The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 16 Extra

Takes place between chapter 15 and chapter 16.1

Winter break began.

Previously, Amami had said something like, “You can visit me during winter break any time”—which was a statement so relaxed it was unlike a student preparing for exams. So I decided to message him on a whim to make an appointment to meet him.

Well, to put it this way, I was just harassing him.

If he refused, I wasn’t going to force him to meet me.

But this guy would just nonchalantly adjust his schedule and say, “Anytime is fine,” which really pissed me off. 

That was why I used the route I usually took to school to go to the shopping district today.

Because I wanted to drink the winter-only drinks from a fancy cafe that would normally be difficult to enter, it was convenient to have Amami go there first so that I could also enter the high-class store with little fuss.

I took a seat at the counter and sipped a drink that was in a cute glass cup.

“Yep, it has a fancy taste…”

“The heck?”

Amami smiled bitterly as he drank his black coffee, as if saying he would never drink something like winter-only hot juice.

Even though he would add milk and sugar when Karasawa was around, the moment he didn’t have to keep up appearances, he did this.

“By the way, I haven’t forgiven you yet, Kijima.”

“Hah? Forgive me for what?”

“You said something unlucky like, ‘Hope there will be a huge blizzard on Christmas,’ and it happened.”


“Thanks to you, my Christmas date went up in smoke.”

I did nothing but stare dumbfoundedly at Amami, who turned sharply away from me.

Even if I seriously prayed for something like that, I could never affect the weather to such a degree. He was obviously just venting his anger on me.

Was he… frustrated?

“If you want an apology, I’ll say it however many times you want. I’m sorry. It’s all just talk though.”

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard such an insincere apology…”

As I held back from laughing at Amami, whose shoulders slumped in disappointment, I pretended to be sympathetic and patted him on the back.

The only time this guy ever appeared to be this mad or sulky was when it was related to Karasawa. Even if his target was me, it still remained an interesting phenomenon.

“Now, now. Stop being so grumpy. You’re not missing Karasawa’s marking. Your Karasawa battery is just low.”

“If you understand that, can you stop saying things that rile me up?”

“Oh~ How scary. Don’t glare at me like that, aren’t you meeting up during the winter break anyway? You promised to meet during the new year.”

“We’re going to visit the shrine… so we’ll see each other then.”

Amami looked somewhat tired as he said that and sighed, sipping at his coffee like it was tea.

Even though they were only apart for a short while, it felt like he was just upset that he couldn’t meet his precious Karasawa for another few days. Maybe I was looking into it too much.

The moment I decided to start the conversation again, Amami took the lead with a suddenly serious face.

“I’m thinking of using the ‘Karasawa Rental, One-Day’ the next time I see him.”

“Oh? Ah, I forgot that there was something like that.”

Previously, when Amami and Karasawa went on a date to the bookstore after school, Amami got too ahead of himself and recklessly bought a super expensive book for Karasawa, a friend who wasn’t even his lover yet.

Because of that, Karasawa who couldn’t pay the price said… or rather, wrote a ‘Karasawa Rental, One-Day’ IOU.

It gave him the right to tell Karasawa to do what he wanted.

Just that one sentence made me suspicious of a use for it, but it wasn’t just because of my dirty mind.

“I think that’s fine. How will you be using it?”

“First, I’ll have a good time visiting the shrine with Karasawa.”


“Then, I’ll use the IOU and say, ‘You have to reply ‘yes’ for what I say next.'”


“Then, I’ll ask him to be my mate.”


“And Karasawa’s reply will be yes, and we’ll live happily ever after.”

“Waiiit, wait, wait, wait. Are you insane? Aren’t you busy studying for the exams? Or maybe you’ve caught a cold with how cold it’s been recently.”

“I am fine.”

No, you were clearly not fine.

I’d never seen a blockhead like Amami.

I made my best friend, who just said something crazy, take a deep breath to calm down, and made him put milk in the remaining half of his coffee.

“How the heck did you reach that conclusion? That method is obviously no good. Even though you’ve already done your best to treasure him this whole time, you’re just going to force him to be your mate?”

“I didn’t want to resort to something like this but… I suddenly felt uneasy.”


“Previously, I was satisfied as long as Karasawa was in my field of vision, but I began getting used to being close to him, then I was able to touch him, and then I could embrace him… My hands still shake whenever I put my arms around his slim back.”


“As much as I think that he might accept me at this rate, I don’t know what I’d do if he rejected me…”

His whisper of “It’s scary” was so quiet I could barely hear it.

For the first time, I became slightly jealous of Karasawa.

How many people can experience this feeling of being viciously desired by someone else?

Especially for a relationship between an alpha and an omega, who tended to be governed by their instincts.

For a relationship that often started from their biology, here was Amami, trying so hard to get through to his heart, and Karasawa, who was so loved by him.

Regardless of my merits, that would be unobtainable for an average beta like me.

“Amami, you’ve become a lot more human compared to when we first started hanging out in the past two years!”

“…What’re you saying? Are you insulting me?”

“I’m not! Worrying about things here and there is a special right given to humans, you know?”

Although I insisted it was something good, Amami kept making an indecipherable expression.

“I… don’t see it like that. It’s just painful and hard.”

“You’re an idiot. Love is a painful thing! When you overcome that, it becomes a passionate love. A beginner at love like you wouldn’t know anything about it though.”

“…Hearing you say that makes me mad.”


Amami showed me a little smile as if he was finally feeling better.

I chugged the rest of the fancy drink I had been sipping earlier and placed it on the counter.

“Anyway, I recommend you don’t use the IOU like that. Bring it down a notch. You can ask him to make you a homemade meal or something.”

“But, if I do that…”

“Enough already. From my perspective, the two of you are taking a healthy amount of steps. Believe me.”

“I can’t.”

“So immediate!?”

Just how much do you not trust me? How sad.

It may not be a convincing lecture from me, who hasn’t had a girlfriend for almost a year… but I think I’m still better than Amami, who has been sulking for 6 years.

That day, I firmly calmed Amami down, reminded him not to force anything, and went back home.

Even though I planned on going to a vocational school, and the fact that I was a student preparing for exams hadn’t changed, I was still kind enough to lend my friends a helping hand in their love lives. I wasn’t even getting much out of this.

Anyway, I did a good job of stopping Amami before he went completely out of control. 

Therefore, I made Amami pay for my drink this time.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like the limited-time drinks were more expensive than I thought they’d be.

When I told Amami to pay for my drink as thanks for the advice, he picked up the bill without batting an eye. As expected, this guy seriously pissed me off.

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