The Spicy Omega

Translator: Katie

Editor: Lilia and Shizukuku

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Chapter 18

After rush hour, the air in front of the station was calm, typical of the time before noon on a weekday.

From this station, you could reach the center of the city in a single ride with no transfers, so it was also moderately crowded with people who made use of it on the weekdays during the daytime.

In front of the station, at the edge of the square, a familiar tall silhouette stood below a clock that was often used as a meeting spot.

I had only seen him in casual clothes a few times, but today he was dressed relatively plainly.

He was wearing a simple gray long coat and a plain beige muffler was wrapped around his mouth, which suited him well. I couldn’t even feel jealous, and my only thought was that anything could suit someone if they were tall with long legs.


“Karasawa, good morning.”

“Good morning. First, let’s hear about your results.”

“Well… actually…”

Amami’s top choice released their results yesterday.

I started after my lighthearted inquiry.

His lowered eyebrows and that enduring expression. Amami’s bangs cast a shadow over his lowered face.

It couldn’t be. No, there’s no way this guy had…

“Did you fail…?”


Even though I was seriously worried after examining him, after a long pause, he finally started laughing.

When I figured out that he was teasing, blood rushed to my face in embarrassment.

“Ahahaha! I was accepted, don’t worry… Pfft.”


Damn! Even though my own results were about to be announced soon, he was getting too ahead of himself. I was an idiot for even suspecting he wouldn’t pass…

The correct timing to congratulate him passed.

Walking at a fast pace, I left Amami, who was still laughing, behind and headed towards my house.

As the laughter behind me continued, I ignored Amami’s pathetic-sounding voice saying, “Wait for me~”.

Perhaps it was because of our different stride lengths, but the small lead I had on him disappeared before I realized it, so I continued home with a sense of regret.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

“Come in.”

I let Amami go in first and went towards the living room as well.

Seeing Amami’s super expensive-looking, real leather shoes lined up neatly along the edge made me a little nervous.

“I’ll go prepare some tea, so do you want to head up to my room first? It’s the first door on the left when you get upstairs.”


Even though he’d been here once before, I guess he was worried about being in an unfamiliar house since Amami kept looking around. When I gave him the directions, he gulped and nodded his head meekly, oddly enough.

He wouldn’t get lost in my house, would he?

Somewhat worried, I kept my gaze on him, but he didn’t seem that lost as he went up the stairs.

I went into the kitchen just past the living room and brewed two portions of a somewhat expensive green tea. I placed them on a tray and headed upstairs.

“The tea is ready!”

When I opened the door, I saw that Amami had properly arrived at my room.

I had placed a seat cushion next to the low table by my bed, but he didn’t sit down, probably because he didn’t have the owner’s permission. Instead, he stood right in the middle of my room.

“You should’ve sat down while waiting for me.”

I placed the tea from the tray onto the table and looked up at Amami. He was still standing, looking strangely stiff. 

His back was turned and he stood in the middle of the room with his coat still on.


“Karasawa… What’s this?”

Amami slowly turned towards me, almost as if his body was going to make a creaking sound.

Before I could wonder why Amami looked like he was about to cry, I noticed the tiny box he was holding.

It was as large as my palm, had orange paper packaging, and it wasn’t something you would expect to find in the room of a healthy high school boy…


Why is it that after I left my room, which should’ve been completely tidy yesterday and this morning, the thing I least wanted this person to see suddenly appeared in it…?!

Before I saw my mom off, she probably left it in my room.

I don’t know why, but if this was how a mother cared for her children, it was too cruel.

Thinking that, my feet turned around on their own to leave the room and head down the stairs.

And of course, I was in too much of a panic and missed a step.


“Watch out!”

Amami wrapped his arm around me from behind and I barely managed to avoid a scenario where I fell down the stairs and hit my head in my own house.

But a scenario far worse than that was currently unfolding…

“…Let’s head back to your room for now?”


He didn’t pull me, but he didn’t let go of me either, and I was brought back to my room.

Amami lowered himself onto the seat cushion.

That box was on the low table.

My face, no, my whole body was covered in an unending cold sweat. I was so scared, I couldn’t even look Amami in the eye.

“This is a contraceptive… right?”

“…That’s correct.”

“Looking at your reaction just now, you weren’t… keeping it for your girlfriend to take, right?”

“…I wasn’t.”

It’s for me—which I didn’t say, and I lowered my head.

Speaking of which, even if I were hypothetically dating a girl, what kind of situation would entail me giving my girlfriend birth control? That question is much too difficult for a virgin like me.

“Then, it’s for you?”

“…That’s correct.”

“Were you planning on taking this and having sex with someone?”

“No! My mom put this here herself.”


At that misunderstanding, I panicked and glanced back up, only to meet Amami’s eyes straight on.

His emotions were unreadable from his eyes.

(H-he’s angry…!)

My trembling voice wasn’t working, but I needed to explain this properly.

For a second, I mentally regressed to an elementary school level and thought, “Amami said the word sex!” but this definitely wasn’t the time for that.

I rebuked my feet for trying to run away and corrected my posture.

“I am an omega. Um… I’m sorry for hiding that.”


There was no reaction from Amami.

My fists were clenched on my thighs in the seiza position.

I had this same conversation with someone else a while ago, I thought.

That time, I had tensed my stomach to get into the spirit of things and confessed the truth.

This time… I felt like crying.

“It’s inappropriate for an unmated omega to linger around an alpha like you. My apologies.”


“That medicine… My mom said it was important if I had a lover, so she put that there herself. I didn’t intend to use it.”


“I ended up deceiving you. For that, I’m truly sorry. I won’t go near you anymore, but I might be a little annoying until graduation—”



“If you were going to apologize, why did you agree to be my lover?”

As expected of Amami.

There was no meaning to my tedious excuses. He cut straight to the core with a single blow.

Hiding things… doesn’t work at all.

“Because I like you, Amami…”

The instant I blinked, a tear trailed down my cheek and I lowered my face in a panic.

How pathetic, to cry from something like this.

It was just a broken heart, nothing unusual. I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be rewarded for it.


I’m sorry that I like you.

Once the tears started, they became uncontrollable; they poured out without stopping.

Crying even though I was a man, because I was in love with an alpha who already had someone else, and couldn’t hide it because of a mistake.

I was pathetic and miserable, and no matter how I rubbed at my tear ducts, my tears continued to fall as if they were broken.

When a warm hand touched my unconsciously shuddering shoulders and a large body embraced me, at first I thought I was imagining things.

I waited, but the sensation didn’t disappear, and when I fearfully opened my eyes, I could feel Amami’s body temperature much closer than it was earlier.


“Hahhh… What a relief. With a partner as slow-witted as you, I thought we would never get anywhere.”


“This makes it officially requited feelings. I’m glad.”


With who?

“Of course, me and you.”


“Ah, sorry. I got ahead of myself. I like you, Karasawa.”

As if the cold atmosphere from earlier didn’t exist, the usual smile on Amami’s handsome face drew closer…

I blocked Amami’s advancing face with both hands and pushed him as far as possible.

Since he was hugging me, I wasn’t able to put much of a distance between us.

“Mphm… What? This is the part where you obediently let me kiss you.”

“Huh? No, I don’t need something like that.”


“I don’t need something like requited feelings…”

“Even if you said you didn’t need it, it’s the truth…”

“After all, you already have a ‘fated pair’ you’re on good terms with, right? Even though I love you, I’m not broad-minded enough to be a mistress.”



A period of silence followed.

The tears I feared would never stop finally dried up.

Amami was making a strange face, probably similar to the face I was making.

Neither of us could move while our eyes were locked, but the erotic atmosphere vanished.

Eventually, Amami slumped and let out a huge sigh of exasperation.

What’s with that exaggerated pose? I’ll cry again.

“I see, I understand. I didn’t realize that. Normally, you’d feel the opposite, though.”

Amami, who was still in a restraining posture, murmured something as if he was completely at peace again.

As I stood there, even though unexpected things kept happening to me to the point of crying, Amami’s all-knowing face pissed me off to no end.

“What is it? What didn’t you realize?”

“I don’t know how well this might go, but there’s a method that’ll definitely convince you. You wanna try?”

I still had no idea what Amami was talking about, but I had a feeling he was talking about something important without revealing what it was.

If he could provide me with a hint, then that would be best.

I nodded and urged him to continue. He lifted me from below my armpits and plopped me on my bed.

“Huh? What is it?”

“You’ll be okay no matter what happens. You might be a little surprised, but I don’t mean to harm you.”


Only half of me was pressed on the bed. When I looked up at Amami, his smile grew wider.

His face lowered, and the tip of his nose drew closer to my nape.

The moment I tried to resist with my arms, I felt something I couldn’t see suddenly envelop the room.

I instinctively knew that the source was the guy in front of me.

(This is… an alpha’s pheromone?)

I’ve heard about this before.

Originating from our secondary gender, there were different types of pheromones depending on the gender, and of course, alphas also possessed them.

If omega pheromones were to attract others, then alpha pheromones were to keep others away. In other words, intimidation pheromones.

I heard pheromones were also used for marking… but this was the first time I’ve ever felt Amami’s pheromones.


No, this wasn’t the first time.

It was the refreshing grassy scent that I always felt whenever Amami embraced me.

This time, that scent coiled around my body with a violent concentration.

Getting hit with a blast of pheromones that far surpassed my tolerance, my limbs trembled and shook.

It was strange how I never noticed it until now, despite being right next to him.

—I want this alpha.

The cells in my body began screaming that as long as I had him, I didn’t need anything else.

“Amami, Amami…”

I managed to bring up my trembling hand to touch the cheek of the person right before me.

From my fingertips that touched his smooth skin, my shoulders and arms still in his embrace, and my legs under his, I felt an overflowing happiness well up.

The sensation was like fitting together two puzzle pieces, like I had finally found the missing fragment that I had been looking for this whole time.

And above all, my entire body was full of happiness from knowing he wanted me.

“I was… your fated pair… this whole time…?”

“You finally realized.”

There was no stopping the lips that approached this time.

The softness from when we first touched was so sweet that I felt like crying.

Putting up the beta facade was too much work in this omegaverse…

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