A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

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Chapter 68

Sunday was the only day off during the course of the Mixed Training Camp.

After finishing breakfast with the large group, I was summoned by a certain man.

“…What is it?” 

“You actually know why, right? So don’t pretend not to know.”

It was Nagumo Miyabi. The current student council president contacted me. I didn’t particularly like or dislike him, but I somehow knew why he summoned me right now. 

“I see. But is it okay to speak loudly about it?” 

“There’s no need to worry. I already cleared out the people.”

Even though he said he already cleared out the people, there were many people around us. However… all of them were second-year students. Their gazes were as if they were looking at something unknown and felt quite disgusting. 

It seemed, for Nagumo, they were his tools, not people. It meant there was no need to “clear” them to begin with.

“I understand. You mean I shouldn’t get in the way of you expelling Tachibana-san, right?” 

“…If we’re speaking about just the conclusion, that would be the case.”

“Okay okay. So, what can Nagumo-san do for me in return?”

Because I met Honami late at night, I was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep. I didn’t care about the preface, so hurry up and proceed with the topic… Although I didn’t actually say that, my attitude naturally became harsher. 

“I won’t get in the way of you as well. Is that good enough?” 

“Eh, what are you talking about? I won’t feel troubled even if Nagumo-san got in my way. Rather, the result would be even better if you did… I will return your words earlier as it is. You actually know why, right? So don’t pretend not to know.”

Nagumo got in my way… in other words, the plan of mine he had guessed to some extent would be revealed to Ryuuen. However, if he actually did, Ryuuen would be forced into two choices. 

The first choice was to do nothing. The second one was to withdraw the plan of expelling Hiyori.

It was a fifty-fifty for which choice Ryuuen would choose, but if he chose the latter, it would be practically my victory. Being able to prevent expulsion without any damage meant my purpose was completely achieved.

However, that kind of conclusion wasn’t interesting at all. That was the only problem.

“Kuku… ahahaha, you’re really a weird fellow.” 

“I’m aware of that, but Nagumo-san is definitely not one to talk.”

“No doubt about that. However, it’s interesting. You have guessed that I’ve connected with Ryuuen, right?”

“Well, you’re right.”

No matter how bad the score of a small group, as long as the large group didn’t rank last, they wouldn’t be able to get expelled. In that sense, the interests of Ryuuen and Nagumo were aligned in this exam. 

Nagumo’s strategy was more advanced, but their aims were exactly the same. It was unreasonable to say there was no connection between them.

“I knew it. Then what should I do… how about 3 million points as a hush fee?” 

“I don’t need points.”

“…I see. Then I’ll ask you instead. Since you say you don’t need points, what do you want then?”

Nagumo stared at me as if he was seriously wondering. Asking me what I wanted was a difficult question. Even if I tried to make use of him to help with my plan, he was hard to use… 

Aah, I came up with something good. It was something to make the story bigger and proceed more smoothly. 

“Immediately after expulsions from the exam are announced, could you put on an act?” 

“…What did you say?”

“’I want all the people who are to be expelled to be decided on the spot.’ Since you are the student council president, I want you to make such a statement. Ideally, everything should be decided by the time of the announcement of the result, including who they would drag to be expelled with them.”

As he heard my words, he made a bewildered expression. It was the first time I saw that kind of expression from Nagumo. 

I was sure he couldn’t understand the reason I made such a request. This made me feel quite good.

“Damn, I don’t get it. What benefit do you get out of that?” 

“There’s no benefit. I just think that it would be more fun to mess things up while the whole school is watching than just before riding the returning bus. I don’t mind even if you don’t accept this request.”

This was what made me and this man different. Regardless of what he did and said, Nagumo was a person who was obsessed with victory. If anything, he was similar to Ryuuen. 

In that respect, I didn’t care about victory. If anything, even if I failed at everything and lost so much, I wouldn’t mind. My obsession with competition was low. As long as it was fun, then it would be fine.

“…Okay. Let’s do it as Takashiro has requested. I could just make an appropriate excuse for that, right?” 

“That’s okay. I think that would be interesting in the sense of bullying Tachibana-san to make Horikita-san sour. Don’t you want to see the expression on his face when he is forced to sign the expulsion document?”

“Is your personality that bad?”

“No, it’s not like I want to see that… but whatever. The moment this deal is established, it means the possibility of me getting in the way of Nagumo-san is gone.”

“You’re right. If Takashiro tries to interfere with that large group, it means this deal would be meaningless.”

He was really quick on the uptake. I guess it’s as expected of the student council president-sama. 

With the matter settled, I turned away from Nagumo. Aah, I was getting more and more sleepy. I was thinking of quickly returning to my room and going to sleep, but he spoke to me from behind.

“…There are many people in this school who are more competent than Takashiro. However, you are the only one who managed to read my actions. Be sure to take back that dropout notice.” 

Oops, that one surprised me. It seemed he was aware of the contents of the document I sent to Mashima-sensei. I hadn’t told anyone else about it, so it shouldn’t have leaked… but maybe he did something dirty using his authority as the student council president. 

“If the strategy goes well, I’ll tear it up in front of everyone. Wouldn’t that feel exciting?” 

I said that while smiling and left the place. 


The next time I awoke, it was already past noon. 

“So you’re awake.” 

“Oh, it’s Kiyotaka.”

When I looked at the two beds next to mine, Kiyotaka was sitting on the lower bunk. 

It had been a while since the two of us talked like this.

“It seems Haruto is also making moves in various ways.” 

“Aah, so you too… let’s talk elsewhere.”

Considering the topic we would be talking about, it would be better to be in a place as private as possible. 

I stood up and stretched. When I opened the window, the fresh air came in.

U~hn, it might be nice to come to a place like this once in a while. I thought it was crap at first, but it was better than being stuck on school grounds all the time. Although the environment there was good, that was no different than being a prisoner. This nature-filled location was more suitable for me.

We headed to the mountain as it was and sat down in the woods. I could hear the rustling of trees. 

If it was here, nobody would have come. While I enjoy the forest environment, I talked to Kiyotaka. 

“So how do you intend to make Yamauchi disappear?” 

“I won’t do anything in particular. I just made use of the promise Ichinose made.”

A promise meant an agreement. It was something uncertain for most people due to a lack of trust. 

However, if that promise came from Honami, things would be different. She would definitely not go against her own words.

…However, I had no idea about the process that led to that promise. It might be weird to say this myself, but the current Honami wouldn’t follow anyone’s orders other than mine. How did Kiyotaka make it happen?

“…It’s the contract back on the Deserted Island Exam.” 


“It seems you remembered. As Haruto advised me back then, I just made a request ‘that came to my mind’ when I gave her the information about the leader… To be more specific, it’s to ‘accept a request one time’.”

After hearing from Kiyotaka, I finally recalled. Now that I thought about it, that did happen. 

Back on the Deserted Island Exam, Kiyotaka sold the information regarding the leaders of other classes to Honami. I had no idea what condition he came up with until now.

“I understand the situation… Considering Honami’s status, the danger of having a person from Class A being dragged to be expelled isn’t something she could ignore. I think that was included in the contract, but did you take care of that part?” 

“I used Kei and had her spread rumors that ‘Ichinose had secured 20 million points.’ When a person knows they will be expelled, it’s unlikely they would choose to drag a person who they know would likely get their expulsion canceled. There is no problem in that regard.”

It was a confident declaration. Since Kiyotaka had said that much, there was no doubt that a perfect system was in place. Unfortunately, it seemed that Yamauchi could no longer be saved. Well, not that I cared about what happened to him, though. 

Why was it necessary to drive him out of the school, what was the benefit of doing so…? There were many things I was curious about, but I think it was boorish to ask that here. Above all, it wouldn’t be interesting.

“Okay. Thanks to Kiyotaka, I think the men’s group will also be fun.” 

“Aah. I also want you to have fun. You are my friend after all.”

Kiyotaka seemed to be having a lot of fun. He seemed to be more energetic… and became more like a human. 

…I do have the feeling to know the truth about his father’s case. However, I knew well it wasn’t something I should stick my head into. I would just passively wait until Kiyotaka himself decided to tell me about it. When I thought about what was the right thing to do as his friend, I thought that was the best course of action.

It was clear that my father did make some moves. That was why I refrained from doing something that would make it all go to waste. It was outrageous to sniff around in the current situation.

“Alright, it’s time to go back. I’m glad I met Kiyotaka in this school.” 

“…I feel exactly the same. Perhaps I could say I like you.”

Hearing the words that were unlike him, I jumped up in surprise. That was something that Kiyotaka in the past would definitely not say. He changed a lot more than I expected.

“I never thought the day would come that I’d hear those words from Kiyotaka’s mouth. Thank you.”

“…Did I say something strange?”

“No no, it’s the best. Really, you’re the best.”

I suddenly felt embarrassed so I started running.  

I ran with all my might through the forest where the setting sun shone. The cold wind that hit my body felt good.

Kiyotaka caught up in no time, and it became something like a race.

“Kiyotaka, you got quick feet!” 


It was good to have a day like this sometimes. 

While breathing plenty of fresh air, I felt “youthful.”

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