The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 13.5 (Kijima POV)

Ever since this morning, something had struck me as odd.

Was he even properly walking on the ground? That was how floaty Amami seemed. I had never seen Karasawa so relieved before either.

So I dragged Amami with me to the school store and asked about how everything was—as usual.

And I was amazed at the report he gave.

“You confessed!? Yesterday!?”


“So? You’re officially going out now?”


Amami grinned while laughing out “Ufufu” in a weird voice that felt gross coming from a man.

For now, I had him briefly explain to me what happened.

“So you got him to promise himself to you under the guise of using your alpha pheromones as a warning. I see, I see.”

“Stop wording it like I coerced him into becoming my lover.”

“But it’s true……”

Leaving Amami’s indignation aside.

Even though he used underhanded methods, it was still good news to me since the sooner the two of them got together the better.

“Warning pheromones” was the common term, but I heard the official term was something else. I didn’t know much about it.

Previously, when I carried Karasawa on my back to the infirmary, the pressure I felt from Amami was because of those pheromones.

Amami was someone who, even among alphas, was at the top of the hierarchy. It was tough even for betas to face those kinds of pheromones head-on.

Using it for marking would be sufficiently effective.

By the way, other than keeping others away from your mate, warning pheromones can also be used by alpha parents with omega children to protect them until they find their mate. 

Apparently, there’s a wide range of effects when you’re trying to fend off betas, but it’s extremely effective against alphas.

Certainly, the scent of Karasawa’s normally faint, spicy pheromones was imperceivable today.

I expected that this would work well with Karasawa’s desired beta disguise.

Amami hadn’t even been able to hold hands with his sweetheart all these years. And now that he could hug him, Amami had become quite the mess.

He had been smiling this whole time, would occasionally laugh at something he thought of, and additionally had these lovestruck moments…… It was quite creepy.

Though I say that, I’d also like to experience the joy of having my first love be fulfilled, since it was typically known to be unfruitful.

“Good for you, Amami. Congrats.”

“Thank you… This was all thanks to you for letting me consult you.”

Yep, yep, be grateful to your heart’s content.

After we bought lunch without a hitch, we slowly walked back to the classroom.

Although I basically got the gist of the situation, the problem was more in regards to Karasawa.

Regarding that part-time teacher, although I didn’t know who was gonna be in charge of our class, we probably won’t be seeing him any time soon.

Karasawa may be unharmed, but there was no way Amami would leave someone who tried to lay their hands on Karasawa alone.

I won’t ask him how he’d be dealing with that teacher, since it seemed like I’d be poking a hornet’s nest, but an evil adult who tried to seduce a high schooler was obviously bound to get eliminated.

From what Amami had seen, Karasawa was fine, but you never know when an experience like this could cause a flashback and torment the person in question. 

I needed to tell him to watch Karasawa carefully.

“Though it might be fine to leave that part-time guy as he is…… For Karasawa, wasn’t your proposal to become lovers pretty out of the blue for him? You got him to agree quite easily.”

I knew that Karasawa would never hate Amami, but I wouldn’t breathe a word of that so I spoke with a light tone.

“I was surprised about it as well. I thought he would show some resistance to being lovers with a guy. Maybe he was more shocked by what happened with Hasegawa-sensei than I thought…… or maybe he had no one else to cling on to.”

“Didn’t you also take advantage of the situation to get with Karasawa? Aren’t you quite the scoundrel…”

“Would you please stop bad-mouthing me?”

Ahhh, his smile was scary.

There was no use in probing any further.

It wouldn’t actually be that unnatural if he knew about Karasawa’s feelings toward him.

When the person Karasawa was in love with told him that they wanted to go out with him, he must’ve been surprised but happy at the same time.

Gaining an alpha to use as a shield and realizing his love was hitting two birds with one stone.

Normally, I thought Karasawa would be just as floaty a mess as Amami…… but something about his attitude put me off.

To put it nicely, he was calm.

To put it badly…… he was too indifferent.

Because Karasawa has a strong sense of self-control, it was possible that he wouldn’t be as optimistic or as relaxed as Amami in the perfumes of pre-exam air……

Then I remembered the resolute way that Karasawa stated he was an omega.

At the same time, he also said he didn’t want Amami to know he was an omega.

A thought suddenly came to mind.

Does Karasawa think that Amami is only going out with him knowing he is a beta?

And previously, Amami had clearly stated “I have a fated pair” to Karasawa.

Then, does Karasawa think that Amami is just going out with him, a beta, even though he is in love with another omega?

“Amami, how much of this has been going as you’ve planned so far?”

I asked that immediately, without giving away what it was about.

Previously, I had only gotten a tiny glimpse of Amami’s inner workings.

The truth was, even I didn’t want to be excessively suspicious of my closest friend taking action based on calculations.

Much less trying to obtain the hearts of others in such a way.

Even still, if their relationship continued to twist like this, it might become a huge problem later on… I had finally arrived at that thought.

Amami was walking half a step ahead of me, and he looked back at me a few steps away as I stood there in the hallway.

A smile with no malice, just a happy man.

“If I said ‘All of it,’ what would you do?”

That was when it felt like something slithered up my body. Was it the cold breeze because we were in the middle of winter? Or was it the atmosphere that reminded me of my friend’s unfathomable darkness?

I never found out.

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