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Chapter 28 – Fisherman1

A few hours have passed since Wagner’s troops suffered from the water attack and Wagner offered an unconditional ceasefire. While it wasn’t an exaggeration to consider this my victory, it was actually a draw. Apparently, those 500 units were really his elites and most of them died due to the flooding of the underground passage.

Not only was the underground passage made in such a way that one had to bend down to pass through, but there were some stairs to go through as well. Wagner would have noticed it was a trap in his best state… but I won because I compromised his usual state of judgment. No matter how strong the military was, if the commander was an idiot, it practically meant the outcome of the war was clear.

Well then, although part of Wagner’s army had been annihilated over the course of the war, their forces still exceeded ours. Because of that, Wagner’s proposal of an unconditional ceasefire was surprising. I thought Wagner would ask for more in the deal… but as expected, he wasn’t that shameless to ask for compensation money after I had annihilated his army of elites before withdrawing. He had needlessly high pride after all.

The reason he was able to ask for more was because Count Joachim, who occupied half of Deal duchy, had justification over Fentz county. I was certain that the declaration of war from Joachim would occur as soon as Wagner’s army withdrew.

For Joachim, there was no better time to strike. Rather, even if Wagner Klaus won this war and claimed Fentz county, Joachim could still use his justification to claim the territory. After all, I heard that Joachim was preparing his army… If the war lasted any longer, I would have had no choice but to face attacks from two fronts.

I was in a state where I had no choice but to agree to Wagner’s proposed ceasefire as long as he didn’t ask for too much in the deal. The unconditional ceasefire was the result I sought the most. After all, a period of truce would be established. This period would only last for 3 years since I was still underage, but 3 years meant a lot to me. After all, I would become an adult in three years. So I was honestly very happy that I managed to score a draw with Wagner.

I could’ve danced in joy since no enemy would come from the northeast for the next three years. Well, I guess he was also thankful for the 3-year truce established from the unconditional ceasefire. It also meant I couldn’t attack his territory, so he could just expand his territory elsewhere.

Even after concluding this war, Wagner and I continued to retain our justifications over Fentz county and Klaus duchy respectively since it was an unconditional ceasefire. That was why these 3 years of truce were nothing but a temporary period of peace. For the time being, we would pretend to let it be water under the bridge and get along well as we prepared for the next war.

…Things would be better if it were more like games where the opponents were just brainless AIs, but unfortunately, the reality where a completely incompetent lord was a rarity. But a trustworthy lord was also rare.

The friendships between siblings were pretty unreliable in particular. This was a world where siblings that had been on good terms for a long time suddenly had one side betraying the other so often that it turned into stories… Perhaps the reason that there were a lot of sibling rivalries in this world was because of how mainstream these stories were?

Neither Wagner nor Alfred even bothered to hide their ambitions, so they would stay as hypothetical enemies. And sure enough, Joachim declared war on me right after Wagner’s army retreated. I would like to be spared from being invaded in quick succession.

But well, since Joachim was trying to invade my territory, it would be easier for me to gain justification over his territory as well. So first of all, let’s donate some money to the church for the justification over the Reuter county Joachim stole from David’s third son. It should make things smoother. If possible, I’d like to slay Joachim in this war… but he should’ve learned from David’s example, so it would be hard to do.

Besides, Joachim only had one son, so he would inherit all his properties. The fact a period of truce was established once the other side brought up an unconditional ceasefire, or surrendered by paying compensation money, was also annoying. If I tried to go against the truce, I would be attacked from all directions. If things went badly, I might even face the army of His Majesty Paulus, which was beyond 20,000 in number.

Since David died during his war, the war itself disappeared and there was no truce period as a result. Well, all I needed to do now was continue to refuse Joachim’s surrender to buy time until I got the justification to attack his territory instead…

…Refusing others’ surrender would lower the church forces’ evaluation of me. There was a method to shorten the period of truce, but that would also shorten my period of truce with Wagner, so it was a difficult decision since I didn’t want to shorten that one. Well, taking one of the counties from Joachim, and Deal county from Count Jeremias, was the quickest way for me to earn the title of Duke Deal.

To be frank, I didn’t want to face Count Jeremias — who had a high quality and high quantity standing army from his right to mint coins — but that seemed too much of a luxury to ask for, so it couldn’t be helped.  My only other neighbors were Alfred, who almost had full control over the Borghardt Kingdom, and Wagner, who had established the truce period.

Well, I would think about it more after I’ve defeated Count Joachim’s army arriving in seven days… It might seem like a long time, but the preparations for the army usually took place after declaring war, so this time period was normal. It gave me a lot of time to prepare, which made me relieved somehow.

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