A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kat

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Chapter 2

Hello, I was the person who would be the greatest weakness of Class A, Takashiro Haruto.

I was still not convinced to be placed in Class A. I thought I would end up placed in Class D because of unfair behavior due to the decision of Arisu-chan’s dad, but there was no such thing. I guess even the teachers here were just people who worked for the money. The fact that people who couldn’t afford to lose their jobs were weak to authority never changed regardless of occupation. 

…Now that I thought about it, in the original story, someone created a special exam just to expel one person. Since such a thing was permitted, I guess the chairman’s authority could forcefully place someone in Class A.

I slowly opened the classroom door. 

There were already many students when I entered the classroom. 

There were faces I had only seen in the anime.

There were Katsuragi, Totsuka, Hashimoto… and Kamuro-san.

So I will be their classmate from now on.

I see. 

As expected, they all had a different aura than me. They were clearly smarter than average, and even Totsuka, who committed a lot of errors in the original story, seemed to be a competent person in my eyes. Even though I haven’t done anything yet, I already felt like I was on the away team. Leaving Arisu-chan aside, I already felt like I was in the wrong place. 

This feeling didn’t feel different at all compared to when I was in middle school. 

It felt hard to mingle with them. It made me not want to get along with them. My feeling of wanting to go home was getting stronger.

I was sure they were bragging about their academic achievements.

I guess they had a study group with such mindsets.

…If anyone realized that my capability was inferior, I guess there would be someone who would look down on me.

Of course, there were some who had excellent personalities, but I doubted everyone was like that.

Those who misunderstood would always be arrogant with what they know.

Aah, it suddenly felt dull. As expected, this class didn’t suit me. 

Wasn’t it worth 20 million points to transfer classes? Since Arisu-chan would be included, that would be 40 million. That was impossible. It was all over.

If I were in Class D instead, I might feel a sense of familiarity or camaraderie and the desire to blend in, but it was impossible here.

An environment that didn’t fit one’s status would always be uncomfortable. I felt that the exam system, which grouped people based on their academic ability, wouldn’t just benefit those with high ability but also those with low ability.

Arisu-chan took the seat next to me. Chairman-sama, thank you for this detailed consideration. 

Of course, I meant that to be sarcastic.

“…Everyone seems to be energetic, don’t they?” 

“I guess so.”

We stared at our classmates chatting. 

I wondered what Arisu-chan thought about it. Perhaps she wanted to dominate them all like in the original story? That didn’t seem to be the case, though.

While sitting in a daze for a while, Mashima-sensei, the homeroom teacher of Class A, entered the room. I see. He was a pretty cool old man. 

“Good morning. I’m Mashima Tomoya, the homeroom teacher in charge of this class starting today.” 

The teacher started by introducing himself and then proceeded to explain the system of this school. I knew the general explanation, but perhaps there would be minor differences, so I still listened seriously. S System, provision of 100,000 points, blocking contact with the outside world, etc. Including how he didn’t mention how many points would be provided next month, it was just like my knowledge of the original story. 

When I looked at Arisu-chan next to me, she seemed to be thinking about something. 

I wondered how much she realized at this point.

I felt like she already made a guess close to the actual answer.

The explanation proceeded to the details of dormitory life, then Mashima-sensei left the room in a hurry, probably to prepare for the entrance ceremony.

There was still some time before the entrance ceremony. It wasn’t like there was something to do, so what should I do? 

As I was wondering what happened back in the original story, Katsuragi came forward.

I guess it was you who would take that position. I already expected that somehow.

“Please listen, everyone. My name is Katsuragi Kouhei. In order to get to know each other better, let’s have everyone introduce themselves.” 

I had no idea if Arisu-chan would confront Katsuragi. But I also couldn’t imagine Arisu-chan accepting him, considering her personality. The same could be said the other way around. 

I had no idea if this would lead to the leadership competition, but I guess it wouldn’t go well.

Katsuragi immediately moved forward to lead the class. 

As for me, I already felt stifled and troubled by this.

Then I asked myself again. What should I do? 

I couldn’t come to a conclusion, so I took a look at my side. 

I saw Arisu-chan looking very bored.


I couldn’t hold back my small laughter. 

I knew it. I also thought the same.

I guess we were similar in this part since way back.

I immediately stood up and spoke to Katsuragi at the front. 

“Sorry, Katsuragi. Arisu-chan… I mean this girl was born with a weak body. She came here without rest after a long bus trip, so she’s tired. Could you let her take a rest until the time of the entrance ceremony?” 

After saying the appropriate excuse, Arisu-chan smiled as she looked at me. 

Without waiting for a response, we left the classroom. 

I was quite cold toward the things I wasn’t interested in.

“As expected, Haruto-kun is good at reading my emotions.” 

“You blatantly look so bored after all. Well, it should be okay not to participate in the class introductions. In the first place, what I said was a proper reason.”

After leaving the classroom, we wandered around the school building. 

I guess there were tons of surveillance cameras around just like the original story. I had no idea where the blind spots were at all.

Arisu-chan seemed to realize that as well as she looked around while walking beside me. I didn’t mind, but she should look forward. She might stumble, after all.

“It seems we got 100,000 points this month. For the time being, let’s go and buy things we need for today’s evening.” 

She purposely said it was only for this month and invited me to go shopping. 

Perhaps she actually already realized something about the S System?

As expected, she was weird. How could a normal person reach that answer with practically no hint?

“By the way, what should we do from now on? As expected, it’s still too early to take a meal, so we have time to spare.” 

“If it’s about that, I actually have a suggestion.”

I was thinking of starting a small event from now on. 

By the time I backed out from self-introduction, I came up with an idea. This was probably a blatant intervention in the original story, but it had a big purpose.

We were heading to the Class D classroom. 

I took Arisu-chan’s hand and walked forward.

It seemed she couldn’t understand the meaning of my sudden action and got confused. It was just as I expected.

“First Year Class D, is it? Is there something there?” 

“There’s definitely something there that Arisu-chan is interested in.”

She was a little surprised at my words. 

I thought Arisu-chan might get interested in Class A, but that wasn’t the case. Since I realized that, it was pitiful of her to stay in that boring place.

I had my next plan. I thought this was definitely not a bad thing.

Class D was having their introductions at the moment. Several people seemed to have already left the class ahead of time, so the atmosphere inside was quite vague, but I didn’t consider it bad. As expected, I thought I would be better in that class.

Hirata and Kushida were over there. Indeed, I could immediately tell since they were handsome and beautiful.

Among them, there was one particular student who wasn’t conspicuous. 

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. 


We arrived just in time for his self-introduction. 

Arisu-chan seemed to understand everything in this instant and stared intently.

“You must have remembered him, right? That guy from White Room.” 

“There’s no way I could forget.”

“I guess so.”

That person was the man who could be considered Arisu-chan’s childhood friend. The chess that she started because of his influence affected her greatly. I let her know of his existence in this school for a reason. 

For a moment, Ayanokouji looked in our direction. He seemed to realize we were watching him. Since it was Ayanokouji, I guess it was obvious that he could sense our presence, but it felt creepy to me. 

Ayanokouji at this point in time adopted the policy to not stand out. His vague self-introduction like in the original story was concluded and he returned to his seat. However, his gaze was fixed on us. He looked at us with a suspicious expression. 

“For the time being, let’s move elsewhere.” 

After confirming that Arisu-chan had calmed down, we headed outside the school building. 

Since he was suspicious of us, I was sure he would follow after us.

The weather today was fine and the temperature was comfortable. 

It was a prison-like place that was completely cut off from the outside world, but it didn’t feel closed, perhaps because of its size.

“As expected, you like him, right?” 

“…That is too vicious even as a joke, you know.”

We sat down on the bench and started talking. 

Since it was the day of the entrance ceremony, there were almost no students hanging outside around this time.

“No, I’m seriously asking.” 

“There’s no way that I—”

“It is. It’s unlike Arisu-chan to declare something without a basis.”

I put on a strong front, which was unusual for me. 

I really didn’t mean that as a joke but something I planned over several years.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I had always wished for her to be with Ayanokouji someday. I even considered that as an ultimate goal.

Well, considering how popular Ayanokouji-kun will be, perhaps he would end up with a different person… but anyway, I wished their relationship remained the same as in the original story.

There was an impact he gave Arisu-chan back in White Room. She would also learn more about him in their school life here. And I didn’t wish to get in the way of that.

For that reason, I tried to not enroll in this school where the relationships would deepen, so making the story return to the original course would be the best course of action, but it was none other than Arisu-chan who prevented that from happening.

Since it came to this, although I couldn’t be their cupid, I could at least help them get along well.

“Certainly, I admit I have an obsession with him. My dignity is on the line regarding my match with him.” 

“But I have no idea whether that obsession sprouted from love, hatred, pity, admiration, or anything else. Arisu-chan also has no idea, right?”

I knew that she didn’t know it. Right now, the feeling was close to hostility instead. However, the seed was certainly there. 

“That… might be true, but—” 

“What I meant to say was he’s someone who could entertain you. He stands in a similar position as Arisu-chan, unlike me.”

I wanted a genius to associate with fellow geniuses. 

There was no way an ordinary person like me was fit for Arisu-chan.

If it were Ayanokouji, since he could become someone who could support the nation in the future, he should be able to take care of Arisu-chan on the side. He was the best person to entrust the princess I’ve served over the long years.

And once that happened, I should just leave quietly. 

“No, you don’t understand. Haruto-kun really doesn’t…” 

As we were about to argue, the person we were waiting for appeared. 

I was surprised he appeared all of a sudden. Perhaps he approached us while hiding his presence.

Ayanokouji didn’t drop his vigilance and stopped about a meter away from us.

“Nice to meet you, I guess? Ayanokouji Kiyotaka-kun.” 

“…You guys were the ones who peeked during my self-introduction, weren’t you?”

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka. 

He seemed to be an ordinary student at first glance, but I knew well he was far from one.

Author Note:

Ayanokouji: “(Isn’t the assassin being sent too early)?”

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