A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 30

The place Kiyotaka guided me to was the room where I talked with Horikita before.

As we got closer, I could hear people talking. Kiyotaka and I made eye contact and turned off our cell phones.

…Nobody was likely to come here, but it might happen if the timing was bad.

I guess both us and Horikita were challenging danger back then.

Before coming here, Kiyotaka requested one thing. 

The content was simple; I was to break into the room at his signal.

It seemed that Kiyotaka would enter first and I would have to hide myself for a while. Perhaps after some kind of interaction in the room, he wanted to create a situation in which I, an outsider, happened to “discover” it.

It wasn’t just a spectator event, but a participatory one. It felt exciting.

We arrived in front of the room. 

The door was open, so we needed to be very careful to not get caught.

[“If it’s now, I can forgive you if you kneel on the ground, you know?”] 

I heard a woman’s voice. It was an unpleasant tone, filled with contempt. 

In addition, I heard several whispering voices. They were all women.

[“There’s no way I will do that…”] 

The loudest voice turned out to be Manabe Shiho, a student of the ex-Class C. 

The one who resisted in a teary voice was Karuizawa.

At this moment, I was able to grasp most of the situation. The thing that was taking place there was group violence.

And it was definitely Kiyotaka who organized this event. 

Simply put, I was granted the right to see the whole story of this event.

The conversation had already reached the climax, or rather, it was just before the violence began.

Kiyotaka and I leaned against the outer wall and eavesdropped.

[“Ouch, that hurts! Release me!”] 

I could only judge from the sound, but Manabe must have pulled Karuizawa’s hair. 

A loud scream pierced my ears. I couldn’t help but look at Kiyotaka’s face.

It’s still too early. 

Kiyotaka conveyed that with soundless mouth movement. 

He had a relaxed expression as if to say that everything was within his expectations.

After a while, I heard a hitting sound. Following that, there was Karuizawa’s cry. 

Was she punched or kicked? It seemed the lynching had begun.

[“Shiho, don’t you think that knee kick is overkill? Ahaha.”] 

Even as the violence escalated, it still wasn’t enough to move Kiyotaka. 

He continued to stand there with his eyes closed without expression.

[“A woman like you should just die!”] 

There was a sound of a slap. The cheers of the women and the sobbing of Karuizawa resounded. I could also hear the sound of something being pushed and something hitting Karuizawa. I couldn’t see the appearance, but Karuizawa must be already full of wounds. 

…Wasn’t it about time? Even though she wasn’t close to me, I started to feel uncomfortable about it.

And finally, the words to wake up the sleeping lion came out.

[“Kiyotaka, help me…”] 

Upon hearing that, Kiyotaka opened his eyes. He looked at me once more and entered the room. 

A sudden intruder stopped the movements of the group inside. Sensing the gazes focusing in the direction of the entrance, I hurriedly held my breath. If I was found, everything would be ruined.

An electronic beep sound was made. Did he operate some sort of equipment?

[“…Well then, what should I do about this?”] 

Right after that, there was a heavy blow that was incomparable to anything I had heard before. 

[“Guh, gah…”] 

[“I adjusted the kick just now to a strength that should barely crack your ribs. If you resist too much, it might break for real, you know?”]

Apparently, he kicked Manabe away. 

It seemed she couldn’t say anything because she couldn’t breathe.

After Kiyotaka finished speaking, there were several more sounds. Did he punch this time? He really showed no mercy. 

Unlike Karuizawa, I didn’t hear a loud scream.

After Kiyotaka’s violence continued for a while, silence filled the room. 

Manabe’s group temporarily had trouble breathing, and there was no one left to talk.

[“Don’t think you can get off scot-free for doing this to women.”] 

After a few seconds of silence, Manabe, who had recovered slightly, said that while crying. 

Kiyotaka didn’t reply and responded with another punch. It was as if he was doing a simple task of committing emotionless violence.

I carefully changed my posture so as to not make any noise. 

After taking a prone position, I moved my head and slowly poked my head in front of the  room’s entrance.

Inside, I saw Kiyotaka and Karuizawa, as well as the tattered group of girls.

[“If you really think so, go ahead and appeal that to Ryuuen. I wonder who’ll be the one that won’t be able to get off scot-free?”] 


After knocking everyone down, Kiyotaka mentioned Ryuuen. Then Kiyotaka expressionlessly trampled on Manabe’s back. It seemed he attacked the girl who couldn’t move. 

How scary. This man intended to continue lashing out until they lost the will to resist.

I watched the spectacle while holding my chest as my heart wouldn’t stop pounding hard.

The brutal show, which lasted several minutes, ended with Manabe’s complete surrender. 

[“I’m sorry. We’re the one in the wrong. So please stop it…”] 

[“Are you going to promise not to lay your hands on Kei from now on?”]

[“Yes, I won’t do this again.”]

With a hoarse voice, Manabe apologized. The group also expressed their apologies accordingly. 

Only the student named Rika was able to speak smoothly, perhaps because Kiyotaka was holding back on her.

At this point, Kiyotaka turned to me and moved his wrist. 

Perhaps that was the signal. I remembered the line I thought about beforehand.

[“Oi, what are you guys doing? It’s written that no trespassing is allowed here. I will call Mashima-sensei now, so wait there.”] 

After I said that as loudly as possible, Manabe’s group fled like spiderlings. 

Their expressions were like they were rescued rather than like they did something wrong.

Karuizawa was so worn out that I could see it at a glance. 

Her hair was disheveled, her body was covered in bruises, and her slapped face was red and swollen.

However, she was smiling. She had a somewhat cheerful expression.

“Kiyotaka, thank you very much.” 

“We’re lovers, after all. I just did the obvious.”

“It makes me really happy. I guess I can’t live without Kiyotaka anymore.”

After saying that, they embraced each other. 

It seemed that I was no longer in her sight.

While looking at the two of them, I thought about various things. 

Karuizawa’s affection for Kiyotaka had been quite deep for a long time. I didn’t think it was necessary for Kiyotaka to increase her favorability further by acting like a hero.

The purpose this time should be different. It was to make her feel great anxiety about being without Kiyotaka.

After breaking her mind, he reached out to her. He made her incapable of living without him.

If that happened, Karuizawa would be able to move according to Kiyotaka’s wishes more than ever before.

What she feared the most right now… was being abandoned by Kiyotaka.

“Would you stay by my side for the rest of my life?” 

“As long as you need me, I’ll be by your side.”

“Thank you, I love you. I… am a weak creature who can’t live on without Kiyotaka. If you abandon me, I think I will die.” 

I felt like I heard similar words somewhere before.

Yes, it was…

“Haruto over there also came with me.” 

“Ah, you’re right.”

The two of them suddenly mentioned me and my thoughts stopped. I see, I guess I should leave it at that. 

“I didn’t do anything in particular though.” 

“Even so, it didn’t change the fact that Haruto is concerned about me. Thanks!”

She called me by name. It seems she thought of me as a friend before I knew it. 

So what should I refer to her with? Hmm.


“What is it?”

I tried calling her name and it felt like it fit. It felt somewhat different than calling names directly. 

That one should be reserved for Kiyotaka after all…

“…However, it’s Kiyotaka who put his body on the line to save you. You have a good boyfriend.” 

“Fufu~ isn’t that right?”

Her boastful smile was the same as usual. 

It seemed she had mental composure when Kiyotaka was next to her.

When I turned on my phone again, there was a message from Arisu-chan. 

It seemed I was able to spend the hour in a good way.

“Well then, should we go back?” 

“You’re right. It’ll be troublesome if a teacher really comes if we stay too long.”

“No doubt about that.”

We left the place slowly. 

…And one more thing. 

I didn’t miss the small IC recorder in Kiyotaka’s pocket. This was something he didn’t have when we came here. There was no doubt it was set up in advance somewhere in that room. Be it behind the racks lined with electronic devices or inside the distribution board… There were plenty of places to hide it.

The exchange between Kei-chan and Manabe was recorded from the beginning.

The beep sound back then was when Kiyotaka stopped the recorder.

The main purpose might be to make Kei-chan dependent on him, but he also didn’t forget to acquire a “story” that would be useful in the future. 

That was my friend, the man named Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.

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