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Chapter 62 – Karma

The easiest method to incite war was to sell weapons. And so, I sold my cannons and their ammunition one after another at a high price. Surrounding nations already knew that Wagner and I used cannons, so it was inevitable that the technology would be stolen and spread. I wanted to sell them before that. 

Our elite or higher-ranking slaves could withstand direct hits from the cannons. But overall, the cost performance of a cannon was still bad. It could destroy castle walls but was low in accuracy, so there were more chances that it missed its target. If it was up against thick walls, then it meant wasting resources on tediously hitting the same area over and over.


A hero has been summoned. You are not the target.

This warning is sent to the target and the living being with the highest negative karma value at the time of the summons.”]

As I thought about selling the weapons to a place where civil wars were likely to occur, I heard a mechanical voice at the back of my head. It was similar to the time I heard [“This service is no longer available.”] A hero summons? That vile goddess hadn’t said anything about that.

[“By my duty, I am obligated to explain. A hero has been summoned into this world. They were summoned in a southern continent, where the demon race resides. The target is the demon king that reigns there.”]

Uwah, you suddenly appeared. I thought you died.

[“How can a god die? Besides… it’s because of you. Many had perished before their natural deaths, and so there was a mountain of paperwork for their souls. Weren’t you just an ordinary Japanese university student?”]

I used to be a 21-year-old virgin. Just an ordinary student who had student loans and made a living out of pachinko.

The vile goddess, who never responded no matter how I spoke to her back in the church, proceeded to explain. So, she wasn’t dead. Too bad. But seeing as she’d been bogged down by the additional work I caused her, she didn’t seem as venomous as before. I wouldn’t get fooled with that, you know. I would make sure she had even more work. Even if she begged me not to, I still would. There were more wars to come.

What’s that thing called negative karma?

[“It’s the unit that determines how evil something is. It would lower if they did good deeds and be converted into positive karma. Hero summonings bring in souls from a different world, but essentially, it’s also to determine the hero that would be summoned because it will be the standard positive karma value that would be added to the hero’s strength.”]

…Why are you giving me so much information?

[“I am obligated to explain to humans with the greatest negative karma value! Why would I bother otherwise?!”]

Fuhn… eh, wait. Does that mean the system judged me as the most evil human among the whole humanity in this world?

[“Your negative karma exceeded 2nd place thirty times over. By the way, the one in 2nd place committed over a hundred cases of robbery, rape, and murder, each. Even that was not comparable to you.”]

She said she wasn’t giving me information because she wanted to, but that my ‘negative karma was thirty times over 2nd place’ wasn’t something necessary for her to say, I was grateful. According to her, the person with a strong sense of justice to contrast the target’s negative karma value would receive the karma bonus upon summons, but that meant the hero this time was weak.

[“The hero could only be summoned once every decade and it requires many mana users to do the ritual, so it can’t be done very often. But keep it up and if you reach the southern continent, you will definitely become the next target.”]

So, an absurdly strong hero will appear in the future, huh? I guess that’s another thing to look forward to.

[“…This was meant to be a warning to have people repent for their evil deeds, but I guess it’s impossible for you. I should ask, why does an ordinary Japanese citizen have a proclivity for plunder and death?”]

For a middle-aged man whose daughter, wife, and, and property were stolen, death would be a mercy. Keeping them alive with all that would be a living hell, though. Instead of prolonging their suffering, cutting them down is easier. 

[“Just die by the hero’s hands, would you?”]

After she cussed me to die, she fell silent. It would be at least another decade before the next hero summoning, so I had that time to work on countermeasures. I wasn’t sure if I could invade all the way to another continent in ten years, but as I said, there was now another thing to look forward to.

Since I had the desire to expand my territory, I used my 2,500-strong standing army and 1,000 immortal slaves to invade the Miller duchy without declaring war. I looted all I could, arbitrarily built a checkpoint there, and told the Estoani Kingdom that it had become a part of the Deal Kingdom. 

Naturally, the angry Estoani Kingdom would dispatch an army in response, but the Miller duchy was surrounded by mountains. Since there was no accessible pass from the south, they would suffer a loss. It was only natural for such a territory to be taken away.

Therefore, I thought that a large army would come from the Estoani duchy from the south, but the Estoani Kingdom suffered greater damages from the earthquake, so they weren’t in a situation to mobilize large numbers. All they could do was send a resistant force of 1,000 soldiers at first, and 2,000 soldiers the second time, so it was really easy to handle.

…I wanted to invade the Estoani duchy as well, but a too-large population was hard to control, so I had to settle for the Alan duchy instead. I reinforced the border with the army, and to prevent rebellion, rebellious people were YEETed out of the nation. Because of that, the structure of citizens YEETing non-citizens was completed and became part of the nation on their own. In this case, I probably didn’t need justification. It was a small duchy, and I did it right after the earthquake. Everyone was too tired to complain.

At the same time, information leaked out, but there was nothing I could do about it. Those still around who carried important information were imprisoned underground instead of YEETed, but it was not possible to manage information from YEETed people.

Even if it was in tatters, it was still a duchy. Due to the effective control of the Miller duchy, the Deal Kingdom effectively controlled four duchies. It was the standard size of a kingdom.

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