere else prior?”

Class A’s despair must be immeasurable. 

The supplies that they obtained after their steep compensation of losing monthly points turned out to be useless. I started to get excited as I thought about that.

Aah, how interesting. I already had a high opinion of Ryuuen-kun, but it looked like he had a talent that didn’t betray expectations.

…Something did feel off regarding Ryuuen-kun’s actions, though.

“What about the student who became a victim?” 

“She requested to drop out due to poor health. I think it couldn’t be helped since she was stuck in the toilet the whole time. However, Katsuragi made a wrong move.”

Students dropping out on this exam would be struck with a penalty of 30 S Points per student. 

Katsuragi-kun didn’t like that Class A’s S Points were already penalized because I couldn’t participate. It seemed like he tried to convince said student to push on.

I could understand the feeling. In the first place, he signed a contract with Ryuuen-kun to limit their point loss. If you lost points anyway because someone needed to drop out, then it was unacceptable. They just gave away Ryuuen-kun their private points in vain.

As a leader, it was difficult to accept. 

But Katsuragi-kun did one of the worst things he could have possibly done.

“He totally lost his influence because of that and many people chose to drop out, am I right?” 

“Right… as expected, you are smart, aren’t you?”

A rebellion against Katsuragi-kun broke out, with the rebels being mostly made up of girls. 

Obviously. Forcing someone, even worse a girl who was already suffering from poor health, and pushing her to overdo things gave a very bad impression. Katsuragi-kun was so cornered that he failed to notice such common sense.

And so, the student who had diarrhea was judged to have had difficulty continuing the exam and was forcibly dropped by Mashima-sensei. With that as a trigger, the students who didn’t like Katsuragi-kun from the beginning began to retire voluntarily one after another. Controlling the class was no longer possible.

“Everyone in the class didn’t expect that Ryuuen would resort to something that cruel, though.” 

“That’s being a bit naïve. If it was him, he would do it.”

Even though I said that, it still felt like something was off, after all. Ryuuen-kun benefited very little from doing something like this. It might’ve been the best way to harass Class A, though… 

In any case, it served as the finishing blow to the class that was already falling apart. 

Class A was over. I doubt we would still be in Class A next week.

By the end of this exam, Honami-san’s class would replace this defunct Class A. 

She would take her place as the new ruler of the new Class A.

I guess I should congratulate her once she returns from the island.

“Do you know how many from Class A dropped out by the time you left, Kamuro-san?” 

“I don’t know the exact number, but I think about twenty were already gone. By the time five to six dropped out, Katsuragi had already resigned and used all the points to purchase supplies, so the floodgates just opened.”

That was the most important thing for me. 

That Class A no longer had any points to lose.

Nobody would stop each other from dropping out at this point either.

So Haruto-kun could openly return to the ship without a problem.

…No way, was that the goal from the beginning? 

With that flash of an idea, I finally gave the whole thing some real weight and really thought about it.

Everything that happened with Haruto-kun recently. Ryuuen-kun’s personality.

Come to think of it, Haruto-kun purchased something in the drugstore the other day… Ryuuen-kun doesn’t benefit, right…? No, perhaps the 50 points for guessing the class leader… Then, the one who was actually responsible wasn’t Ryuuen-kun…? 

So that’s how it was. 

I quickly connected the dots.

Aah, so you… were someone who was willing to go that far for my sake. 

I really love you after all. I didn’t want to be apart from you for the rest of my life.

If this hypothesis of mine was correct, it meant that I was blind for thinking of him as an ‘ordinary’ person. 

He also likely brought back some private points with him as loot.

“Come to think of it, Takashiro said he would be dropping out tomorrow. Isn’t that great for you?” 

Upon hearing Kamuro-san’s words, my world suddenly brightened. 

I could meet him tomorrow. Just from the thought, I was warmed and excited.

“Fufu, I can’t get over my excitement. What should I do?” 

“…So you can actually make that kind of expression, huh.”

Kamuro-san sighed, exasperated. 

But it couldn’t be helped, could it? I was the happiest I could have ever been.

After my nighttime routine, I lay on the bed with Kamuro-san. 

“Um, I don’t think you need to go this far, right?” 

“This is also written after all. I’m contracted to act according to this memo, you know?”

Sleeping together in the same bed was a high hurdle to cross even if the other person was also a girl. 

Haruto-kun’s greatest flaw was that he was too ignorant of the subtleties of the mind.

“…Nobody could replace Haruto-kun, though.” 

I knew this was rude to Kamuro-san, who was taking care of me, the words left my mouth before I knew it. 

“I already know.” 

How unexpected. 

“You mean?” 

“Literally. That Takashiro seems to think I could replace him. He is the only one who didn’t realize that it’s impossible for anyone to do the same when it comes to Sakayanagi.”

Oh my, she actually realized that. That surprised me. 

Kamuro-san was actually quite competent.

“That’s right. I need to explain it to him properly once he returns.” 

“‘Kamuro can’t replace Takashiro!’ You should just say that right to him.”

“Fufu, I should. I actually like you quite a bit.”

“Oh really?”

I could sense her kindness in her blunt demeanor. 

I need to find out why she listened to Haruto-kun in the future but…

I felt like I could somehow understand why he chose Kamuro-san out of everyone.

In my hands, I had the joy of knowing that Haruto-kun would return tomorrow, and there was the comfort that there was someone next to me. 

Thanks to that, I was calmer than yesterday.

Author Note:

It’ll take some time before I can post the next chapter.

That said, I think I could post it within a week.

Addendum: it was earlier than I expected.

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