So the Medieval Age Has a Split Inheritance System…

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Chapter 36.5 – Abuse 

Author’s Note:

To rewind the clock a little, around the time Palmer returned with the army he led from the Borghardt Kingdom to Fenz county, 112 women were caught. Of those, 62 were sold, while the remaining 50 were moved to a certain mansion.

Among them were the twins, the older sister Anne and the younger sister Eva, both who were only five years old.

What is this place… a slave mansion?

Anne, who could read letters, looked at the sign and braced herself. Two slave men stood in front of the large mansion. Neither of them had their feet on the ground. They were suspended midair, by a rope around their neck.


Other women slaves who weren’t gagged like Anne screamed when they saw the two hanged like criminals. However, the people who guided them to the mansion weren’t particularly surprised and even talked to the hanged men.

Then, the men who were supposed to be dead replied.

“Thanks for your hard work. Behind me are the new slaves Palmer-sama acquired during the war. He told us that they are to be treated the same as the male slaves.”

“I see. Roger that.”

Two veteran slaves continued their conversation as if nothing was wrong, but as the conversation ended, the 50 women slaves were put into separate rooms. Anne no longer resisted, and her whole body was fixed with restraints that hung from the ceiling. Then, she was stripped of her clothes, leaving her naked.

She was left alone for the time being, and she worried what awaited her. Her worries were right on the mark, when two men, one with a whip, and the other with a sword, entered the room.

“Okay, she’s properly gagged. Let’s begin.”

“A piece of advice, as your senior. It is easier the faster you lose your consciousness.”

After the two briefly talked to Anne, they began to cut Anne’s body all around. A whip was swung, a sword slashed, and red blood dripped on the ground. Anne was in so much pain that she wanted to scream, but all that could escape her gagged mouth was a groan.

Ahaha… so I’m going to die here. Perhaps my little sister is already dead, then.

Her arms were cut so deep it was strange they were still attached to her. She, whose flesh had been gouged out, was a step closer to death. She had lost consciousness only to be knocked awake, and the torture continued. When she fainted, another man poured green liquid into her mouth.

A healing potion? No, this is…AAAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

She thought it was a healing potion for a moment, but her mouth, her esophagus, her stomach, and her entire body felt like it burned. After drinking the liquid, her flesh wounds began to heal little by little, but it took so long that the wound ached intensely.

Anne lost consciousness again, and when she awoke, she was whipped again. Her whole body was in so much pain she couldn’t even twitch.

“It seems like you’re still alive.”

As her blurred vision gradually cleared, Anne realized that she was looking at the figure of a woman holding a whip. It was a beautiful albino woman with white hair. Anne almost thought she was someone from the afterlife who came to pick her up, but the pain of her whip forced Anne back to reality.

“Our slaves are really weak… Aah, I’m not talking about you. I guess they were quite reluctant to go rough on women… Well, it’s not like I couldn’t understand.”

Anne couldn’t even move her mouth. The woman began to smear something on Anne’s body. It was a viscous liquid. The moment it touched her body, it caused tremendous pain as if anything it touched was being melted.

“Oh my, you sure are energetic to still have enough strength to flutter about. You don’t have to worry, this won’t kill you.”

Anne flinched involuntarily, but the woman held her down firmly and continued to smear Anne’s body with the liquid. Anne’s entire body felt like it was being pricked by needles and she completely lost consciousness.

For the next week, every single day, Anne experienced a similar cycle of pain to the point that there was no time she didn’t feel any pain at all. However, her pain perception gradually changed. From the fourth day, the pain from the green liquid poured into her mouth began to fade considerably and so did the pain of being cut with a sword. The pain of viscous liquid smeared on her still remained, but she stopped resisting the moment she learned it was a healing potion. 

The room itself was already covered in blood, with many layers of congealed pools everywhere. Even after torture like that, Anne didn’t go crazy. Or to be more exact, she couldn’t.

“What is your goal?”

“I want to have a sturdy punching bag. From now on, you’ll be the punching bag of other slaves. See.”

Anne, who was finally freed of the gag, asked the woman who applied liquid on her skin every day what her purpose was. When the woman answered, a tall, muscular man entered the room.

The man unleashed a low kick in lieu of a greeting. Anne braced herself, but the man was strong, and the kick delivered an unpleasant sensation of breaking her ribs. Anne, who couldn’t understand the situation at all, could only continue being subjected to the man’s violence and lost consciousness in no time.

Just before she blacked out again, she shed even more tears despite already shed an ocean of them so far. The fact the woman and the man smiled upon seeing her tears was what scared Anne the most.

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