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Chapter 57 – Protection

Apparently, the information that “Carling Empire is dying” was incorrect, as according to the correct information, Carling Empire was already dead. To be more specific, the Carling Empire degraded into the Carling Kingdom. Well, that was enough to consider the Carling Empire to be dead, though. It no longer possessed empire-scale territory, and its military power had been greatly weakened.

Then regarding the War of Independence that Wagner declared on the Carling Kingdom, the Carling Kingdom surrendered in three days and acknowledged Wagner’s independence. Huh? Why did they acknowledge Wagner’s independence without even fighting, despite the fact that Wagner committed such an unforgivable act?

Just as I was thinking that, Wagner and the former sixth princess remarried. Whoa. How many roundabout things would this guy do? By switching status from a vassal to a lord of his own, he no longer needed to pay tax to the Carling Kingdom, and since he married into the Carling Kingdom’s royal family, Klaus Kingdom immediately had a marriage alliance with the Carling Kingdom right after its founding.

Following that, the pope lifted Wagner’s excommunication and he was forgiven. What the hell was I watching? All the dice of circumstances were rolling in Wagner’s favor.

…It seemed I was being too naïve, and Wagner already had a fairly high position within the Carling Kingdom. It showed he had enough influence to cause all that mess and still have it safely resolved. This was a very troublesome situation. As a vassal of a nation, Wagner had limited power compared to a king.

But now that he had become a king, he no longer had such limitations. As expected, he didn’t go too far and scrape the territory of Carling Kingdom, but in this situation, Carling Kingdom practically had no other way to fix their situation except to become the vassal of Klaus Kingdom.

How could I weaken these neighboring nations? Just as I was thinking about that, the ground shook. Oh, so it was an earthquake.

Just as I thought it was a quake at a seismic scale of 2, the vertical shaking suddenly became severe and the shelves collapsed, and the stack of papers on the desk fell to the floor. I couldn’t stand, so I put my hands on the ground and moved under the desk. Ooh, this tremor should be around the seismic scale of 6. I had experienced an earthquake at a seismic scale of 6 only twice in my previous life, but it felt similar to this.

As the tremor subsided after a while, the slaves flew over to check whether I was safe, so I told them that I was. I also confirmed the safety of my wives. Well, we were all in the newly built mansion in the royal capital, and since we experienced several small earthquakes during our time in the Klaus duchy, it was built while taking earthquake resistance into consideration.

…Then from the city, fire rose. Since it couldn’t be helped, I ordered the artillery unit to be dispatched and blow up the house. I also permitted moving the water from the water tank, then organized a firefighting team and headed over to extinguish the fire.

Ah, it wasn’t like I established a firefighter corps or fire brigade. All of my slaves would be firefighters and issued evacuation orders during times of disaster. This was forced participation, so no slave was allowed to escape on their own. It was during these times of disaster that I had to contribute the most, so there was no way I would allow my slaves, which were my belongings, to take a break during that period.

Fortunately, we were able to extinguish the fire before it got too big, and I think the number of casualties in Deal Kingdom barely reached 4 digits. Considering the size and the population of the duchy, I think this could be considered decent? After all, there were about 2 million people in Deal Duchy alone, and Deal Count, which was the largest among them, had more than 600,000 people.

But well, this was painful. Reconstruction cost money, but I didn’t have much savings. I wouldn’t hold back spending during a disaster like this. Fortunately, the slaves took action smoothly because they had already completed the emergency training, and the rescue activities for the victims and the development of the information network were completed quickly. I guess I was unnecessary in this situation.

There also more information came. It seemed that the Estoani Kingdom to the south had become a pile of rubble. Klaus Kingdom on the west suffered a similar amount of damage as we had, while Carling Kingdom suffered even less damage. This meant the source of the earthquake was to the south.

I didn’t receive information regarding the Borghardt Kingdom, but considering the damage of the Lenart Empire in the east was quite light, I guessed the damage that the Borghardt Kingdom suffered should be on a similar scale to ours. Having a wide territory meant more effort was required for reconstruction. Duke Jeremias’ territory, where many mines were located, seemed in a miserable situation with many tunnels buried, but for the time being, I was glad that Duke Jeremias herself survived.

Meanwhile, Count Joachim’s mansion collapsed in this earthquake and he ended up dead under the rubble. When was he released by the Estoani Kingdom? He was supposed to be their hostage, wasn’t he? I had no idea of his situation after that, but perhaps he paid his bail? Ah, the Estoani Kingdom signed an unconditional ceasefire agreement back then, so I guess he was released around that time.

Not only was he taken prisoner, but he ended up dying in an earthquake, showing the rough life he had. But he had a son, so that son would inherit his title and property. He was obedient to me, so I had no problem with that. However, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that the opponent I fought over Deal duchy ended up passing away that easily.

Or rather, Hars county, which was the southernmost portion of Deal duchy, might be the territory that suffered the most damage. Since it was a county under Count Joachim who died, it seemed to be the territory that would be in chaos at the moment.

I was worried about the ability of the new Count Caron Hars, who was the son of Count Joachim, so I wanted to send help, but due to the vassal contract, I couldn’t interfere with Hars county, so I couldn’t help. Well, I would go to help if the request came from that side, but it was possible they were in a situation where they couldn’t even send a request to ask for help.

Wasn’t this a devastating blow to the Estoani Kingdom in the south? They were beyond the level of the Carling Kingdom, which suffered an earthquake during a famine… In that case, I guess this was the biggest chance to get them. Let’s dispatch the army under the pretext of protection while effectively taking control of them.

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