A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 53

“…I want to move forward with everyone. To make the people of our school year and others in this school happy.”

Honami’s voice resounded in the silent classroom. 

The girls of our class were already under Shiranami’s control. As for the boys, upon hearing the benefit presented earlier… the condition of taking over their debt from Ryuuen, they generally reacted favorably.

It was mid-October when Class A showed their movement. 

They approached this class at the time when the next special exam was about to begin.

Katsuragi was reluctant at first, but mainly due to the pressure from the girls, he had no choice but to accept.

…That said, no matter what he said, since his status as the class leader no longer had any meaning, his opinion was only worth a singular opinion of one of the students. There was nobody who brought this class together anymore.

“People who agree with me, please visit my classroom now… After you sign the contract, I will transfer 20,000 points to each of you. I’m sure this is not a bad deal.” 

After the conversation concluded, we headed to their classroom together. 

We wrote our names in order on the contract that was prepared in advance. The students of Class A surrounded us while we were doing it, creating a peculiar atmosphere. 

…Totsuka resisted until the end. However, after Kanzaki said that the points wouldn’t be transferred unless everyone signed the contract, the other students glared at him. Perhaps he gave up with that so he picked up the ballpoint pen and wrote his name on the end.

In just a few minutes, the conditions of only those who agreed were overturned. Perhaps looking at our atmosphere, Kanzaki decided that he could have everyone in our class sign the contract. Well, that was a correct judgment, but looking at Katsuragi’s sour expression made me pity him a little. This was practically signing a declaration of surrender after all. 

As a result, this class fell under the control of Honami’s group. Even after coming this far, there was no sign of frustration on the faces of the students who were already giving up on Class A.

After school. The three of us went to the café that wasn’t popular as usual. 

“Here it is, master… your points for this month.” 

“Both of us were spared from Ryuuen’s contract, so based on your contract, we shouldn’t have gotten points from you, though.”

“Nobody would notice that anyway, so it’s fine.”

I looked at my terminal and confirmed the points that got transferred… 

“Huh, the amount you sent is 200,000 points. Did you press an additional zero?” 

“T-there’s no such a thing~.”

She actually did it. Don’t tell me, did she intend to send me 200,000 points each month from now on? 

That said, I was the one who told her to act as she liked, so I couldn’t tell her to stop. I ended up getting bound by my own remark, but who would expect her to end up so dependent on me?

“…Geez, you really are…” 

“Ehehe. I actually wanted to give you my everything instead of just points… but I have to hold back. If you don’t have enough, please tell me anytime, okay?”

“I-I see.”

“My heart and body is all yours, you know…?”

Even though she said such a thing outside, I felt an immoral pleasure in those words. Honami actively stimulated my desire to conquer and dominate through her words. 

…I was sure she did that knowingly. I felt like she had calculated to some extent what I would have thought over her radical remark earlier. It was scary.

Leaving Arisu-chan, who got disgusted by that, aside, I put my terminal back in my bag.

“Speaking of which, was it Arisu-chan who came up with the content of that contract?” 

“Yes. I just sent what I thought of before to Honami-san.”

That contract was a well-made unequal treaty, or rather, something that represented the current class dynamic. 

The thing that should be paid attention to was the clause in case there was a student of Class B caught betraying, that person would have to pay the points that had been paid so far. Having to pay 760,000 points as compensation per month was definitely not something that an individual could achieve.

Some of the students who signed the contract might have felt something off about that clause… but thanks to Honami’s paralyzing charisma and the effort of Shiranami laying the groundwork in advance, the doubt was crushed.

Class B totally became a slave of Class A from today onward. If they still have any desire to reverse the situation, Totsuka’s action was correct. However, Totsuka ended up surrendering under the pressure of the majority and finally signed the contract. Now that it came to this, there was no way back. They had no choice but to act accordingly as the branch of the Honami cult from now on.

“…As I thought, I really am no match to Arisu-chan in this regard. I really think it’s amazing you came up with that points payment. I don’t think I could think of that myself.” 

“The important point of colonizing is to make others feel the benefit of not betraying.”

What Honami was talking about was the second half of the contract. I just received an explanation about this earlier, so I still remembered it. 

As for the content, on the first day of every month, the (Class A’s cl – Class B’s cl) x 10 points would be transferred to everyone in class B.

The amount itself wasn’t that big, but it was perfect to appeal that the other side wouldn’t abandon them.

There were other details regarding points, which could be considered a “system” now seeing how well-made the contract was. Perhaps this was…

After we finished talking, we left our seats. 

Honami grabbed the slip and quickly paid for it as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

“I didn’t do anything though, but is it okay?” 

“Of course. If it’s for Haruto-kun’s sake, then any amount I have to pay is cheap.”

“…I see, thank you.”

Since the person herself said so, I would just gratefully let her treat our meal. 

Just like the 200,000 points from earlier, my policy was to take what I could get.

“Honami-san, I would like to ask one last thing.” 

“What is it?”

At Arisu-chan’s words, Honami tilted her head. 

“In my initial plan, this should be the last time I would support Honami-san. But you… showed a completely different movement than I expected.” 

“Well, I’m sure it was.”

“I want to ask despite knowing that. What do you wish to become?”

I get the impression that it took Arisu-chan considerable courage to ask that question. 

…Perhaps Arisu-chan was frightened because she couldn’t grasp Honami’s true goal?

“Does that mean what relationship I wish to have with Haruto-kun?” 

“You can take it that way. Honami-san, I can see that you act under the premise that you know it’s difficult to be his girlfriend. The fact it’s impossible to keep the current relationship forever… should be something you know well, right?”

Arisu-chan timidly asked Honami for confirmation. I felt like this was some sort of landmine, but I chose to stay silent regardless. I would also feel troubled if Arisu-chan kept being scared of Honami, so I think it would be better for both of them to spit out the feelings that have been pent up. Repairing a strained relationship required drastic treatment. 

…That was what I thought.

“Fufu, I know about that. Even so, I have already fallen so hard that I can’t do anything about it anymore. If Haruto-kun abandoned me, then I … might not be able to endure and end up choosing to die.” 

Honami stared intently at me. 

Her broken smile shook my heart greatly.

“Oi oi, don’t say such a disturbing thing.” 

“But if I did that, it means I will carve my existence forever into your heart. In other words, I could always be together with you in the truest meaning. That is why, I think I will choose death if that happens.”

I was dumbfounded at her destructive way of thinking. 

Why didn’t I notice it? Now that I think back, there was no way a person who was standing on the other side of the rooftop’s fence was in a decent state of mind. I was the one who chose to repaint her to be dependent on me without solving the root cause. I didn’t manage to save her at all. It was no longer a matter of success or failure at this point.

It was possible she said that under the calculation to tie me down. But as a matter of fact, I could no longer abandon Honami. She might really die. There was no way I could push her away considering the terrifying possibility.

“Honami, you… no, that’s enough. You will be moving for my sake. And I will also move for your sake. You are not left all alone. Please keep that in mind.” 

“Thank you. As I thought, you are really a kind person.”

That wasn’t kindness. I was just a lowly man who was acting to not lose my position. 

This one-sided trust from Honami deeply hurt my mind in the form of guilt. It really hurt my chest.

“I understand your intention. Let’s end it here.” 

Arisu-chan half-forcefully ended the conversation. I was saved by that. 

This girl was my only lover. But I couldn’t leave Honami either.

I had no idea how to make it work for everyone.

…Would things get resolved if I stuck with Honami? 

It was outside the café. Even after Honami left, I was dazed.

It was a question with no correct answer. Although it was no use thinking about it, I couldn’t get it out of my head.

“Arisu-chan, what should I do about this?” 

“…The main cause of the incident lies in my actions. It’s because of what I said carelessly that day. I’m really sorry.”

That day was the day when I was looking for Honami at school. Arisu-chan seemed to really regret the words she said to Honami back then. 

“Until that time, her feelings toward you were still not that strong. The despair she felt when she realized I wasn’t her ally made it explode.” 

Arisu-chan’s analysis was probably correct. 

In Honami’s mind, I was the only one left she could consider an ally. I was the only one who would understand and help her. At least that was what she thought.

“Even if it was triggered by Arisu-chan’s words, I was the one who was directly responsible for it. On the contrary, if we tried to part with her… it would have ended up like this sooner or later anyway.” 

“It is as you said. I started this thinking it could make you entertained, but I could only say I used the wrong method from the beginning.”

“Well, it is true I tried to enjoy myself off of other people’s problems. I think I should be included as an accomplice in that regard.”

As we talked, my heated head gradually cooled down. 

“…In the end, it’s just a matter of how you wish it to be. For me, that’s the most important thing. I don’t mind welcoming her as part of the family like Kikyou-san. You can also choose to stay in this ambiguous relationship until it reaches the limit. I will follow your decision.” 

“Okay. I will think about it.”

It seemed Arisu-chan would move according to the policy I decided. 

…Now that I calmly thought about it, the situation wasn’t that bad yet.

There was no need to hurry. The high school life was still long. Some things would change in the next few years… maybe some things would be solved over time. 

I got pushed by Honami’s pressure which made me fall under the illusion it was something urgent, but it wasn’t that urgent at all. As long as I didn’t do anything that would hurt her, she would stay as a cute pet to me. For the time being, staying as her “master” and giving her the carrot and the stick should be the correct course of action. 

I was saved by Arisu-chan again. Such a simple opinion was what I wanted the most right now. By stating the facts indifferently, I was able to regain my mental composure.

“…I don’t think every part of her actions is calculated, but she might intuitively understand ‘what she should do to make you not part with her’.” 

“Is it because she knows I won’t be able to abandon her if she shows the possibility of death?”

“It’s all just speculation. But in the unlikely case you truly abandon her, it gives the scariness that she might actually do it. No, perhaps that might be what she was aiming for.”

After nodding once, Arisu-chan stared at the direction in which Honami was walking. 

In any case, Arisu-chan was my priority. I should never forget that.

Finally, I realized my thoughts were being guided by Honami. 

By hitting my cheeks several times, I pulled myself back from being dyed by Honami.

Author Note:

It was a type of woman who brainwashed others.

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