A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 52

The sports festival was over and the usual daily life returned.

Today we were gathered in the gymnasium for the student council’s changing ceremony.

However, I had no interest in this event at all. Since it was just a waste of time, I wanted to go home early. It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who thought that way and many students looked bored.

Horikita the student council president—no, the previous student council president—finished his greetings and Nagumo presented next. 

The content of his speech wasn’t particularly fresh and I already knew about it beforehand. Nagumo told me personally, after all.

Those who were competent would rise up and those who didn’t would fall… that was all.

“…There should be some students who got buried due to the system up until now despite them actually having abilities. I would like to dig out such people and prepare an environment where they could use their abilities to the fullest. I would like to set this as one of my goals.” 

When Nagumo spoke passionately, I felt like he was looking at me. 

As his speech ended, cheers rose up mostly from 2nd-year students. As for 1st-year students like us, we were just listening with a sleazy attitude… but all of the students of Class A were glaring at Nagumo, as if saying “You are not worthy to stand in that place.”

And there was also Horikita Suzune. I wonder what she felt when she heard the previous student council president’s greetings?

After school. 

We visited the library for reading time with Hiyori. For me, it had become my daily pleasure. As I thought, the time spent calmly on hobbies was precious.

It seemed Arisu-chan also didn’t think it was bad and was thoroughly absorbed in reading difficult-looking books.

“‘Snow Country’ is it? It’s considered a masterpiece among masterpieces.” 

“The short story from the day before yesterday was also interesting, so I thought I’d try a longer story this time.”

“Fufu, it feels good to read short stories quickly, right? Do you like pure literature?”

“…Seeing the conflict between men and women is interesting as a creative work.”

“When Haruto-kun said that, it sounded somewhat suggestive…”

After having a light discussion about reading with Hiyori, I immersed myself in the world of reading. 

As expected, our accompaniment seemed to be a great deterrent. This was already the third reading meeting, but nobody came to speak ill so far. I didn’t know what I might do if somebody was actually trying to mess with me, but I was relieved to be able to prevent it before it happened.

I took my eyes off the page and looked at Hiyori. 

She was reading with a relaxed expression. I could feel her happiness.

…Good for her. I didn’t mean to brag, but I think my suggestion was successful this time.

“…That’s rare. I think it’s the first time we met here.” 


When I looked up in the direction of the voice, there was Horikita. Hiyori and Arisu-chan also shifted their gaze away from their book and stared curiously. 

Since Horikita was definitely the type of person who preferred to read alone, it wasn’t that weird for her to be in the library. What surprised me was the fact this lone wolf actually bothered to talk to us.

“What kind of business do you have?” 

Hiyori looked a little grumpy and asked Horikita a question. Perhaps she got disturbed during a good point of the story. 

“No, I don’t have any particular business. I see you here often… but it’s the first time for me to see the two of them in the library, so I was curious about what they are reading.” 

At that moment, Hiyori’s atmosphere changed 180 degrees. Her displeasure for being interrupted while reading was replaced with the joy of discovering someone of the same kind.  This part of her was pretty easy to understand. 

“…My name is Shiina Hiyori.” 

“I’m Horikita Suzune.”

“Okay, what kind of genre does Horikita-san usually read?”

Perhaps Hiyori got excited because she realized that Horikita was also a book lover. 

Maybe what I thought might possibly happen.

The conversation between the two continued even after leaving the library. 

Starting from Horikita’s favorite genre and author, as well as the books she read recently… As Hiyori was impressed by Horikita’s depth of knowledge, Hiyori kept asking one thing after another. This was like a scene of close friends getting along.

“Come to think of it, Shiina-san hasn’t been visiting the library much lately. Because I know you visit often, it made me wonder why you suddenly didn’t come.” 

“Many things happened… Haruto-kun and Arisu-chan accompanied me for my sake.”

With that question, Hiyori explained how she came to read with us. 

“…That’s unexpectedly kind of you. I didn’t think you were the kind of people to do something like that.” 

Horikita’s eyes widened for a moment as she looked at us. Somehow, her attitude felt milder than before. It wasn’t like she opened up to us… but perhaps this was Hiyori’s effect? 

Even so, the wind felt strong today. Horikita’s long and beautiful hair fluttered.

In the end, I didn’t understand why she suddenly talked to us. But one thing I could say was…

“Why don’t we lend each other books next time?” 

“Okay. If it’s a book that Shiina-san has, I’m sure it will be interesting.”

Finally, someone had reached out to this prickly woman. 

Of course, it didn’t change the fact it would be tough considering their position in their respective classes. The fact that Horikita betrayed her class wouldn’t disappear. But for Horikita… it was the first time that a student who accepted the existence of Horikita Suzune appeared. Even though it was limited to their private life, I think it served as a big turning point for her.

“Thank you for today… Sakayanagi-san and Takashiro-kun too.” 

It was the first time I saw Horikita’s smile since I came to this school. 

The one who shone a light on the world that was completed by one person… was none other than Shiina Hiyori. With their shared hobby of reading, Hiyori opened Horikita’s heart at tremendous speed.

And this was something that wouldn’t have occurred if we hadn’t accompanied Hiyori for reading time. I realized that even a single action could have an unexpected effect.

“Fufu, Horikita-san.” 

“Is there something?”

Arisu-chan, who had been silent all this time, spoke to Horikita at the very end. 

“…The warmth of a person isn’t that bad, right?” 

“…What do you mean?”

“I leave it to you on how you interpret my words. However, it is still not too late for Horikita-san. Unlike me, you still have a chance to leap forward. And that is something very enviable for me.”

Arisu-chan admonished Horikita with a slightly shadowy smile. 

The tone of her voice was gentle which was very different from Arisu-chan’s tone until now.

“I will accept that as kind advice.” 

“Please do. That’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you all this time.”

At that time, a strong wind blew. Feeling a little chilly, I trembled for a moment. 

“Well then, everyone, please take care not to catch a cold.” 

Hiyori calmly said so and left. Horikita also turned around and followed. 

Arisu-chan and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Ahahah, it feels weird. Horikita sure acts awkwardly.” 

“You’re right. I could clearly see that she isn’t used to communication.”

U~hn, but it sure felt cold. The temperature dropped suddenly. 

The warmth of a person, huh…

A sudden thought occurred to me and I embraced Arisu-chan’s body with all my might. 

I could feel the warmth of 36 degrees… I did this despite understanding that this wasn’t what Arisu-chan meant when she said that.

“It sure feels warm.” 

“Geez, what are you doing all of a sudden?”

Even though Arisu-chan said that, she didn’t seem to hate it. 

I lightly kissed her blushing cheek then put my hand on her face. Her ears were getting cold because of the wind.

“Okay, we should go home as well. I guess we can have an early bath for today.” 

“Let’s do that.”

I held her hand firmly so she wouldn’t separate and start walking slowly. 

Arisu-chan looked happy with that. As I saw that, I felt like my feelings got brightened as well. 

Horikita Suzune. Her cold and dark heart must have been warmed by Hiyori. 

However, Horikita’s path ahead was rocky. Just because she realized she walked on the wrong path, it wasn’t easy to correct it at this point.

…Didn’t it make her feel even more miserable to learn of “a person’s warmth” that she never knew and chose to pretend not to see it all this time?

The season was already autumn. It was the time to start maturing the relationships that had been nurtured since early spring. I think it would be extremely difficult for her to come in considering her situation.

Would the “kindness” granted to her become medicine or poison to her?  

While thinking back to Hiyori’s words at the sports festival, I arrived at our room.

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