The Spicy Omega

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Chapter 4.5 (Kijima POV)

“H-He said he’ll do… anything!? Karasawa!?”


“Make him your pair~, you idiot~! ”

I placed my chin on top of Amami, who was lying face down on the desk. I didn’t think he was such an Olympic-level idiot! Even this prideful Alpha, who didn’t even fear god, was at a loss when it came to the Omega he liked, I see~!

“You’re heavy, Kijima…”

“Why didn’t you just pin him down right away then! You could have made him XX and XX with your skill and talent~!”

“You have quite the vocabulary. Fantastic, wonderful.”

“That’s not it! You idiot! You good-for-nothing! Don’t come crying when Karasawa gets snatched up by an unknown Alpha!”

“That cannot happen.”

He suddenly raised his head, and it cracked into my jaw. What would I do if my jaw broke?

“If he was to be taken by an Alpha, it has to be me.”

“What are you gonna do telling me that, you-good-for nothing! ”

“I have no reply to that.”


I deliberately let out a sigh at Amami, who hung his head again. I leaned back in my chair and looked up at the ceiling.

“And by the way, giving a gift of nearly 10,000 Yen1 to a mere friend expecting nothing in return is too suspicious. You’re banned from doing it in the future.”


Amami nodded obediently, perhaps because he was aware that he had overdone it. Karasawa did not seem to be done with the greenhouse repairs, as he was spending today’s lunch break there again. The reason we could yell so loudly was because there was no one else in the classroom. Where did the members of this class dutifully disappear to every lunch break?

One time, when I saw Karasawa so enthusiastic about the activities of the gardening club, I had asked Amami why he didn’t get jealous and try to interfere with that as well. At that time, Amami had replied with a complicated expression on his face, that ‘it wasn’t as if he would tie up Karasawa’s hands and feet or lock him up’. In other words, he was holding himself back. He quickly added, “If an Alpha enters the picture, I will remove them,” but that did not reach my sharp ears.

Before, when talking to the unaware Karasawa about his “Fated Pair”, Amami had said something admirable along the lines of, “I want the other person to naturally fall in love with me”. It seemed that he was determined; he wouldn’t falter in his resolve to carefully watch over Karasawa ‘till the very end. His perseverance deserved respect. Since his obsession was to the point that his feelings were all over the place like this, I thought it wouldn’t hurt him to be a little more pushy, but I didn’t say it out loud.

It seems that Kijima’s after-school date strategy (named after yours truly) to make Karasawa pay more attention to Amami had been a great success. On top of that, there was the bombshell statement he made earlier, “I’ll do anything”. He could have just taken that opportunity to assert himself and say with his adonis looks and charming voice and say, “Then, become mates with me.” However, Amami, who was afflicted by this unrequited love for six years, coupled with his stalker-ish tendencies, could not do anything and simply sent Karasawa home.

“Can you still call yourself a man after that!?”


After that, he and Karasawa reconfirmed their bond as friends, and I repeat, ‘as friends’, and parted ways. After reflecting, he realised that what he had just done was a tremendous waste, and he came to me for advice again.

Admittedly, it was difficult for me to give accurate advice in a case like this. I had never suffered from this kind of unrequited love. Even so, I had a girlfriend or two in my middle school days, and I think I was better than this guy who had been moping over an unrequited love for six years.

Not to toot my own horn, but I thought I had a good eye for people. That was why I knew from the beginning that Karasawa truly was a great guy. I also knew that Amami wasn’t just a good-for-nothing who always got cold feet.

“You know, Amami. There’s some stuff you’re not telling me, right?”

“…Eh? What’s with that, out of the blue?”

“I won’t ask about the details. But if you keep playing house like this and deepen your friendship, you’ll become established as friends, and you’re not going to be able to succeed at your confession during graduation. It’s a different story if you’re fine with an outcome where you end up hurting Karasawa with your own hands, Amami.”


I intended to goad him by choosing slightly provocative words. Just as I thought, I saw the smile wear off Amami’s face. The higher the status and ability of an Alpha, the more terrifying they were, and it wouldn’t be strange if something happened to you if you made an enemy out of them. No matter how gentle he portrayed himself, on the inside, Amami was a high-class Alpha. I also knew how desperately he was restraining himself to ensure that how terrifying he could be was never shown to Karasawa. That was why I loved both Karasawa and Amami.

“You want him to like you regardless of secondary genders, right? ”


“If you’re a man, then show me your guts.”

When I made a triumphant pose, the Alpha mask on Amami’s face peeled away to reveal his natural smile. Every time I saw Amami’s face like this, I was reminded that he truly liked Karasawa and wanted to cherish him, which was why I kept poking my nose into such troublesome things for them. I’d be disappointed if my hard work to get them together was not rewarded.

“So, how do you plan to use the ‘Karasawa’s maid-for-a-day contract’? ”


When the topic was brought up once more, Amami sank into the desk again. Yeeeah. This might be doomed after all.

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