A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 67

Saturday was here. Normally, it would be a day off, but unfortunately, it was class time during the period of Mixed Training Camp.

I took the moral class while moderately slacking off as I observed Hiyori’s group.

…That’s terrible. 

The other students’ attitude toward Hiyori was something close to bullying. Nobody would talk to her and she was treated as if she didn’t exist. 

When I saw that, I suddenly recalled. 

It was about the time when Arisu-chan suggested a meal with Ryuuen’s group in order to stop the harassment that Hiyori received.

…Now that I think about it, perhaps Ryuuen had no intention to help Hiyori to begin with. It was possible that the instruction he gave to Ibuki was in order to expose people who hated Hiyori.

Of course, he would take the stance of sanctioning the students in question back then. It was to prove that the harassment was gone. However, it seemed his true intention lay elsewhere.

Ryuuen had prepared “assassins” to force Hiyori to drop out of school. As expected, he wouldn’t have known about the Mixed Training Camp beforehand, but in the case of a special exam where students were divided by group… it was clear he had prepared such a strategy in advance. It meant the idea of exploiting my nature wasn’t something he came up with during this exam but from a long time ago.

Presumably, the students who were grouped with Hiyori were the same students who harassed her back then. It meant Hiyori was surrounded by hostile people who didn’t care about her being expelled. When I thought about it, my heart shook at how pitiful she was. 

I shifted my gaze to the inside of the classroom and looked at Ryuuen’s face. 

…Did he have to go that far? Did he think it was okay to break Hiyori’s mind just to aim at me? I acknowledge the strength of his desire for victory, but I think he was going too far.

However, there was no need to rush. If the surprise I planned went well, it would end up saving Hiyori. It was best to not take any unnecessary action now and prepare for the plan. 

That night.

I quietly slipped out of the room and sneaked into the pitch-black dining hall.

“Sorry to call you in the middle of the night, Honami.” 

“Master… it makes me happy that I got to meet you, just the two of us.”

I had a secret meeting with Honami. I gave her a piece of paper with the time and place written on it during dinner. 

…When I saw her gesturing happily, it made me feel something weird. Honestly, it was cute.

“Let me explain the strategy I’ve thought about now.” 

The key person for this strategy was Honami. Therefore, it was necessary to tell her everything beforehand. 

I carefully explained each part so there was no misunderstanding. It was a sabotage to prevent Ryuuen’s plan from being completed. It was to take advantage of the flaws in the system that nobody had noticed before. 

Although Honami was surprised when she heard me, she still listened intently.

“…However, it means the damage to Class A is unavoidable. Sorry about this, but I don’t think this can be avoided no matter what. The strategy this time is only to prevent Ryuuen from achieving ‘total victory’.” 

“You’re right. Regarding that, it’s my fault that I didn’t manage to read Ryuuen’s schemes at all. If Shiina-san had been included in the group to begin with, all of this wouldn’t have happened… I’m sorry.”

It was almost impossible to come up with a countermeasure considering Honami’s standing. Chihiro-chan’s method was correct in terms of safety, and Ryuuen should have prepared a backup plan in case Class A moved differently. Considering the possibility of Honami’s expulsion, I couldn’t say that excluding Class D was a mistake.

“It’s okay, there’s no need to apologize. You’re not at fault. There, come over.” 

“Thank you. I love you…”

I patted her head gently. She looked a little depressed, so I decided to console her. 

Then Honami’s face flushed red and she embraced me tightly. She rubbed my cheek and then kissed my lips lightly. Just like that, she brought her soft hand to a part of my lower body…

“That’s no good. Your hand is being naughty.” 


When I slapped her buttocks lightly, she stuck out her tongue and laughed mischievously. 

…It made me crazy. Just because it was just the two of us, there was a limit to how generous I could be.

What would you do if the T-Rex breathed fire? Well, my size didn’t make it worth being called a T-Rex, though.

“Anyway, I ask one thing from you, Honami. It’s to not accept the contract that Ryuuen brings up.” 

“Okay… It came to my mind when you mentioned it, but what would Ryuuen-kun do if we decided to let Shiina-san be expelled as it was?”

She was sharp. As expected of Honami, she noticed that part. 

That’s right. What Ryuuen did was a big gamble of sorts. He was betting on my personality definitely helping Hiyori. In the unlikely case he failed, he would lose 100 class points and 1 student meaninglessly. In hindsight, since I decided to help Hiyori, his decision wasn’t wrong, but it was too big of a risk.

“The mental strength that allows him to ignore the fear of losing is Ryuuen’s strength. But that also could be considered reckless.” 

How would Ryuuen react when he saw our “answer”? 

Would he be satisfied that the goal of making Class A suffer damage was achieved although he also got damaged in the process? Or he would be agonizing about getting outsmarted?

…It was likely the latter. And accepting failure would make him grow stronger.

“Somehow, I think it’s amazing. Be it Ryuuen-kun’s tenacity or Haruto-kun who enjoys the battle.” 

“For me, everything is leisure. It just matters whether it is fun or not.”

If anything, it was Honami who was amazing. There was no way you wouldn’t consider her amazing for managing to gather 20 million points through virtue alone. As expected, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call her a genius in drawing people in. 

“I see. Should I give some instructions to my class?” 

“It’s enough if you tell Chihiro-chan that ‘Hiyori will be saved by Honami’s power’.”

“That’s a little embarrassing, but okay.”

Even if Chihiro-chan doesn’t receive a detailed explanation, that is enough for the current Chihiro-chan to figure things out to some extent. 

I was thinking of making saving Hiyori entirely Honami’s achievement. Chihiro-chan must be thankful for my action in that case. “Those who believe will be saved” would be the best propaganda material to be spread.

“As I thought, you are an amazing woman. You’re cute, kind, and charismatic. The reason people treat you like a god is because of how attractive you are.” 

“That’s not true… muu, in that case, what would be my master who made that god into his pet?”

Honami pouted as she approached me.  

As soon as she got in close proximity, she grabbed my wrist. She then guided my palm to her big and soft chest. The sensation was the best… as I saw her flushed red face, my heart shook greatly.

She smiled and kissed my lips again. As I accepted it without resisting, we strongly felt each other as people of the opposite sex. My body reacted. Aah, I want to leave everything to her as it was… 


“I told you that’s no good!” 

“Aah… that was close.”

That one was really dangerous. My last remaining rationality made me stop at the last minute. 

I didn’t expect her to seduce me with all her might. I understood that meeting her without anyone else around was a very dangerous thing to do. If she did this every time, I would turn crazy.

“If I do my best, can I get a reward?” 

As she said that, Honami traced her lips with her finger. That reluctant gesture also made my heart pound. 

Inadvertently, I almost forgot I already had a girlfriend.


After replying lightly, I pulled my hand away from Honami. 

I retreated from the dining hall. If we stayed together for too long, I might be defeated by my desire.

When I returned to my room, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep. Even though my body was tired, I couldn’t get the image of Honami out of my head. I resigned and went to the toilet… then quietly took care of it. 

I’m sorry, Arisu-chan. It took my all to hold back from attacking her on the spot. It might sound like an excuse, but I was also a healthy boy. If she pressed me like that… It was hard to hold back.

An enchanting woman. Those words fit the current Honami well. 

In order to protect my chastity, I decided to be more careful from now on.

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