A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Aia

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Chapter 15

Arisu-chan’s POV

The setting sun lit the sky scarlet.

The moment I saw Haruto-kun’s figure from the deck, I felt a surge of emotion.

However, since he dropped out under the excuse of bad health, he had to undergo a medical examination.

It was frustrating to wait—each passing second felt like hours.

And finally, Haruto-kun came back to me. 


The moment I heard his voice, I was speechless. 

I really wanted to say something, but I couldn’t stop crying.

“Sorry for being late.” 

Haruto-kun’s arms wrapped around me. 

I felt a sense of relief and joy that he returned to me.

As I thought, I couldn’t live without him.

I wanted him closer. 

I stretched until we had close-range eye contact.

Eventually, I could no longer hold back and put my lips upon his. 

Haruto-kun looked surprised for a moment but accepted it without resisting.

A feeling of happiness took over me.

Now that I learned of this taste, I could no longer return.

How long did the sensation last? 

When we broke apart, he didn’t go far, I could still hear his breaths.

“Welcome back.” 

“I’m back.”

Ah, I could finally say it. 

I don’t want to be apart anymore, okay?

“…Hey, you do realize I’m still here?” 


Kamuro-san scolded me. 

As I calmed down slightly, I realized what just happened.

I suddenly became embarrassed.

“Takashiro too. Do you realize you’re in public?” 

“Can’t argue with that.”

Hearing our responses, Kamuro-san made an exasperated expression. 

Then she slowly walked back inside.

“This annoying pest will go away, so take your time. Better now than later, right?” 

It seemed she was being considerate. 

Thinking that it couldn’t stay like this, I turned to face her.

“Thank you very much for the last two days.” 

“You don’t have to thank me in particular. I received my compensation.”

“I still want to thank you despite that. Masumi-san, would you be my friend?”

“…I don’t mind. Should I call you Arisu?”

“Yes. To me, you are already my best friend.”

Perhaps embarrassed by my declaration, Masumi-san’s face flushed. 

That part of her was pretty cute.

“Takashiro, keep your promise, alright?” 

“Of course. Thank you very much.”

Finally, after exchanging words with Haruto-kun, Masumi-san left. 

Let’s ask about what happened on the deserted island later.

We returned to my room and we were all alone, just the two of us, for the first time in a while. 

“Even though it’s only been three days, it feels much longer than that.” 

“You’re right… It felt very long.”

It was a time when Haruto-kun was separated from me. 

These past three days would forever be etched in my memory as something excruciatingly painful.

As I buried myself in his chest as we sat on the bed, I was surrounded by his scent again. 

It was a scent I needed that gave me peace of mind.

“As I thought, it feels really painful for me to not see Arisu-chan for too long. If there’s another exam like this, I better not participate from the get-go.” 

“…I want you to do that. I want to create an environment where nobody would complain if Haruto-kun didn’t want to participate in the exam at all.”

Ultimately, the root cause of our separation was that his absence caused too much protest from some people. I swore at that moment that in the future, I would refuse to show them mercy. 

“It’s still surprising that people dropped out one after the other. I thought nine would’ve been enough.” 

Haruto-kun was also surprised by the number. 

But since the class already lost its cohesion, it was only natural.

Perhaps his plans served as the finishing blow that broke the class.

Since Katsuragi-kun was the leader, it would’ve ended up like this eventually, though.

However, there was one thing I really appreciated about Katsuragi-kun. 

It was the contract he signed with Class C. The point transfer that put Class A at an overwhelming disadvantage was exactly what I wanted. To create that kind of situation, I considered paying Ryuuen-kun to trick Katsuragi-kun into a trap. It was a stroke of luck that it got realized without much effort. 

All that was left was to transfer Honami-san when the time was right. 

The total points that the current Class A would have had to pay each month was 780,000 points, which Honami-san would inherit. In exchange for the debt, Class A would act accordingly to the new Class A (the former Class B) for future exams. In that not-too-distant future, we would make a contract with these details.

It would be an unequal contract that Honami-san could always terminate depending on her mood. However, I was sure that the students of Class A would accept.

In this situation, where the resigned atmosphere and self-centered thought prevailed, there was no doubt they would prioritize their 20,000 private points over the exams.

[“I can’t forgive Ryuuen-kun’s overly despicable method of resorting to poison.”] 

If Honami-san said this as she held out her hand, it would be nice to hear. 

You couldn’t tell if she held any malice. Everyone would think she offered out of charity.

In addition, accepting the contract would alleviate their sense of defeat against Ryuuen-kun. They would see Honami-san as the ally of justice and Ryuuen-kun as the villain. The class was defeated by Ryuuen Kakeru’s despicable tactics, but from now on, they will cooperate with justice… Was how they’d interpret the development.

Either way, everything was going in a very interesting direction. Since it also served to cement Ryuuen-kun’s brand as someone who “would resort to anything for victory,” it could be considered a resounding success.

It was also important to make the class think they have a hopeless gap against Honami-san’s class. 

For that reason, it was better if they got defeated by a large margin in the deserted island exam.

Since Class A had 0 points, then it was obvious that all that was left was Class B.

“Come to think of it, I told Honami-san about the leader of Class A.”

“You did?”

“Of course. Because if Arisu-chan were there instead, you would have done so.”

A perfectly executed move. 

Haruto-kun managed to take the best course of action without my instruction.

“By the way, I also told Ayanokouji about it even earlier. Since Totsuka is the leader, he won’t be dropping out as long as Katsuragi is still on the island. In exchange, the leader of Class C—Ryuuen, I think—told Ayanokouji to sell the information to Honami-san and form an alliance with Class B.” 

I was getting dizzy. 

What did Haruto-kun want from me? To make me fall for him even deeper?


Without holding back, I closed his lips with mine. 

Not good. I could no longer hold back in many ways.

“Um, Arisu-chan?” 

“I love you, Haruto-kun. We’ll be lovers from now on. Okay?”

“…Is it really?”

“Of course it is. There’s no one who can replace you, be it now or in the future. Ayanokouji-kun? Masumi-san? They couldn’t. You are the only one who could live together with me.”

Ah, I’ve done it. 

I never intended to confess to him this way, but since I had already said it, it couldn’t be helped.

“But I’m just an ordinary person.” 

“No, I admit it. You are a genius. However, it is limited to supporting me. Be it supporting me in a physical sense, or your decision-making skills in the exam, you are someone who could do things that others couldn’t. What else should I refer to you if not as a genius?”

My thoughts spilled out until I ran out of breath. 

Perhaps this was the first time I said that many words to him all at once.

“Is it really okay for me to stay with you, Arisu-chan?” 

“Please don’t make me say it over and over. I love you so much. Please don’t abandon me…”

For some reason, my tears started to flow again. 

Ahh, no good. Even though I had to be strong in front of him…

The stress from the past three days and my affection for him had piled up and came crashing down. Those complex emotions combined together and disturbed me. What would he think, after this display of clinging onto him?

“…Sorry, I guess I’m not good at all.” 

“Such a thing is—“

“No, to think I couldn’t do anything even though the girl important to me said this much. I am beyond ashamed and exasperated instead. Sorry, Arisu-chan. I’m just an ordinary person after all.”

Haruto-kun let out a big sigh. 

“That’s why, I will tell you in a simple and honest way like an ordinary person would. I guess a fool would only complicate things if they try to think too hard.” 

After saying that, he looked at me with his most serious expression ever. 

It was the coolest expression I ever saw from him until now.

“…Arisu-chan. I love Arisu-chan. That’s why, I want to be together with you from now on as well. Please be my girlfriend!” 

I was sure today was the best day of my life. 

Author Note:

That’s one arc done. Most people were still in the midst of their survival exam, though.

The perspective will return to the protagonist’s in the next chapter.

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