A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 38

Author Note:

Thank you very much for the comments. This series has been running for quite long, but please take care of me from now on as well.

It was two weeks until the sports festival.

After school, Arisu-chan and I spent time relaxing at an unpopular café.

“Is that cake delicious?” 

“It is. Want some?”

Ahn. Yep, I like the fresh cream with moderate sweetness. 

This exchange happened often. Seeing other people eating made me want to eat too.

Also, it seemed that Arisu-chan liked to feed me like this. Because she didn’t have much that she could “do for me”… at least according to her. I didn’t think so, though.

“It’s pretty good. I guess I should order some next time.” 

“Fufu, let’s come again. This kind of date is also good.”

Just as Arisu-chan said, it was a comfortable time. This could be said to be the ideal school life for me. Wasn’t it the best to be able to spend the evening lazing around together with the woman I love? 

Anyway, we had a lot of free time these days. We hadn’t participated in the practice for the sports festival, and we hadn’t even shown ourselves in the meeting to decide which competition to participate in. And unfortunately, people like me were the majority in Class B. It was a wonderful environment where we wouldn’t be conspicuous even when we went home right after the homeroom was concluded. 

…All the students of the Katsuragi faction would be participating in the nomination events, but the order of participants in all class events became questionable. If they decided on their own, it would be inevitable that the class would become messy.

“Well, that’s none of my business though.” 

Most of the students of the current Class B were a group of self-centered people, including me. If Katsuragi made a mistake in handling it, there was a high possibility that the people who had been indifferent until now would become his anti-group. 

That said, if Katsuragi tried to stand up for the non-Katsuragi faction students, his foundation would shake this time. There would be opinions like “We have been supporting Katsuragi all this time, yet why are they the ones that get supported instead?” or something like that.

The situation seemed completely against Katsuragi, but what was he going to do about it? 

But even if such a thought ran through my mind, it wasn’t like I intended to do something about it. I didn’t give a damn… such was all I thought. In the end, it was still someone else’s business to me.

“It should be about time.” 

Arisu-chan put down her fork and muttered quietly. 


“It’s time for Honami-san to take over the debt of the students of Class B. Do you remember?”

Come to think of it, there was such a thing. I just recalled it now that she mentioned it. 

The number of points that Honami-san had must have already exceeded 10 million. The points she would have to pay Ryuuen would be worth no less than dirt for her. 

“It’s absolutely impossible for Class B to refuse such a suggestion. The majority would definitely be in favor.” 

“Yes. Not only would they not be against it, but the motivation of the students might even increase after the contract.”

“Since the people who kept their silence until now might get incorporated into the ‘Honami faction,’ so I guess that’s obvious.”

“Exactly. Her kindness and warm words have more than enough power to move a collapsing group. Not only did it secure cooperation between classes, it might even allow her to gain a certain number of ‘believers’ as a result.”

What would happen if a helping hand was extended toward Class B, which was battered by continuous defeats? 

A fanatic group that followed the messiah known as Honami-san would be born… maybe.

…I doubt it would become that extreme. Even so, the influence would definitely be greater than the current Katsuragi. 

In addition, Class B students had a latent hatred for Ryuuen. As long as the conversation was directed at trying to defeat him, a certain amount of solidarity would be born.

With that in mind, Honami-san would speak the words that Arisu-chan thought up. Be it the attitude showed had no malice or her charisma, Honami-san had the necessary things to brainwash the crowd. 

First of all, it wouldn’t fail. The question became how many students wouldn’t fall for that.

“Honami’s cult would continue to expand. Do you intend to use it to dominate the school year in the end?” 

“In the end, it’s up to Honami-san, but that might be interesting too. Personally, I would like to see Ryuuen-kun break that stronghold… but seeing him failing to do so would also be enjoyable.”

Arisu-chan smiled as she said that. Anyway, she was cute. 

As long as I could see her smile, I was okay with anything.

Around 6 p.m., we visited Kiyotaka’s room for no particular reason.

“Hey, I came to visit. I’ll go home if you think it’s a nuisance.” 

“O-oh. It’s not like you’re a nuisance, but…”

Kiyotaka was unusually undetermined. 

As soon as we took off our shoes and entered the room, I understood the reason immediately.

There were fancy stuffed animals and cute miscellaneous goods that seemed to be prizes for something. Of course, I knew it was Kei-chan’s taste, but seeing things that were so far from Kiyotaka’s image made me almost break into a laughing fit. The image of Kiyotaka living together with stuffed animals was very funny to imagine. That was cheating. 

Arisu-chan was also grinning next to me. Rather than smiling, it was more that she was restraining herself from laughing out loud. I was glad she was having fun.

“How should I say this? This is…” 

“I know what you want to say, Haruto. Give me a break…”

Kiyotaka shook his head and sighed. It seemed he had expected our reactions. 

“No, I’m definitely not making fun of you. Rather, I think it’s pretty nice now that I take a good look. I was just surprised by the big gap between this and the usual Kiyotaka.” 

“My room wasn’t originally like this, though…”

“I know. It’s Kei-chan, right?”

“That’s right. She keeps insisting that she wants the room to be cute, you see…”

That really sounds like something she would say. 

“I’m home~!” 

Just as I thought about her, Kei-chan came home. 

It was unusual that they acted separately for today… wasn’t that actually quite amazing?

Before I knew it, even though she was dependent on him, she had grown enough to be able to tolerate being apart from him.

“Welcome home.” 


Immediately after entering the room, she suddenly kissed him. She sure was passionate… 

Kiyotaka seemed already used to her behavior and accepted it as if it was an obvious thing to do.

“…Were the girls convinced?” 

“Somehow. I guess all that is left is her.”

“If you mean Horikita, you can leave her alone. Rather, leaving her alone now is the best course of action.”

The two began to seriously talk about their policy for the sports festival. It was the style where Kei-chan reported what happened and Kiyotaka reacted to it. Their interaction was somewhat similar to good relationships between a parent and their child. 

What surprised me was the education type where she grew by being praised. As Kei-chan frankly spoke about her today’s episode, Kiyotaka told her what she did well and what she should fix. To think Kiyotaka had this kind of talent… It was the complete opposite of the policy of the White Room, but I guess he did it exactly because of that.

“You did a great job for today as well.” 

“Yes, I did my best. For Kiyotaka’s sake.”

So where’s my reward? Asked Kei-chan, which was responded to by Kiyotaka embracing her quietly. Her figure that asked to be spoiled thoroughly would seem to be a different person from how she was seen outside. 

…She seemed to have two personalities now somehow. Although it wasn’t as clear as Kikyou-chan’s, Kei-chan began to split her behavior as “Class Leader Karuizawa” and “Kiyotaka’s Girlfriend Kei-chan.”

Arisu-chan was looking at the two of them very happily.

After chatting a bit, we decided to go home. Kiyotaka said he didn’t mind us staying for a bit longer, but we didn’t want to bother Kei-chan for staying too long. 

I didn’t want to get resented by Kei-chan unnecessarily, so it was the correct answer to quietly leave.

“Ah, welcome back!” 

“Sorry, sorry, we just returned from Kiyotaka’s room.”

When we got off the elevator, there was Kikyou-chan, who looked a little restless, in front of our room. Apparently, she was waiting for us to return. 

I felt sorry for this and quickly opened the door.

“…Did something happen?” 

“Yes, that’s right. There’s something I want to talk to you about today.”

It seemed that Arisu-chan also noticed something was different than usual. 

As I wondered what she wanted to talk about, we entered our room.

Author Note:

Sorry for cutting the chapter here. The latter half of the story is pretty important, so it takes me some time to transcribe it.

I also think it’s good enough to stop the chapter at this point, so I would post the latter half separately.

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