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Chapter 61 – Result

I did a lot of things after becoming independent as a kingdom, but one of the early seeds I planted was about to bear fruit. As for the silk mill, which was my main focus, the amount of cotton harvested was overwhelmingly insufficient, so the excess personnel were transferred to maintain infrastructure within the nation. Also, we couldn’t produce enough clothes to sell to the other nations.

Even within my kingdom alone, there was a fairly large demand for clothes, so there was hardly enough supply to sell to other nations and in turn deprive people of other nations from their jobs. As a result, the exports would be postponed for the time being. I would think about it later once there was a surplus amount in my kingdom.

As for seed breeding, it didn’t yield much result except for producing harmful plants that grew quickly and easily spread, so the research would have to continue for the next generation of seeds. And for the new crops, we managed to harvest some of them and while they were harvested safely, their tastes were completely different from what I had imagined, so they were useless as food. Of course, this happened when an amateur tried to imitate experts.

Since the new currency had started to be used in transactions without any problem, this one could be considered successful, or rather, it would be terrible if this was a failure… Considering the food situation, the upper limit was clear, so it left me worried about an emergency. It made me inwardly retort: what was with this half-assed economy that would collapse if a famine struck?

For the time being, for a successful example, I guess it would be that the Palpal religion had successfully penetrated into religious issues. I might name the religion randomly, but thanks to the incorporation of minority factions and anti-Knuts, the missionary work was progressing well. Regarding the doctrine, the fact it was quite tolerant could be considered a characteristic. They also invited people to convert from the Knut religion in a good way.

Regarding the publication of newspapers which started to discredit Knut religion, it also served to increase the opportunities for citizens to read, so it increased the educational motivation of children and young people. This could also be used to influence public opinion, lower the reputation of others, and brainwash people, so I would continue publishing newspapers.

There was an earthquake and the pandemic in Borghardt Kingdom… because of the earthquake, I think we have a negative result overall compared to last year. Many buildings collapsed and many people died. I guess it was considered fortunate that the climate was at least good. If it was worse and we had suffered from a bad harvest, this nation might’ve just collapsed.

The year changed and I turned 15 at the beginning of the year. I had finally reached the age of adulthood, but the other nations around me already recognized me as the king of a dangerous nation, so I guess there wasn’t much benefit of being seen as an adult. Wagner even spread the fact that I ate fish raw and called me a “devil,” and the hostility from nations with the Knut religion as their national religion was amazing. After thinking about it, I realized I was surrounded by enemies from all directions, so I guess there were no jobs for diplomats. Let’s transfer them to do other duties instead.

As for the military, as a result of single-mindedly increasing the amount of standing army and slave soldiers, there were now 2,500 soldiers of the standing army and real immortal slave soldiers of 1,000. The elite slave soldiers were 1,500, ordinary slave soldiers were 2,000, and freshly recruited slave soldiers were 3,000. Even without depending on conscripts, I could muster 9,000 soldiers in the military, but the moment I attacked one nation, the other nations would likely rush to attack me. Although I possessed enough military power to crush a nation, I still didn’t have enough to fight in several directions at once.

Well then, thanks to the spies, I was able to see a fairly large overview of this continent. It wasn’t an exact survey, so it was just a rough map, but there was a great difference between having this or not. It was not an exaggeration that the western side of the mountain range was almost completely covered. The papal territory that had become problematic wasn’t the south of Anon Kingdom, but further south of Masia Kingdom. Distance-wise, it was pretty far.

A small duchy was about the size of shikoku1. The larger one could reach about the size of Kyushu2 or Kinki3. On the east of the mountain range, there seemed to be a big empire and several small nations, but the west region seemed to be larger than the east region, so I guess I wouldn’t have a problem as long as I conquered the west region?

The western region alone seemed to exceed the total landmass of Japan. Now I looked again, the shape of Borghardt Kingdom’s territory was somewhat obscene. I would definitely scrape some territory from that king of lust. If I was as strong as I was now back then, I could have killed him during our last encounter.

The Carling Kingdom in the north was dying, but even if it was rotting, it was still formerly an empire. Carling duchy had a strong citadel and many fortresses, so I had to be decisive when I attacked them. Well, I guess if I intended to attack the Carling Empire, I would start with Alan duchy. The fact that there were many cooperative bandits and thieves groups there would allow me to have an easier time cutting the connection between the Lenart Empire and Carling Kingdom so that was also another benefit.

…As for the Lorant Principality, which the Schult Principality was aiming for, they seemed to have a deep connection with the Lenart Empire, so they wouldn’t collapse easily. They might be a nation with 2 duchies so they technically couldn’t be considered a state, but in the first place, Schult Principality only had a single duchy, so it was the smallest in terms of nation scale. It was amazing they could regularly loot the Lenart Empire and Lorant Principality despite that. It might be due to the backing of the Carling Empire… but I wonder if they were fine now they became independent? I couldn’t help but feel a little worried about it.

Regarding the time to take military action, it would be after the reconstruction from the earthquake and a neighboring nation started a war with another neighboring nation. For example, if Klaus Kingdom attacked Estoani Kingdom, I would be able to attack the Carling Kingdom and Lenart Empire. Well, I doubt things would progress that smoothly, so I guess I would have to incite neighboring nations to go to war with each other.

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