A Small Fry Reincarnated in Youjitsu

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Kiro

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Chapter 69

After smoothly digesting the curriculum of the Mixed Training Camp, the last day finally arrived. 

I was able to finish the final test of this exam with a decent grade. Even in terms of the large group, I think my group would be among the upper ranks. For the time being, the most troublesome part had been concluded, so it was time for the enjoyable result announcement.

In the evening, we gathered in the gymnasium. Since I’d just ended up running for 1.2 kilometers in ekiden, my body felt heavy.1 The fact that most of the exams were needlessly exhausting, like making speeches, was the troublesome part.

It seemed both the men’s and women’s group’s results would be announced here since the women were also gathering one after another.

After confirming Arisu-chan’s safety, I waited for the teachers’ words.

The person in charge of announcing the results seemed to be Mashima-sensei. Perhaps the questions I asked were shared among the teacher groups, and Mashima-sensei, who looked up the rules for the answer, was judged to be the appropriate person for the role. 

“It looks like all of you have gathered. First of all, let me say that you did a great job for these eight days. Each of you must have experienced a lot of hardship in an unfamiliar environment. Each and every student here should make use of this experience and I hope this will lead to your further growth in the future.” 

It started with a bland preface. However, nobody was interested in such a topic so they didn’t bother listening. There was only one thing on everyone’s mind, which was whether there would be expulsions or not. 

“Then let’s move on to the result announcement. On average, I get the impression that the evaluation is higher compared to the previous year. Unfortunately, both the men’s and women’s groups have people who got expelled this time. For this matter, I couldn’t help but find it regrettable as a teacher.” 

The students murmured. In particular, the people in charge of the respective groups couldn’t help but be concerned. 

…I could see Hiyori’s figure nearby. She was already crying and looked pitiful.

The results were announced one after another, starting from the group with the best results. The students in the top group were happy because they received reward points. The fourth and fifth places were announced, and then finally, the bottom large group. 

The person in charge of the third-years seemed to have already expected it.

“…This concludes the announcement for the large group on the men’s side. As for the small group with a result that was lower than the designated borderline… it’s the group with ‘Yamauchi Haruki’ as the person in charge.” 

Despite the declaration that caused despair, the gymnasium remained silent. At most, the people of Class C of first grade murmured. 

…Yamauchi’s group was particularly terrible. Not only did they include fellow problematic students of Class C like Ike and Sudou, but most of the students from Class A and Class B were lacking in motivation.

That was probably also an instruction from Honami, but I would put that aside for now. In any case, most of the students were convinced by this result and thought that Yamauchi’s expulsion was unavoidable.

“Damn it… Aah, I already knew it! Because of you guys, I would end up getting expelled!” 

The one who shouted angrily was, of course, Yamauchi. 

For this man, the most painful thing was probably the result of the ekiden. Despite Sudou’s dominant performance, they still finished last by a wide margin. 

That was because their group consisted of 15 people, the maximum number possible of the group. In that case, every member would have to run the same amount of distance. Then the members of Class A in their group were all people who could be said to have good athletic ability even as flattery… at least that was how they seemed. Perhaps they were actually instructed not to go all out, but it was hard to tell.

Yamauchi screamed. A little further away, Kei-chan’s body trembled. Most likely, Kiyotaka had told her his intention. She must have felt the terror of it throughout her body.

“…Yamauchi will be asked to fill out the paperwork regarding expulsion from the school from now on. Prior to that, he can name someone in the group to take joint responsibility. If that is necessary, please decide within five minutes.” 

Mashima-sensei said that with an expressionless face. 

Things were progressing well. When I turned my gaze toward Nagumo, he turned to me and grinned.

Aah, Nagumo was quite an amazing fellow after all. To think he actually fully understood my intentions… 

It was a little frustrating to have others see through my intentions, but the fact he was still willing to cooperate despite knowing it was great. This man could have made a move I didn’t expect. In order to achieve my goal, it was better to not turn him into an enemy.

As Yamauchi was presented with five minutes as the time limit to name someone, he was startled. 

After thinking about it for a few seconds, he announced the name with an angry expression.

“Totsuka of Class B. I’ll definitely not forgive him, see how I kill him!” 

His wide-open eyes revealed deep despair and madness. Perhaps there was a strong hatred as he was trying to hit Totsuka as it was. As the students around him stopped him, Yamauchi shouted. 

“Even though you didn’t do anything, you actually looked down on us. Screw you. You are the most ‘defective’ among the group.” 

“Oi oi, that’s not true. Be it zazen or ekiden, I have shown a decent result.”

Totsuka said that without feeling guilty. Just by this exchange, it was clear that something happened between them. 

As Totsuka decided to not group together with Class D, whom he called ‘trash,’ he then shifted his target to the three idiots of the former Class D. He could only protect his own pride by looking down on others… In order to escape from the reality where the class had surrendered to Class A, he decided to treat ‘defective people’ as sandbags.

Over the past week, I had seen Yamauchi’s group several times. What happened every time I saw them was that the three idiots of Yamauchi’s group were excluded from the rest of the small group. The students of Class A and Class B in the group were likely sympathizing with his view. Then as a result of such affirmation, he became more arrogant, and the discriminatory behavior he displayed became more and more escalated… I guess it was something like that.

He had no idea all of that was a plot to drive him out of school.

“This is the final confirmation. You decide to name Totsuka Yahiko of Class B from first grade as the person to be expelled as joint responsibility. Is there no mistake?” 

“Of course!”

“…It is approved. In that case, as of now, Totsuka will be expelled.”

Mashima-sensei told Totsuka indifferently. Even though he was telling the student of his own class to be expelled, there was no change in his expression. Overwhelmed by the dreadfulness, everyone in the gymnasium held their breath. 

“Haah? Why do I get expelled? My grades must be above average.” 

After a while, Totsuka approached Mashima-sensei in anger. 

What he said was understandable. The people who could be considered as joint responsibility should be someone who was the “contributing factor” for the grades falling below the border. Judging from Totsuka’s tone, he seemed to think his individual grade was relatively high. As a matter of fact, he still had a relaxed expression even when it was decided that Yamauchi would be expelled. Since the thing he believed in was turned upside down, it was natural he became so upset.

However, Mashima-sensei maintained his resolute attitude and kept the approaching Totsuka in check.

“…The theme of this special exam is ‘teamwork.’ The instructor of each class was aware of your arrogant behavior. No matter how high your individual grades are, it doesn’t matter. It’s a fact that you’re dragging down the group with your selfish behavior. Even if the person in charge denounces you as the cause of the poor performance, I can only say it was a suitable decision.” 

He dismissed the protest with a calm expression. As Totsuka couldn’t say anything in response, he took a step back. The matter was decided. 

The gymnasium became silent. A teacher who seemed to be the homeroom teacher of the third-years brought a set of documents such as a notice of withdrawal. The two dropouts were urged to head to the desk that had been prepared in advance.

“S-screw it. Why do I have to be expelled? It’s all Totsuka’s fault.” 

Yamauchi refused to be expelled by behaving roughly. As he refused to move, time passed just like that. 

As the other students began to pale at his insistence, one of the male teachers put a stop to it.

“For now, I’ll take the two to another room. Mashima-sensei, please continue.” 

“…I understand. Please take care of them.”

It seemed Yamauchi and Totsuka were entrusted to other teachers and the result for the girl group would be announced. 

I smiled at the development that was as I envisioned. Here came the climax.

Author Note:

It was late at night on Friday when I met Ichinose.

“Do you understand what I meant?”

“Yes. It’s a good deal for me as well.”

Her smiling face was the same as what she always had. That was exactly why it felt eerie.

“I’ve always wanted to expel Totsuka-kun for a long time.”


“I hate that person after all!”

Ichinose said that with a full-blown smile.

She had changed. Her personality had broken long ago and could no longer recover to how she once was.

…As I thought, you really are a genius.

As I thought of my great best friend, I looked up at the pitch-black night sky.

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